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Brawlhalla Gold Farming Tips: Maximize Your Earnings

Woo hoo! Cheater Boss, your boy, is back with some information about Brawlhalla’s gold farming. It seems like you have been working for hours trying to earn the sweet, sweet gold you need to unlock the Legends that you long for. Fear not, cheaters! I have some tricks and tips to help you get that gold faster than a kangaroo taking steroids.

What is Brawlhalla Gold Farming exactly?

Before we get into the meat, let’s discuss what Brawlhalla is all about. Brawlhalla gold farming is the primary currency that unlocks Legends, skins, taunts, and other goodies. You can earn gold through daily rewards, missions and selling things you don’t use. You will need to work hard if you want to unlock all the benefits without spending any money.

Brawlhalla Gold Farming Tips

These are some tips that will help you get the gold like a pro.

Complete Daily Missions

Daily missions are your best friend in gold farming. Completing all three missions will net you 1200 gold. This will be a huge help in the long-term. You should make sure you check your daily missions each day and complete them as quickly as possible.

Play Ranked Matches

Ranked matches give you the chance to improve your skills and also reward you with gold. A ranked match is worth 150 gold while losing will give you 75 gold. This is a win-win situation so make the most of it.

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Participate in Events

Brawlhalla occasionally hosts events that offer special rewards, including gold. To earn these rewards, make sure you take part in the events and complete the missions.

Sell unwanted items

You can sell duplicates or unneeded items that you have in your inventory for gold. It’s an excellent way to eliminate clutter and make extra money.


These are the basics, folks. These are some tips to help with Brawlhalla’s gold farming. You will eventually get the gold you desire, but it is not easy. Get out there now and make that gold your own gangster.


Be a Cheater Boss.