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Break The Final Seal Genshin Impact Heart Of Watatsumi 2023

Genshin Impact Heart Of Watatsumi – How To Break Final Seal?

Break The Final Seal Genshin Impact, The key to unlock the Heart of Watatsumi is to collect all four Spirit Pearls from Tsuyuko. These pearls will help you in breaking the seal, and will be required in this chapter. Once you have acquired all four pearls, you will need to hand them over to break the seal. The location of Heart of Watatsumi will be familiar to fans of the game. It features four circular platforms.

How to open the gate to the Heart of Watatsumi

The first step to opening the gate to the Heart of Watatumi is to collect all four Spirit Pearls. To do so, visit Tsuyuko at the Sangonomiya Shrine. She will reveal the location of the Heart of Watatsumi. Upon reaching the Heart of Watatsumi, players will see four circular platforms, each with a different rotating statue.

The next step is to turn the fish to face the centre. There are three fish statues in this area, and one is shell shaped. Once you rotate the fish, you will be able to face the centre of the shrine. Remember to pay respect to all statues before rotating the fish.

Once you’ve done this, you can move onto the next part of the quest – the Moon Bathed Deep World. This part of the game involves rotating the fish statues and killing the last wave of enemies. This part of the quest will reward you with 170 Primogems.

Break The Final Seal Genshin Impact

In order to open the gate to the Heart of Waatsumi, you must have 4 Spirit Pearls. To do this, you must complete several challenges on Watatsumi Island. The quest ‘The Moon-Bathed Deep’ is longer than most of the quests in the 2.1 update, but it will reward you with 170 Primogems. You can then use them to unlock a treasure chest located inside the Heart of Watatsumi.

How to defeat the monsters

In Genshin Impact Heart Of Watatzumi, there are several types of monsters that you have to defeat. They can be found at the Sangonomiya and Watatsumi objectives. The key to defeating these monsters is to defeat them before they spawn and then rotate them to face the center of the screen.

The first step in defeating these monsters is to defeat the seal that protects the area. You can do this by defeating Hydro Mimic enemies and rotating the statues. Once you’ve completed the prerequisite quests, you’ll be able to access the heart of the Watatsumi. The quest will reset if you fail to do this.

The second step in defeating the monsters in Genshin Impact Heart of Watatsumi is to find the Tsuyuko. She is outside Sangonomiya Shrine and near a Teleport Waypoint. She will lead you to the Heart. You will need four Spirit Pearls to unlock the barrier. Once you have them, you can proceed to Solve the four platform puzzles in the Fin of Watatsumi.

The third step is to use the Specters in Genshin Impact Heart of Watatsumi. The Specters in this game have three elemental affinities. If you damage one, the other will attack you. When you hit two Specters, one will explode and the other will grow bigger.

Genshin Impact Heart of Watatsumi – How to Break Final Seal?

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You must first gather the Final Seal from Genshin Impact to break it. Four Spirit Pearls. You will need to return to the Sangonomiya ShrineAnd meet Tsuyuko. She will help you find the right location. Heart of Watatsumi. Follow the markers to reach this location. You will need to give the four pearls to the authorities once you have reached the location. This will allow you to unlock the seal.

Now you will have access to the entire area. The players of the Fin of WatatsumiThis area is very familiar to anyone who searches. This area is known for its Four circular platformsIt. Each platform has its own unique features 4Rotating statues

These are just 4 of the statues. 3 will look like a fishWhile 1 will look just like a shell. To succeed in this quest, you must first pay your respects to the shell.

To reach the first circle, you will need to follow the instructions. All the fish should be rotated so that they face the middle. Once you do so, pay respect. You will be greeted with waves of gratitude after completing each platform. enemy Hydro Mimics from Genshin Impact. These enemies will greet and defend you. Heart of Watatsumi.

The process of turning the statues should be followed, with respect for all the circles, except the final. You will need to complete the fourth circle. First, pay respects to the fish statues and then turn them around.

You can now move on to the middle after you have completed the four circles. Now you will find theFünfter Kreis. This seal can be unlocked by defeating all the enemies. This seal will unlock the door to the. The Moon and Key of the Moon are Deeply BathedYou will need this to return to Tsuyuko.

That’s it. You can break the final seal to unlock the Heart of Watsumi quest within Genshin Impact. This isn’t difficult, as you can see. Pay respects to others. If you fail to respect others, your quest will be reopened and you’ll have to start again.

How to obtain the Key of the Moon-Bathed Deep

The Moon-Bathed Deep questline is an adventure that takes place on the island of Watatsumi. It is similar to the Konda Quest in Genshin Impact, but delves much deeper into the island’s mythology. In addition, the questline is a great blend of puzzle-solving and combat under pressure.

The questline of the Moon-Bathed Deep is long, with many stages. However, it is essential for Genshin Impact players to finish this quest in order to unlock the Enkanomiya area. To start the quest, go to the Mouun Shrine and speak with the shrine maiden, Tsuyuko.

You will need to defeat a number of Hydro Mimics in order to get to the key and proceed to the fourth puzzle. Once you have completed this puzzle, a cutscene will appear, revealing a new location.

Obtaining the Key of the Moon-Batheded Deep will open the path to Enkanomiya. You can also unlock the “Hero’s Wit” achievement by completing the quest.

The key to the Moon-Bathed Deep is a rare item in the game, and a key is needed to get to this quest. However, you will have to complete the questline with a certain amount of Primogems in order to access the region.

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