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Latest Bloodborne Weapon Tier List Record 2023

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List – The Best Weapons in Bloodborne

If you want to win Bloodborne, you need to have an overview of the Bloodborne Weapon Tier List. Here are some of the best weapons for Bloodborne, which you can use to increase your winning chances. The game is an action role-playing video game. You control a third-person character and must travel to different locations to fight bosses and get different items.

Hunter’s Axe

The Hunter’s Axe is a great starter weapon in Bloodborne. Its damage and range are decent for melee combat and can easily take down medium to large foes in a single hit. In transformed mode, it’s better at causing enemies to stumble, but it requires more stamina.

There are many weapons in Bloodborne, and using the Weapons Tier List will help you decide which one to equip. Each weapon’s tier is determined by its attack against a peer, severely transformed beast, or severely transformed enemy. The list is updated every April 2022.


Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

The Chikage is one of the most powerful Bloodborne weapons, and its name means blood shadow in Japanese. It scales with all four offensive stats, but benefits most from the S-tier scaling of Bloodtinge and B-tier scaling of Skill. The downside of the Chikage is that it is non-physical and non-elemental, which means that many enemies don’t have good defenses against its damage.

There are several weapons in Bloodborne, and knowing the right weapon for the right situation is important to maximize your chances of winning. The Bloodborne Weapons Tier List is updated every April 2022, and can help you choose the right weapon to meet your goals. Each weapon gains a tier of attack, and attack increases against a peer or a severe transformed beast are 100 pts.

Ludwig’s Holy Blade

Ludwig’s Holy Blade is one of the most powerful weapons in the Bloodborne game. The blade’s attack and damage scale with your stats and Bloodgem slots, making it an excellent choice for a high-end build. The weapon’s four-attack combo is excellent for stagger and quick attacks, and it tears through super armor easily. You can obtain it after ascending the Oedon Chapel and earning the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge.

This weapon is available in two states, an untransformed state and a large transformed state. It has a high base AR and solid scalings across str, skl, and arcane. It also works well with tempering gems and is ideal for physical-oriented builds. It is also possible to get the Uncanny variant, which is easier to gemm than the other two. This variant is also a good choice against beasts, relatives, and skill-based enemies.

Ludwig’s Spear

Ludwig’s Holy Blade is one of the best weapons in Bloodborne, a class that prioritizes Quality over Strength. Its damage, accuracy, and speed make it a great choice for a Quality build. Its two variants – blunt and thrust – are both effective against a wide range of enemies. It also has great CC and stagger potential.

While there are a lot of weapons in Bloodborne, this weapon is one of the best and most unique in the game. This weapon is very fun to use. Its cool design, great move set, and graceful attacks make it a standout among the game’s other weapons. If you’re planning to level it, consider the following weapon tiers.

Whirligig Saw

The Whirligig Saw is a versatile melee weapon that can be used to mash enemies into pulp. It’s highly effective in both transformed and untransformed states, dealing godlike damage and stun. It also has useful options while transformed, including charging R2, shredding L2, and rolling attack.

This weapon has three different forms, Normal, Uncanny, and Lost. Each has different attacks. In the transformed form, Whirligig Saw deals higher damage than any other weapon in the game. It’s possible to equip both forms, depending on the character’s class.

Beast Claw

Regardless of whether you’re playing a hunter or a tank, you can find a decent weapon on the Bloodborne Weapons Tier List. While the majority of weapons can be looted, there are a few you can also purchase. The key to finding the best weapon is exploring the game’s eldritch fiend-infested landscape.

The Beast Claw has some unique characteristics. The transformation mode makes it a particularly powerful weapon. The Beast Claw also has a unique moveset. The weapon can generate Beasthood, which is a unique self buff. However, players cannot have more than one self-buff active at a time. In addition, the Beast Claw cannot combine the effects of other items.

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List Record – Rating Trick Weapons from Finest to Worst

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Earlier than entering into this Bloodborne Weapon Tier List these are my suggestions for the most effective Trick Weapons and Firearms in Bloodborne. You may discover a few of your favorite weapons positioned on a distinct tier based mostly in your playstyle. Don’t fear you may nonetheless have enjoyable utilizing them. Now allow us to verify this Bloodborne Weapon Tier List.

Trick WeaponTier
Whirligig NoticedS Tier
Ludwig’s Holy BladeS Tier
Holy Moonlight SwordS Tier
Noticed CleaverA Tier
RakuyoA Tier
Hunter AxeA Tier
ChikageA Tier
Noticed SpearA Tier
Burial BladeB Tier
Blade of MercyB Tier
Beasthunter SaifB Tier
Simon’s BowbladeB Tier
BloodletterB Tier
Increase HammerB Tier
Logarius’ WheelB Tier
KirkhammerB Tier
Beast CutterB Tier
Church DecideB Tier
Beast ClawC Tier
Threaded CaneC Tier
TonitrusC Tier
Amygdalan ArmC Tier
Kos ParasiteC Tier
ReiterpallaschD Tier
Rifle SpearD Tier
Stake DriverD Tier

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List – Firearms Tier Record

CannonS Tier
Gatling GunS Tier
Repeating PistolS Tier
Hunter PistolS Tier
Hunter BlunderbussA Tier
EvelynA Tier
Ludwig’s RifleB Tier
Piercing RifleB Tier
Church CannonC Tier

Church Pick

The Church Pick in Bloodborne Weapons Tier List is one of the best weapons you can use to take down enemies. This large sword can be transformed to deal massive damage and has amazing range. The Church Pick is an excellent choice against beasts, relatives, and skill-based enemies. You can also upgrade it with the help of the Old Hunters DLC.

The weapons in this game are categorized into four tiers based on their rarity, stats, and scaling. The best weapons in the A-Tier have good stats and scaling, while the weapons in the B-Tier have average stats.

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