Brave Exvius Best Characters Tier List in Final Fantasy 2022

Brave Exvius Best Characters Tier List in Final Fantasy 2022

Brave Exvius Best Characters Tier List In Final Fantasy

This article will discuss the Brave Exvius Best Characters that have good abilities and high stats. It also covers the Characters on the S-Tier and A-Tier. Using these Characters will allow you to play the game with ease. If you are unsure about which characters to use, consider starting with an S-Tier Character. Then, you can build around that character.

Characters with high stats

Characters with high stats are extremely powerful in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. You can make your team more powerful by equipping a character with high ATK and MAG. The game’s characters are rated between and, with seven-star characters having the most power.

You can use this tier list to help you strategize your team and win more battles. The S and A tiers contain the strongest units, which will make it easier for you to beat other players.

Characters with good abilities

Brave Exvius Best Characters
brave exvius best characters

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a mobile RPG that brings back many of your favorite Final Fantasy characters. The game’s battle system resembles that of the old school FF games but is simplified to make it more accessible to smartphone users. It still has the classic RPG feel and includes familiar elements such as magic spells, limit breaks, unit summons, and more. Players can move their characters around the map and interact with villagers and complete tasks.

Standard Brave Exvius Best Characters

In Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, tier lists are vital tools for strategizing and earning experience points faster. A tier list will help you determine which characters are best for different situations and make your team stronger. Characters with the highest tiers are more useful and effective in battle, so it is important to know which characters are the best in their class.

Characters on the S-Tier

If you’re having trouble deciding which unit to use for a particular job, or if you just want a stronger unit, then you might want to look at characters on the S-Tier in Final Fantasy brave exvius. These characters are relatively low level but can give you a great start on your mission. They also have a low cost, and you can replace them at any time with stronger units.

If you’re looking for a support character for your team, consider playing Edward Elric. He’s a great supporter for Alphonse, providing plenty of physical attack power. However, he can cap his stats early in the game, and his overall power doesn’t keep up with other units.

Characters on the A-Tier

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius offers a large roster of playable characters with varying skill levels. This character guide will help you navigate the game’s tier list and find the best characters for your playstyle. Each character has different abilities and needs to advance through the game’s various stages and final boss.

Choosing characters on the A-Tier will give you the advantage in terms of power and overall game performance. A seven-star character has tremendous power, and is well worth including in your squad. While S-Tier characters don’t have the same level of power as characters on the A-Tier, they are still worth considering. In addition, these characters require minimal setup, making them a convenient option for building your squad.

Characters on the C-Tier

In the free-to-play role-playing game Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, players can choose from a wide variety of characters. These characters have varying levels of skill. A detailed character tier list can help players determine which characters to choose. These characters will aid you in your quest to save the world by fighting monsters and defeating an end-boss.

Characters on the S Tier supply your roster with longevity. They excel most when placed in a chain family. Characters in this tier include Lightning, one of the best magical tanks in the game, and Alphonse Elric, a great physical absorber. Having these characters on your roster can help free up other characters on your team to deal damage.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier Liste

Image 124 Brave Exvius Best Characters
brave exvius best characters

You can see the tier lists of all the characters from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. The characters on this tier list are ranked from Tier S to D.

Brave Exvius S Tier List

These are the best characters of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. These characters will be your best friends. You will enjoy their high stats for a longer time.

Lightning (FF XIII-2)Magical Tank SupportAbsolute Mirror of Equity
Paladin CecilDebuffer, SupportStardust Ray
RenaHealer, Magical Attacker 
Kuja of the Angel of DeathMagical attackerChaos Wave awakens Mystic Cross
Sacred Shield CharlottePhysical Attacker and SupportDisorder Absolute Zero Aureole Ray
Alphonse ElricPhysical TankStardust Ray
Vaan Seeker of FreedomDebuffer, Physical AttackerAureole Ray
Warrior at Dawn GalufSupport for Physical AttackersAbsolute Mirror of Equity
Charlotte Hallowed AegisPhysical Tank and Magical TankAbsolute Mirror of Equity
LucasHealer, Magical TankDivine Ruination Absolute Zero
The Awakened Warrior for LightPhysical Tank and SupportDivine Ruination Stardust Ray
Healing Avatar LidDebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity
White Knight NoelMagical Attacker and Physical TankTornado Freeze Absolute Zero Chaos Wave Awakened
Nichol of Epsilon StarSupport, DebufferFlood of Aureole Rays
Rikku (FF X-2)Debuffer, SupportAbsolute Mirror of Equity
Warrior Light LennaHealer, Support 

A Tier

Although these characters may not be as strong as those in S Tier, they are still powerful. These characters will allow you to perform well in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. These characters are very versatile and a great choice.

Doctor AidenPhysical Tank, Healer 
Emperor FooSupport, DebufferChaos Wave Awakened Avalanche
Daughter of Destiny VanilleDebuffer, Magical AttackerChaos Wave Awakens Quake
Benevolent Beauty RemembranceDebuffer, Magical AttackerChaos Wave Awakened Bolting Strike Tornado Freeze
ElephimDebuffer, Support 
A.I. KattyMultifunctionalStardust Ray Chaos Wave Bolting Strike Tornado Quake Flood Freeze
IgnisHealer, Support 
KrylaDebufferAbsolute Zero Bolting Strike Chaos Wave
FolkaHealer, Support 
MyraHealer, SupportBolting Strike
RegisPhysical Attacker and SupportAureole Ray Stardust Ray
Sakura & AyakaHealer, Magical AttackerBolting Strike
SylvieSupport, DebufferBolting Strike Absolute Mirror of Equity
Wildcard AceDebuffer, Magical AttackerBolting Strike Chaos Wave Awakened
Sweet LukaSupport, DebufferAbsolute Mirror Of Equity Divine Ruination Chaos Wave
Summer Fina & LidDebuffer, HealerAureole Ray
QinSupport for Magical AttackerChaos Wav Octoslash Absolute Reflect of Equity Divine Ruination Ray
SieghardPhysical Tank, DebufferAureole Ray Absolute Mirror of Equity Piledriver Stardust Ray
ChowHealer, Magical Tank 
ZenaidaDebuffer, Physical AttackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity
Umbral Dragon Dark FinaMagical attackerBolting Strike Chaos Wave Chaos Wave Wave Awakened
Adventurer LockeDebuffer, Physical AttackerStardust Ray
2BPhysical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity Stardust Raygraviton Cannon
AerithHealer, Support 
Dancing Heart PeneloDebuffer, Magical TankChaos Wave Awakened Aureole Ray
Flame of Rebirth JakePhysical attacker 
Garland (FF IX).Debuffer, Magical AttackerChaos Wave Awakened
KitonePhysical Attacker, DebufferStardust Ray Absolute Reflector of Equity
Maritime Strategist NicholSupport, Magical AttackerFlood
War Hero RaegenPhysical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity
NoelPhysical attackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity
OlbericPhysical Attacker, and Physical TankAureole Ray
Sieghard & IgnacioPhysical Tank, Physical Attacker 
Rico RodriguezPhysical attackerOctaslash Bolting Strike Avalanche Kick
SylvandoPhysical Attacker SupportBolting Strike
Sterne LeonisDebuffer, Physical AttackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity

B Tier

These characters of the B-tier are not the most powerful, but they are still decent. These characters can be described as average performers. To get great results, you can combine them with high-tier characters.

AuronPhysical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity
Blue Mage FinancingHealer, SupportAbsolute Mirror of Equity
Rain is awakeningMagical Tank Support 
Edward ElricDebuffer, Physical AttackerStardust Ray
ElenaPhysical Attacker, and Magical AttackerBolting Strike Aureole Ray Stardust Ray Disorder
Four Winds PhysalisMagical attackerChaos Wave Awakened
Gilgamesh (WOTV).Physical Attacker, and Magical AttackerChaos Wave Awakened Absolute Mirror of Equity
Kimono FinaDebuffer, Magical AttackerChaos Wave Aureole Ray
Lezard ValethDebuffer, Magical AttackerChaos Wave Awakened
LilithPhysical Tank and Magical TankDivine Ruination Kingsglaive Aureole Ray Bolting Strike
Lone Lion SquallPhysical attackerStardust Ray Bolting Strike
MachinaPhysical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity
Mercenary RamzaPhysical Attacker, Debuffer 
SeiferPhysical attackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity Chaos Wave Awakened Bolting Strike
Mont LeonisPhysical TankStardust Ray
Mystical Ice LaswellDebuffer, Physical AttackerAureole Ray Absolute Mirror of Equity
Never-ending HopeSupport, DebufferQuake Absolute Mirror of Equity
SelphieDebuffer, Magical AttackerChaos Wave Awakens Mystic Cross
SerahMagical attackerChaos Wave Awakened
SerenaHealer, Support 
SolDebuffer, Magical AttackerChaos Wave Absolute Zero
Tifa (FF VII: AC)Physical attackerStardust Ray
Strange Gourmand QuinaMagical Attacker, SupportAbsolute Mirror of Equity Chaos Wave
Xuan Wu & Qing LongPhysical Tank, Physical AttackerBolting Strike Avalanche Kick
Adam JensenSupport for Physical AttackerStardust Ray Aureole Ray Tornado
BerylMagical Tank, Magical AttackerOctaslash Bolting Strike Disorder Chaos Wave
BaschPhysical Tank and Magical Tank 
BeowulfPhysical Attacker, and Magical AttackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity Tornado
Dark Spirit SolDebuffer, Magical AttackerChaos Wave Absolute Zero
Demon RainSupport for the Physical Tank 
KimahriDebuffer, Magical Attacker 
Infernal Fire RainPhysical attackerStardust Ray
King BradleyPhysical Attacker, DebufferStardust Ray Ruination
Madam EdelPhysical attackerStardust Ray Aureole Ray
LilisetteSupport for Physical AttackersAbsolute Mirror of Equity
LorenPhysical Attacker, DebufferBlade Prison Onion Slice AureoleRay
MystinaMagical attacker supportChaos Wave Awakened
Rakish Thief zidanePhysical attackerAureole Ray Stardust Ray
QuistisMagical attackerChaos Wave Awakened
RiveraSupport, HealerAbsolute Zero Bolting Strike Disorder
Seaside NicholSupport for Magical AttackerFlood Freeze Absolute Mirror of Equity
Untamed Wolf EdelPhysical attackerAureole Ray Stardust Ray
Supreme Deva AkstarPhysical attackerAbsolute Mirror of the Equity Aureole Ray
White Mage RosaPhysical Attacker, HealerGraviton Cannon
WilhelmSupport for the Physical Tank 
YunaHealer, Support 
Zeno of Beta StarPhysical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity DivineRuination Aureole Ray Bolting Stike

C Tier

These are the average characters in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. This list is easy to locate and maintain. These characters should be used early in the game.

BeatrixPhysical Attacker, and Magical AttackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity
CrimsonSupport for Physical AttackersAbsolute Mirror for Equity Divine Ruination
Cloud (FF VII: AC)Physical Attacker, DebufferStardust Ray Octaslash
Blue Sky Belle FranPhysical attackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity Bolting Strike AureoleRay
EllyMagical attackerChaos Wave Is Awakened Chaos Wave
The Awakened Onion KnightDebuffer, Physical AttackerOnion Slice Stardust Ray Aureole Ray
ErikDebuffer, Physical AttackerBolting Strike
Dragon Knight FreyaPhysical Attacker, HealerDivine Ruination Absolute Mirror of Equity Stardust Ray Aureole Ray
AyakaHealer, Support 
KadajPhysical Attacker, DebufferAbsolute Mirror of Equity
IrvinePhysical attackerBolting Strike
Graceful Champion FangPhysical attackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity
King Edgar of FigaroPhysical Attacker, DebufferStardust Ray Aureole Ray Fatal Barrage
MorganaMagical attackerAbsolute Zero Chaos Wave Disorder Bolting Strike
NagiPhysical Attacker, and Magical AttackerDivine Ruination Graviton Cannon Aureole Ray Bolting Strike Absolute Zero
PrimroseSupportChaos Wave
RebertaPhysical attackerDivine Ruination Bolting Strike Aureole Ray
Knight of Pluto ZidanePhysical attackerStardust Ray Bolting Strike
LevinsonPhysical Attacker, and Magical AttackerDivine Ruination Chaos Wave Awakened AureoleRay Bolting Strike
TifaPhysical attackerDivine Ruination
Star Player TidusSupport for Physical AttackerQuick Hit Stardust Ray
Olive AgentPhysical Attacker, DebufferStardust Ray Bolting Strike
ArdynDebuffer, Physical AttackerStardust Ray Tornado
Wizardess ShantottoMagical attackerChaos Wave Awakened
White Lily Dark FinaDebuffer, Magical AttackerChaos Wave Chaos Wave Awakened Graviton Canon
Assassin ShadowPhysical Attacker, DebufferStardust Ray
Black Mage ViviMagical attackerChaos Wave Awakened
YunalescaMagical Attacker, SupportChaos Wave Chaos Wave Awakened
BartPhysical Attacker and SupportKingsglaive Tornado Flu Flood Absolute Mirror of Equity
Aurora FryeviaPhysical Attacker, and Magical AttackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity Slice Aureole Ray Divine Religion Disorder

D Tier

These characters are the worst on the Brave Exvius Tier List. They offer little in the way of performance and can easily be beaten by almost any character. Because of their low stats, we don’t recommend using any of them.

EikoHealer, Support 
EstherPhysical Attacker, and Physical TankBolting Strike Divine Reination Absolute Mirror of Equity Aureole Ray
FlammieSupport for Physical AttackerAureole Ray
GladiolusPhysical Tank, and Physical Attacker 
Jasper UnboundPhysical attackerStardust Ray
Fina & Dark FinaHealer, Magical AttackerGraviton Cannon Stardust Ray
JechtPhysical attackerDivine Ruination: Quick Hit
KurasamePhysical Attacker, and Magic AttackerQuick Hit Absolute Mirror of Equity Disorder AureoleRay
Hess King LasswellPhysical Attacker and SupportAbsolute Mirror of Equity Ray Divine Remarkation
Lovely KatyHealerChaos Wave
Operative ZyrusDebuffer, Magical AttackerAbsolute Zero Bolting Stike Chaos Wave Awakened
PromptoDebuffer, Physical AttackerRunning Fire+ – Disorder Octaslash
Palom & PoromMagical attackerChaos Wave Awakened Tornado Quake
PhysalisPhysical attackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity Stardust Ray
Radiant LightningDebuffer, Physical AttackerBolting Strike Aureole Ray Absolute Mirror of Equity
RabPhysical Attacker, Magical AttackerBolting Strike Stardust Ray
RemHealer, Magical AttackerTornado Quake
Sweet NicholDebuffer, Magical AttackerChaos Wave Awakened Freeze Flood
YunPhysical attackerOctaslash Absolute Mirror of Equity Kingsglaive Bolting Strike
YegoDebuffer, Physical AttackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity
Warrior Light BartzDebuffer, Physical AttackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity Graviton Cannon
Yuna (FF X-2)Physical attackerAbsolute Mirror of Equity

Characters on the B-Tier

Characters on the B-Tier are less powerful than the S-Tier, but they can be a great asset to your team. They’re easier to find and require less setup than S-ranked characters, and can work well in certain situations.

Using a tier list in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius will help you build a powerful squad with a strong balance of skills and stats. It will also help you plan your team’s strategy based on which units are the best for each task.

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