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Blind Maiden Elden Ring Hyetta Location Information 2023 New

Blind Maiden Elden Ring Hyetta Location Information

There is an NPC called Blind Maiden Elden Ring Hetta in Elden Ring. She is essential for the questline’s final reward, the Frenzied Flame Seal. You need to be able to find her. There are five of them, and each location changes as the questline progresses.

Guide to Blind Maiden Elden Ring Hyetta

You’ll be asked to help Hyetta, the blind maiden, as you go through the Elden Ring. You will need to collect Shabriri Grapes in order to give Hyetta a unique item. You will need to verify the details of the quest before you attempt it. The location of Hyetta can change. To reach Godrick, you will need to defeat Godrick.

Hyetta is an interesting NPC. Elden Ring. She hopes to be a Finger Maiden and collect Shabriri Grapes. It can be difficult to reach her at the right moment because she is mobile. Once you locate her, you can reward your efforts with the Frenzied Flame Seal.

You can find Hyetta north of Gate Town Bridge. She can be found near rocks. After speaking with her, you’ll receive a thank you message from her. You will also need to collect one more Shabriri Wine, which you must give to her.

The stages of her questline

Blind Maiden Elden Ring

The first Act of the game will take you to Hyetta in the Liurnia Region. This questline offers many rewards and key items. Hyetta is located near the Lake-Facing Cliffs grace site.

First, gather Shabriri grapes. This will allow Hyetta to use the light of her guiding star. This can also be found from Hyetta’s ghost while you are exploring the Purified Ruins. Another source is a body with the Golden Rune.

It is not difficult and it doesn’t take too long. It is important to remember that you won’t get the weapon reward if you don’t choose a particular ending. You can choose to skip this if you don’t wish to. This will result in you losing the opportunity to unlock any Elden Ring endings.

It is easy to complete the questline if you pay attention to the instructions. It is not easy to find the right locations and get the reward. To get the Frenzied Flame Seal (the prize at the end), you’ll need to complete the questline.

Where to Find Shabriri Grapes

Two ways to obtain the Shabriri Grape are available. You can either visit the nearby lake, or you can go through the ruins in Hyetta. The east entrance allows you to access the lake if you’re in Hyetta. The eastern edge road takes you to the Purified Ruins where you will find the Shabriri Grape.

You can also visit the Great Bridge Site Of Grace in the eastern region of Liurnia to obtain this item. The purpose of this quest will be to get Hyetta one last Shabriri from Edgar and the purified Ruins. Hyetta will be honest with you when you get a Shabriri grape from her. You will eventually learn about the relationship between grapes and human eyeballs.

Hyetta is another way to get the Shabriri Grape. You will find her standing next to a rock at the first step. You will be asked to give her some berries. This will improve her eyesight, and help her sense of direction. If you don’t have a Fingerprint Grape, she will ask you to give it to her.

Blind Maiden Elden Ring Hyetta Location

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You will find Hyetta in Elden Ring in 5 locations. These places change as she continues her questline. All her places are listed below.

  • First Location:She will be found on the Lake Dealing with Cliffs website of grace. Just here, give her the Shabriri grapes.
  • Second LocationTo search for her the second fois Quick trip to the Cliffbottom Catacombs, then head west. From the realm between Liurnia Freeway North, and south, you can also go west. You’ll need to give her Shabriri Grapes again.
  • Third LocationYou will find her at the following location: Gate City Bridge website of grace. Similar to the two previous instances, she will ask you once again for the Shabriri grapes.
  • Fourth LocationYou might find her again on the Bellum Church. If you find a sample, she will continue to follow this route. But she won’t ask for your Fingerprint Grape like the first thrice. This item can be obtained by defeating Festering Fingerprint Vyke.
  • Fifth Location Her last location is The Frenzied Flame Proscription. Go to the Subterranean Shonning-grounds. Follow the tunnel-like route until you reach the realm with planks for bridges. Go south, and then drop down two bridges. Now, drop down the small platforms. It is best to go into an Inescapable frenzy. Find this room, and you will find the Fingerprint Stone Defense. Finally, you can drop down here to get the Frenzied Flame Proscription. Now take away your character’s garments to open the door. You will find Hyetta after the cutscene returns.

How to defeat her

Clearing the Forsaken depths is the first step towards defeating Blind Maiden Elden Ring Hyetta. This area is a maze filled with pathways. Follow Hyetta’s route through the maze to find the Frenzied Flame Proscription. Once inside, all your weapons and equipment must be removed. You will not be able to access any other Elden Ring endings because of the Frenzied Flame. It is important that you remove it as soon possible.

You can now move on to the next quest after you have defeated Blind Maiden Elden Ring Hyetta. You’ll first need to collect three Shabriri grapes and one Fingerprint grape. These three items can be found near Hyetta. These items can be purchased from Edgar or the Purified Ruins.

To get a key item from Hyetta, you can also use the Shabriri Grape. This item contains a yellow, squishy-looking eyeball. To advance your questline, find one of these items and give it to Godrick the Grafted. The Shabriri Grape is located in the basement beneath Godrick, the Grafted’s chair. When Hyetta first meets you, she will ask you for the grape.

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