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BO3 FOV: All About the Slider, Mod and Console Commands

Bo3 Fov: Change Your Game Experience with Our Tips

Hey Hommies, welcome back to Cheater Boss, your favorite gaming portal straight outta the hoods. Today, we are going to talk about the one thing that can give you a better edge in BO3, changing your Field of View (FOV).

Bo3 FOV is one of those sneaky cheats that don’t pop up on your screen, but it’s there, making you see enemies before they see you. As a 16-year-old gamer from Australia, I’ve made it my mission to give you the best tips to improve your gameplay. Let’s dive into the world of Bo3 FOV.

What is BO3 FOV

Let’s start with basics: FOV stands for Field Of View. It’s an essential setting in many first-person shooter games, including Bo3. FOV adjusts how much of the game world you can see on your screen. It impacts how wide or narrow your perspective is, which, in turn, affects how you approach aiming, movement, and target tracking.

Why Change Bo3 FOV?

By default, Bo3 FOV is set to 65, which is relatively narrow by modern standards. For many gamers, a low FOV causes motion sickness, headaches, and limits their ability to track targets. By increasing the FOV, you can alleviate all of these issues and enhance your overall aim and accuracy. The Bo3 FOV hack can help you get rid of these issues and give you a much more pleasurable gaming experience.

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How to Change Bo3 FOV

Now let’s talk about how to change your FOV in Bo3.

Bo3 FOV Mod: One way of changing Bo3 FOV is by using a mod. You can download a mod, install it, and follow the instructions to configure the FOV settings as per your preference.

Bo3 FOV Console Command: Another way to change the FOV is by using the console command. Press the ~ key, type cg_fov, and then a value between 65 and 100. Once you’ve entered the command and set your FOV value, hit enter and see your FOV change.

Bo3 FOV Slider: The easiest way to change your FOV is by using the slider within the game’s settings menu. It’s a simple matter of going to settings and selecting the FOV slider, where you can adjust the FOV to your liking.

Bo3 FOV Scale: Another option is using the FOV scale, which can be found in the game’s configuration files. You can change the FOV scale value in a text editor, save the file, and open the game to see the new FOV value in action.

Bo3 FOV Slider Console: Last but not least, you can use the FOV slider console. It’s similar to the slider within the game settings, but you can access it via the console, type cg_fovslider, and change the value as per your preference.


Changing Bo3 FOV can improve your gameplay tenfold. By adjusting your FOV, you can get better accuracy, clearer vision, and reduce motion sickness. We’ve given you all the ways to alter your FOV in Bo3, and now it’s your turn to put them to use, Hommies. So, get out there, try out these tips, and let us know in the comments which way worked best for you. Stay tuned for more hacks and cheats on Cheater Boss. Peace out!

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