Blue Archive Tier List & Reroll Guide September 2022 – Best Characters

Blue Archive Tier List & Reroll Guide September 2022 – Best Characters

Blue Archive Tier List

The Blue Archive Tier List is a ranking system created by the community. It is based on the votes submitted by community members. The top tiers are displayed at the top of the list, while the bottom ones are displayed at the bottom. To contribute a tier list, all you need to do is log in to the site, create an account, and publish your list.


Blue Archive Tier List
blue archive tier list

Blue Archive Tier List consists of different categories that rank characters. There are different tiers of characters based on their abilities. There is the S-Tier, N-Tier, E-Tier, and W-Tier. Each of these categories includes multiple characters and not all of them are equally strong.

Characters in the S-Tier are the strongest in the game. These are the best characters and should be ranked first in your collection. Characters in the A-Tier are also good, but they’re not as strong as those in the S-Tier. However, they’ll still be able to clear most content without difficulty.

Supports are very important in Blue Archive. They’re essential to the team because they help heal your allies. They also have good synergy and strong kits. Supports are often overlooked by players, but they’re essential in difficult challenges. You’ll need them to survive!

Tier B consists mainly of average Blue Archive units. These characters aren’t as powerful as Tier A characters, but they’re still useful for team comps, but you shouldn’t expect them to be able to win every quest. As a result, you should avoid Tier B characters if you’re trying to make the top of the Blue Archive Tier List.

Blue Archive is an RPG game with lots of fun features. There’s a story mode where you can earn gold coins and experience points, and there’s also a battle mode where you can challenge other players in PvP duels. The game has received excellent reviews on iOS and Android, so you can be sure that it’s worth a try.


If you’ve played the Blue Archive, you’ve probably noticed that the characters are sorted into different tiers. The Tier List for Blue Archive characters is based on community votes, and it’s a total of 347 tier lists. The highest-ranked characters appear at the top of the list, and the lowest-ranked characters appear at the bottom. In order to contribute to the list, you need to log in and publish your tier list to the site.

Generally, the higher Tier a character is, the stronger and more powerful it is. Characters in Tier-S are the most powerful and difficult to defeat. Those in Tier-A are in a more balanced state, while Tier-D heroes are the most vulnerable. Choosing your character wisely will help you get the best results in the game.

Standard Blue Archive Tier List

Blue Archive is a story-driven RPG, and characters in the game are ranked accordingly. Players can choose from one of three classes, each of which has a specialization. Characters in each tier are given star ratings. This means that they have different strengths and weaknesses, but can perform just as well with certain allies. The Tier List is useful in determining which characters to use for different missions.

While there are strong Blue Archive characters in Tier A, it’s important to consider their role in the game. Tier B characters are more likely to fill specific roles in the game, but aren’t as strong as the strongest characters. They can be used in team comps, but they’re not expected to win every quest.

Blue Archive Greatest Characters World Tier Record September 2022

Image 236 Blue Archive Tier List
blue archive tier list

This record has the rating of all the perfect characters within the attacker, healer, tank and assist roles. Do word that this record is subjective and will differ out of your opinion. However it may be useful for gamers who’re getting began with the sport and wish to know which characters will turn into good.

The College students within the S+ tier are the top-tier ones that are prerequisites in Blue Archive. When you don’t get one among these strongest characters, then your subsequent greatest guess is a personality from the S tier which continues to be good however not the perfect of the perfect. Subsequent, characters within the A tier and B tier are nonetheless good, however act as secondary decisions. In good fingers, they’ll nonetheless be superb. Lastly, the characters within the C tier are higher prevented.

S+ Tier Characters

PupilRarityFunctionClassPlaceBondATK TYPEDEF TYPE
Haruna3 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠6⁠MysticHeavy Armor
Hibiki3 StarsParticularAttackerBACK⁠9⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Iori3 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠6⁠PenetrationGentle Armor
Alice3 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠8⁠MysticParticular Armor
Aru3 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠6⁠ExplosionGentle Armor
Karin3 StarsParticularAttackerBACK⁠9⁠PenetrationHeavy Armor
Tsubaki2 StarsStrikerTank⁠FRONT⁠6⁠PenetrationParticular Armor


S Tier Characters

PupilRarityFunctionClassPlaceBondATK TYPEDEF TYPE
Hanae2 StarsParticularHealer⁠BACK⁠6⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Kotama1 StarParticularSupporter⁠BACK⁠1⁠ExplosionGentle Armor
Serina1 StarParticularHealer⁠BACK⁠1⁠MysticGentle Armor
Shun3 StarsStrikerAttackerFRONT⁠9⁠ExplosionGentle Armor
Chise2 StarsStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠5⁠MysticHeavy Armor
Hifumi3 StarsStrikerSupporter⁠MIDDLE⁠8⁠PenetrationGentle Armor
Hina3 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠5⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Izuna3 StarsStrikerAttackerFRONT⁠6⁠MysticGentle Armor
Karin Bunny Woman3 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠2⁠MysticHeavy Armor
Kotama1 StarParticularSupporter⁠BACK⁠1⁠ExplosionGentle Armor
Midori3 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠6⁠PenetrationGentle Armor
Momoi2 StarsStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠6⁠PenetrationGentle Armor
Nonomi2 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠5⁠PenetrationGentle Armor
Serina1 StarParticularHealer⁠BACK⁠1⁠MysticGentle Armor
Shiroko3 StarsStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠9⁠ExplosionGentle Armor
Shun3 StarsStrikerAttackerFRONT⁠9⁠ExplosionGentle Armor
Yuuka2 StarsStrikerTank⁠FRONT⁠1⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Azusa Swimsuit3 StarsStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠5⁠MysticGentle Armor
Iori Swimsuit3 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠5⁠ExplosionParticular Armor
Shun Younger3 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠6⁠ExplosionGentle Armor

A Tier Characters

PupilRarityFunctionClassPlaceBondATK TYPEDEF TYPE
Akari2 StarsStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠5⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Serika2 StarsStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠9⁠ExplosionGentle Armor
Ayane2 StarsParticularSupporter⁠BACK⁠8⁠PenetrationGentle Armor
Fuuka2 StarsParticularHealer⁠BACK⁠6⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Hoshino3 StarsStrikerTank⁠FRONT⁠9⁠PenetrationHeavy Armor
Junko2 StarsStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠8⁠PenetrationGentle Armor
Pina1 StarStrikerAttackerBACK⁠1⁠PenetrationGentle Armor
Saya3 StarsParticularAttackerBACK⁠8⁠ExplosionGentle Armor
Serika2 StarsStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠9⁠ExplosionGentle Armor
Sumire3 StarsStrikerAttackerFRONT⁠5⁠PenetrationParticular Armor
Tsurugi3 StarsStrikerAttackerFRONT⁠5⁠PenetrationHeavy Armor
Utaha2 StarsParticularAttackerBACK⁠6⁠PenetrationHeavy Armor
Azusa3 StarsStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠6⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Cherino3 StarsStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠6⁠PenetrationGentle Armor
Hare2 StarsParticularSupporter⁠BACK⁠5⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Hina Swimsuit3 StarsStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠5⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Koharu3 StarsStrikerHealer⁠BACK⁠6⁠ExplosionGentle Armor
Mashiro Swimsuit3 StarsParticularAttackerBACK⁠5⁠MysticGentle Armor
Shiroko Using3 StarsStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠3⁠MysticHeavy Armor
Yuzu3 StarsStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠8⁠PenetrationParticular Armor
Neru Bunny Woman3 StarsStrikerTank⁠FRONT⁠4⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Saya Informal3 StarsParticularAttackerBACK⁠5⁠ExplosionParticular Armor

B Tier Characters

PupilRarityFunctionClassPlaceBondATK TYPEDEF TYPE
Chinatsu1 StarParticularHealer⁠BACK⁠1⁠ExplosionGentle Armor
Eimi3 StarsStrikerTank⁠FRONT⁠6⁠ExplosionGentle Armor
Hasumi2 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠8⁠PenetrationHeavy Armor
Haruka1 StarStrikerTank⁠FRONT⁠1⁠ExplosionGentle Armor
Izumi3 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠5⁠ExplosionGentle Armor
Kirino2 StarsStrikerSupporter⁠MIDDLE⁠6⁠ExplosionParticular Armor
Kotori1 StarStrikerSupporter⁠BACK⁠1⁠PenetrationGentle Armor
Maki3 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠8⁠PenetrationGentle Armor
Mutsuki2 StarsStrikerAttackerBACK⁠6⁠ExplosionGentle Armor
Neru3 StarsStrikerAttackerFRONT⁠8⁠PenetrationGentle Armor
Suzumi1 StarStrikerSupporter⁠MIDDLE⁠1⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Yoshimi1 StarParticularAttackerBACK⁠6⁠PenetrationHeavy Armor
Izumi Swimsuit1 StarStrikerSupporter⁠BACK⁠5⁠ExplosionGentle Armor
Nodoka1 StarParticularSupporter⁠BACK⁠6⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Tsurugi Swimsuit1 StarStrikerAttackerFRONT⁠3⁠MysticParticular Armor

C Tier Characters

PupilRarityFunctionClassPlaceBondATK TYPEDEF TYPE
Asuna1 StarStrikerAttackerMIDDLE⁠1⁠MysticGentle Armor
Juri1 StarParticularSupporter⁠BACK⁠1⁠ExplosionGentle Armor
Kayoko2 StarsStrikerSupporter⁠MIDDLE⁠6⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Shimiko1 StarParticularSupporter⁠BACK⁠1⁠ExplosionGentle Armor
Hanako2 StarsParticularHealer⁠BACK⁠2⁠PenetrationParticular Armor
Juri1 StarParticularSupporter⁠BACK⁠1⁠ExplosionGentle Armor
Mashiro3 StarsParticularAttackerBACK⁠8⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Shimiko1 StarParticularSupporter⁠BACK⁠1⁠ExplosionGentle Armor
Shizuko2 StarsParticularSupporter⁠BACK⁠6⁠MysticParticular Armor
Hifumi Swimsuit3 StarsParticularTactical⁠BACK⁠5⁠PenetrationHeavy Armor
Asuna Bunny Woman3 StarsStrikerSupporter⁠MIDDLE⁠2⁠MysticGentle Armor

How one can Reroll in Blue Archive

  1. In Blue Archive, signal into your account.
  2. Get began with the tutorial.
  3. Get your free summon whereas enjoying the tutorial. With these pulls, you’ll be able to try to get your favourite characters.
  4. Additionally full the very first mission.
  5. Ensure to search out your rewards within the in-game mailbox.
  6. When you don’t get the characters you need, head to Settings in your telephone, faucet on Apps and faucet on Blue Archive. Then, faucet on Clear Information and this provides you with one other probability to get the perfect characters.
  7. Relaunch the sport and check out once more.
  8. You can even faucet on the dots on the highest proper part of the display, choose Account > Proceed > Reset account > sort Blue Archive.


There are three different levels of characters in Blue Archive. These levels correspond to the characters’ strengths and weaknesses. Characters of the S Tier are the best in the game. You should upgrade them whenever possible. Characters of the A Tier are average and can help you win battles, but they are not as good as the S-Tier characters.

Blue Archive’s Tier List also includes three strikers, including Haruna, which is an excellent core DPS unit. This unit can be farmed and is a viable option for PVE. Haruna also gives you ability energy, which means you can use your EX skills faster.

If you’re a new player to the Blue Archive, you’ll want to check out the tier list for the latest playable characters. This tier list has been created by community members and is based on a cumulative average of 347 user-submitted tier lists. You can submit your own character tier list if you’re logged in to the site. To post your tier list, simply follow the instructions.

As an attacker, your primary role is to deal damage to your opponents. However, your defense stats will take a toll on your performance in battle. Because of this, you should avoid placing attackers on the front line. Instead, they perform best in the middle or back row, where they can have ample cover while dealing damage.

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