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Brave Frontier Tier List September 2023 Best Characters

Brave Frontier Tier List – How to Rank Characters in Brave Frontier

You may be unsure of how to rank your characters in the popular Brave Frontier RPG game. The following guide will explain each character’s strengths and weaknesses and help you choose the right one for your play style. This guide also features a complete S Tier character guide, as well as information on Chloe and Sidonie. So, get ready to level up your characters in no time! Then, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a hero in the game!

S Tier

The S Tier is an excellent place to start. It will give you good characters who excel at their role and have great potential. These units will be the best unit you can raise after the S Tier. But they are not as powerful as the higher tier units. Let’s take a look at each. You will find out why these characters are so valuable and how to raise them properly. Listed below are the pros and cons of each character in each tier.

As you can see, there are pros and cons to using each tier. While you will not get to play as the best character in the game, you can still do well with a tier-A character. These characters will make your adventure more fun and rewarding, but they won’t be as powerful as a Tier-S character. In addition, they aren’t suited for arena play and special events.


A guide to the brave frontier tier list is useful for new players. It can help you to choose which units to summon based on their strengths and rank. Units at Tier S represent the top units in the game, and are therefore easy to defeat. Tier A units, on the other hand, are better suited for high-end content, PVP, and raiding. Each unit excels in its own role, allowing for greater flexibility and teamwork.

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The Brave Frontier game features many characters. As such, naming them all would be difficult. Therefore, the heroes have been grouped by strength and level. A player can easily locate his favorite unit by moving forward. A quick glance at the Tier list can help players decide which character to pick. Using the list, a player can also call the characters by their unit names. Using the Brave Frontier tier list can help a player decide which units to use in battle.


If you want to play Chloe in Brave Frontier and gain a high win percentage, you should know that her strength is not her only advantage. While she was once one of the most popular characters, her popularity has been displaced by another character, Hakuzo. This character also offers extra perks for the team, especially during raids, and is almost impossible to beat without the help of supporting units.

Another fighter that you should consider is Aoife, a water type fighter. She carries the best skillset in the game. Her Seal-Fiend’s Song gives her 200% attack, 140% defense, max HP, and 250% critical damage. Her BB activation cost is reduced with the Seal-Fiend’s Song, and her Finnar Sorcery gives her teammates 20% water elemental damage and a 50% HP boost during battle. Additionally, she has several water attack combos.

image 46 brave frontier tier list


In the Brave Frontier tier list, Sidonie is the fifth strongest character, with Peter, Chizu, and Lenny as her alternates. If you are planning to make use of her abilities, you should practice with them first, as they require a bit of polishing before you can effectively take on these stronger units. But with enough practice, you can take on any opponent’s units.

While she was a child, Sidonie had never considered her nature wild, and her ability to sneak and infiltrate would later earn her a reputation as a formidable fighter. In fact, her encounter with the wolf-eyed man as an infant would never have made her realize how important she would become in tying the two worlds together. Now, as an adult, she is one of the strongest characters in Brave Frontier.

Brave Frontier Tier List 2022 >>

Brave Frontier Tier List

Brave Frontier features many characters. Here we ranked all the Brave Frontier characters from tier -S to LoL – tier according to the character’s strengths and in-game skills. So now let’s start the Brave Frontier tier list from tier S.

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S Tier – Brave Frontier Tier List >>

These S tier characters, from the Brave Frontier unit-tier list, are the strongest. These characters are at the best of Brave Frontier’s power club. Each character has the best abilities and can deal in-game damage, buffs, or heal.

If you want to win the game then you should build your in-game team’s composition around these characters.

A Tier – Brave Frontier Tier List >>

This does not mean that these characters are inferior to tier A units. All of this tier A units are one of the best picks if you want to go through the game’s content without any problem.

You will not be disappointed if you’re a game perfectionist who wants the best team.

B Tier – Brave Frontier Tier List >>

These Brave Frontier A-tier characters aren’t the most powerful units in the game, but they’re strong enough.

  • This list has three top-ranked players
  • Get on the Tier List A

This means that if you choose these characters, your chances of winning the game are also good. These characters are powerful but not as powerful as tier S or tier A.

C Tier – Brave Frontier Tier List >>

Your gameplay will be ruined if you choose these characters. Although some characters are great at what they do and have excellent stats, others are not as impressive. You can make these characters great if you have the right setup. But it is a huge time investment.

D Tier – Brave Frontier Tier List >>

If you are looking for fun gameplay, these D-tier characters from Brave Frontier’s unit tier list can be added to your roster.

Overall, they wouldn’t be able excel in any in-game party setup. So think about whether you are worth the time to choose them.

LOL Tier – Brave Frontier Tier List >>

These characters aren’t just bad for Brave Frontier, but they are also examples of the types you should avoid. This is correct. It is nearly impossible to win with an in-game unit team composed of units from this list.

Best Units in Brave Frontier Insights & Overview >>

Tier S and Lol F have the fewest Brave Frontier units.

However, if you lack the skills or luck to summon units, you will end up with the least useful and useless of the lol Tiers. The Brave Frontier will be your playground if you manage to get a Tier S Unit. The Brave Frontier Tier List is composed of a base and a meta summoning Pool. This means you won’t look at newer units.

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We have also created this tier list according to gamer requirements and game level. Brave Frontier Tier List Guide will guide you through the game using the best and worst Brave Frontier summons list.

Brave Frontier Game Wiki >>

Brave frontier is a fantastic role-playing video game, developed in Japan by A-Lim. The original launch was for Apple iOS. Later, the game was released to other platforms including Android and Kindle Fire. In September 2013, the Brave frontier game was released in Japan.

There are many modes to the game, including Quest, Vortex and Raid, Arena and Frontier Hunter, Frontier Gate and Guild. The game can be played on several platforms, such as Amazon Kindle Fire, Windows Phone 8 iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows. Gumi Asia was responsible for the global launch of the game in December 2013.

Brave Frontier 2 was also released in Japan in February 2018. It has been played a lot since its release.

FAQs >>

Here are some FAQs regarding the Brave Frontier Tier List

Which Brave Frontier Game character is the strongest?

Here is the Brave Frontier Game’s strongest characters.

  • BASE
  • LORD
  • REX

Brave Frontier Game: Where Can You Farm God Stones

This is the unique and most important material in the game which you can get from the Lanara region in-game place, by completing the Mother Nature’s Song quest in Alnakeid castle in Brave Frontier.

Which are the Worst Characters of Brave Frontier Game?

Tier F or LoL characters (or the worst characters) are those you should avoid. This is the list of Tier F characters we have mentioned above.

Conclusion >>

We hope that you enjoy the Brave Frontier Tier List post. This post covers all Brave Frontier characters, from the best to the worst. It will help you choose the best unit in this game.

This page can be contacted if you have any questions. Brave FrontierIf you have a Tier List, then please comment. Brave Frontier Gaming!


You may be a little confused with how to rank characters in Brave Frontier. There are many different characters and it would be very difficult to list each one by name. However, HDGamers have compiled a list of characters according to their strength and level. This way, you can move ahead and see which ones you like the most. You can even call them by their unit names in the game. You can use this list to determine how effective the different characters are.

There are a few things you can do to get ahead of the competition in Brave Frontier. First of all, the highest level units are the strongest. In Brave Frontier, the strongest units are those that are best at dealing damage. Therefore, you should build your team around those characters. Make sure to keep track of the stats that each character has so that you can avoid over leveling. The more characters you have on your team, the more valuable they are.

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