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Mastering Body Expertise in Payday 2: Tips for Flamethrower, Akimbo SMGs and More

Body Expertise in Payday 2 – Cheater’s Guide

Yo, what’s up hommies! Are you tired of being busted in Payday 2 every day? Do you want to become the ultimate robber but don’t know how to resist those pesky cops? CheaterBoss will help you to get to the top. Let’s discuss how body expertise in Payday 2 could make you an unstoppable force.

What is Body Expertise at Payday 2?

Body expertise is a skill tree that converts a portion of your SMG or assault rifle damage – which is normally reduced when hitting enemies in armoured areas like the head and chest – to damage that affects the entire body. This means that if you hit a heavily armoured SWAT officer with your SMG or assault rifle damage, body expertise will convert it to full damage. Expert driver, do you get what I am saying?

Payday 2 Flamethrower Body Expertise

You read that right. When you’re using flamethrowers, body expertise is also useful. It converts the damage into full damage which is essential when managing an enemy’s burning. So if you’re someone who loves to watch the world burn and owns flamethrower weapons, you now know why body expertise is the skill set you should be looking for – can I get a witness?

Payday 2 Body Expertise Akimbo SMG

Akimbo SMG has brought about a lot of buzz since its creation in Payday 2 – but, let’s face it, it is not that useful when hitting enemies who have armour equipped. Your Akimbo SMG will transform from ineffective to deadly if you use body expertise. These bad boys will make quick work out of your enemies.

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Payday 2 Expert Landing

Payday 2 allows players to leap from tall buildings. This can cause injury to their immediate health. Body expertise can reduce the damage by approximately 50%. Why go through the hassles of finding proper landing spots when you can just jump and sustain minor damage with expert landing – makes sense, yeah?

Payday 2 Skin Quality

Payday 2’s skin quality options have been greatly improved over previous versions. This makes them an integral part of this game. Skin quality directly affects a player’s marksmanship and reduces the recoil they feel when firing their guns. Expert landing and body expertise are a deadly combination.

How does Body Expertise affect the experience of a person?

Although you can use body expertise, it has limitations. The player’s experience is reduced by about 5-10%. If you’re a gangsta, like me, looking for solutions that drive success, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Conclusion: Body expertise in Payday 2 in Payday 2 is an essential skill for every player’s playstyle. It’s a valuable skill that can be used in many ways, beyond simply protecting you and your enemies. To all the gangstas and cheaters out there, this skill set can be used to your advantage to become the ultimate Payday 2 criminal!