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B7 Boneyard Access Code COD MW Warzone & How To Open it? Helpful Guide

How to Open the B7 Boneyard in Call of Duty MW Warzone

If you want to open the B7 Boneyard in COD MW Warzone, you will need to obtain the B7 Boneyard Access Code. There are two ways to get this code. The first is to find the Red Access Card Bunkers. These are found in Zozsni Spomenik and Promenade West. You should be able to find them easily if you know where to look.

Red Access Card bunkers

In COD MW Warzone, there are several ways to open red access card bunkers. First, you need to know the access code. Then, you need to find the location where the bunker is located. If it’s near a road, the best way to get there is to fight your way over. Once inside, you’ll find a large amount of loot waiting for you.

Red Access Card bunkers are very rare and require a Red Access Card in order to access them. You can find them in legendary crates, and you can use them on up to five bunkers per game. If you don’t have a Red Access Card, you can get one from the loot crates in Warzone.

Red Access Card bunkers are located throughout the map. You can find them across the bridge from Prison, south of Boneyard, and in the forests southeast of Military Base. You can also find them in the mountains southeast of the Military Base. Once you’ve located the bunker, you can use the Red Access Card to open the door. This will give you access to other areas of the map.

The red Access Card can also be found by picking up red keycards. When you collect red keycards, players will drop them to you. These cards are very important because they can unlock secret bunkers, which can contain rare blueprints and tons of loot. However, it is important to note that it is rare to obtain red access card. This is why it’s important to find the correct location for finding these crates.

Locations of Red Access Card bunkers in Verdansk

Boneyard Access Code COD

If you’ve been trying to figure out where to find the Red Access Card bunkers in Verdansh, you’ve come to the right place. This guide explains where to find them, and provides the necessary information to unlock them. The first location is Bunker 11, which is located to the northwest of the Military Base Camp. In addition to being a secret location, it requires a lot of work to unlock. To unlock it, you must first find a phone in the town of Verdansk and listen to a recording. The recording is in Russian, so you’ll have to learn how to translate the Russian numbers to English.

In Season six, you can find a bunker in the airport and two more near the Buy Station trailer. From there, you can walk eastward to the Array. Another location near the Airport is the Airport Bunker, which is hidden by rocks.

There are 12 bunkers on Verdansk. One of them contains the Stadium interior in Season 5. The previous one contains the Mud Dauber Blueprint and requires a lot of extra effort to unlock. The other ten “normal” bunkers rely on Red Access Cards, which can sometimes be found in legendary crates.

The Verdansk airport is another location you can explore. You can use a Red Access Card to enter the airport bunker, and you can get loot and weapons from the airport. This is an important place to visit during the early game to find the best loot. COD MW Warzone is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

B7 Boneyard Bunker Code Warzone

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97264138 is the entry code for the B7 Boneyard Bunker. To enter this code you’ll first must go to the biggest constructing within the B7 Bunker. Right here you will notice two big vault doorways. To the precise of those doorways, it is possible for you to to discover a tiny keypad. When you work together with it a tiny pop-up will seem wherein you must enter the code given above. After you enter the 8 digit code it is possible for you to to enter the vault and take a look round.


To make use of the entry code for the B7 Boneyard Bunker you first must go to Verdansk. On the decrease left of the map, you’ll discover the grid ‘B7‘. Go in the direction of the highest proper of this grid bock and you’ll discover an entry street right here. Preserve going alongside this path and you’ll finally enter the Bunker. Simply preserve an eye fixed out for the tallest constructing and enter it.

This is part of the Tighten the Noose mission in Warzone. As a part of this mission, you’ll have to discover 7 intel recordsdata in complete to finish the mission. Out of those, 2 recordsdata are situated contained in the vault that that you must open. You’ll acquire the remainder of the 5 recordsdata beforehand because the B7 Bunker is the final location that you must go to for this mission.

Conditions required to enter a Red Access Card bunker

Red Access Cards are required to enter certain types of bunkers in Call of Duty: MW Warzone. These cards are obtained from other players or they can be picked up. These cards are used to open the doors to the bunkers and can be very useful in upgrading your team’s loadout. However, they are rare and players have to be close to them in order to unlock them.

The new addition to Call of Duty: MW Warzone is the Red Access Card. These cards allow players to enter locked and barred bunkers. Those players who possess these cards will be able to access these locations and complete the objectives within them. The red access card is located next to the keypad in each bunker.

Red Access Cards are sporadic items. The location of Red Access Cards is based on the location of Legendary Loot Chests. These chests give off a golden glow when you are near one. Once you have found one, you can follow the on-screen prompt and open it. You can also dig them up to find the contents.

Red Access Cards are necessary to access Call of Duty: MW Warzone’s locked bunkers. However, in order to unlock this new feature, players must complete several tasks, including solving a puzzle in City Hall. These tasks involve the addition or subtraction of a certain number based on the images.

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