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Bounty Pirates Tier List September 2023 – Best Characters

Bounty Pirates Tier List

If you’re playing Bounty Pirates, then you might be looking for a Bounty Pirates Tier List. If so, you’ve come to the right place. The tier list will tell you which characters have the best stats, and will include both tier 1 and tier 2 characters. In addition to the tier 1 characters, you’ll find the Crocodile, Smoker, Yassop, and Crocodile in the Tier 2 list.

Characters in Bounty Pirates

Bounty Pirates Tier List

Characters in Bounty Pirates are categorized according to their tiers. A character in Tier A is stronger than a character in Tier B. This is because a Tier A character has an attack boost. A character in Tier B can still inflict decent damage, but only when it can be used against weaker characters. In addition, a character in Tier B has a good debuff, which can counteract other characters.

As for the blue class, the game offers several different options. One such option is a defender class character called “General Franky.” The defender class features a variety of defensive and offensive skills, with a special focus on blue. General Franky’s skills include “General Cannon” (long-range attack) and “General Watch-Your-Step” (multiple-hit mid-range attack). His skills also have a DEF debuff which decreases enemy attack speed and DEF. Some other traits of General Franky include a 10% ATK and 50% damage recovered. He also receives 5% damage reduction while in a treasure area.

Another class that is fun and rewarding to play is Prime Rayleigh. He’s the right-hand man of Roger. He’s a blue element runner with a skill that deals massive damage from a long distance. His skill also gives a knockback effect and a chance to stun enemies. This skill is useful against enemies, and is an excellent way to increase your attack speed.

Other character classes are available in the game, and can be acquired in the game. A tier list is a guide that can help you decide which character to use for your team. With a tier list, you can build a team that is both powerful and flexible.

If you want to play as a runner, you can pick a character in the Tier 1 tier. You can upgrade him or her to increase your attack speed. The leveling process will also increase your damage and attack power. It will also make it easier to upgrade your skills.

Another tier one character is the Lobby Robin, who is the toughest defender in the game. He belongs to the red element and has good HP and dexterity stats in Brawlhalla. However, his gun attacks don’t do much damage, so he feels a little weaker than his higher-tier counterparts. However, if you’re looking for a balanced character, Reno is worth looking into.

September 2022 Listing of One Piece Bounty Rush Tiers

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Right here’s the tier listing of the perfect characters in One Piece Bounty Rush:

SS Tier30 Million Berry Bounty Monkey D. LuffyPurpleAttacker
SS TierThe Seven Warlords of the Sea Dracule MihawkPurpleAttacker
S TierArlong Pirates/Captain ArlongBlueAttacker
A TierDrum Kingdom/Former Ruler: WapolInexperiencedDefender
A TierNavy HQ/Captain SmokerInexperiencedDefender
A TierPurple-Haired Pirates/Sharp Shooter: YassopInexperiencedRunner
A TierLady from Syrup Village KayaBlueDefender
B TierArlong Pirates/Officer HatchanPurpleAttacker
B TierKrieg’s Pirate Armada/Battle Commander: GinPurpleAttacker
B TierBaratie/Head Chef: ZeffPurpleDefender
B TierBuggy Pirates/Captain BuggyPurpleRunner
B TierArlong Pirates/Officer ChooInexperiencedAttacker
B TierBlack Cat Pirates/Former Captain Captain KuroInexperiencedAttacker
B TierWeather in Baton NamiInexperiencedAttacker
B TierKrieg’s Pirate Armada/Admiral: Don KriegInexperiencedDefender
B TierSlip-Slip Fruit: AlvidaInexperiencedRunner
B Tier5ft Hammer: UsoppBlueAttacker
B TierArlong Pirates/Officer KuroobiBlueDefender
B TierVeau Vengeance: SanjiBlueDefender
B TierBaroque Works/Frontier Brokers Ms. WednesdayBlueRunner
B TierNavy HQ/Grasp Chief Poetty Officer: TashigiBlueRunner
C+ TierStraw Hat Pirates/Combatant: Roronoa ZoroInexperiencedDefender
C TierBlack Cat Pirates/Captain DjangoPurpleDefender
C TierBounty Hunter YosakuPurpleRunner
C TierChore Boy KobyPurpleDefender
C TierMountain Bandits/Chief Higuma BearPurpleAttacker
C TierStraw Hat Pirates/Captains: Monkey D. LuffyPurpleAttacker
C TierStraw Hat Pirates/Physician Tony Tony ChopperPurpleRunner
C TierStraw Hat Pirates/Ship Carpenters: FrankyPurpleDefender
C TierAlvida Pirates/Captain: AlvidaInexperiencedDefender
C TierBuggy Pirates/Chief Of Employees: CabajiInexperiencedRunner
C TierStraw Hat Pirates/Archaeologist: Nico RobinInexperiencedAttacker
C TierStraw Hat Pirates/Musician BrookInexperiencedRunner
C TierStraw Hat Pirates/Navigator: NamiInexperiencedRunner
C TierThe Fool Son HelmeppoInexperiencedRunner
C TierBlack Cat Pirates/Guard ButchieBlueDefender
C TierBounty Hunter JohnnyBlueRunner
C TierNavy Captain MorganBlueDefender
C TierStraw Hat Pirates/Prepare dinner: SanjiBlueAttacker
C TierStraw Hat Pirates/Sharp Shooter: UsoppBlueRunner

Characters in Bounty Rush

Bounty Rush is a game where players can take on the role of various characters and complete missions. The game’s main focus is on the combat and teamwork, but players can also make use of other aspects of the game, such as the characters’ special skills. In the game, you can play as a runner or as an attacker. As a runner, you can choose to use a variety of skills, such as the Recover and First Aid skills. You can also choose to play as a character with a different element, such as red or blue.

The characters in Bounty Rush are grouped into tiers to help you choose the best one for you. This is important if you want to be able to win a game. Each character has a different level, and it is important to choose the best one for your team. If you’re a beginner, you may want to start by choosing characters based on their level and the number of their available abilities. Once you’ve selected your characters, you can then use the tier list to build your team.

Bounty Rush has a unique style of combat, which allows players to use loot to improve their character and boost their level. The game is made up of two teams, each consisting of four characters. During the match, the higher tier character is better than the lower tier, and you can unlock new characters as you advance through the game.

One of the most interesting characters in Bounty Rush is Yamato, the son of Yonko Kaido. He’s a defender class with a red element and a powerful skill set. He has two abilities, one of which increases his ATK, and the second one reduces enemy ATK while inflicting confusion. Moreover, Yamato’s skills can help him recover HP and damage for a short period of time.

The second character is Dressrosa Zoro, who belongs to the attacker class and the element red. Her special skill activates the color of her arms haki, which deals massive damage and increases her CRIT. It also lowers her enemies’ DEF by 30%, which is a great way to kill enemies in big AOEs. In addition, her ability also nullifies staggers for a specified amount of time.

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