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Genshin Impression Brightcrown Canyon Special Treasure Location September 2022

Genshin Impression Brightcrown Canyon Special Treasure Location

The Genshin Impression Lost Riches event is here again, and this time, there are many treasures and one of them is Brightcrown Canyon Special Treasure. Genshin Impact is an amazing free-to-play game, and it has fast become one of the most popular games on the market, thanks to its excellent Anime style RPG gameplay and Gacha Mechanics. It also offers a ton of ways to customize your character to its full potential. Recently, the game received a major update that has added even more content, quests, and POIs for players to explore.

Brightcrown Canyon Special Treasure

The Special Treasure is found in the Brightcrown Canyon area east of Stormterror’s Lair. To get it, move down the canyon and look for a shiny dig spot. Beat two Abyss Mages before finding the treasure. Be careful not to get frozen twice, though.

The Genshin Impact Lost Riches event returns with new locations and quests! Players must solve puzzles to find Iron Coins and Special Treasure stashes to earn powerful items and advance their characters. In addition, there are dozens of Primogems and level-up materials to find. There are new areas every day, and each one holds sixty Iron Coins.

The first Special Treasure of the Lost Riches event is in Brightcrown Canyon, east of Stormterror’s Lair. Use your blue triangular player icon to find it. Once you have the treasure, you will receive an experience book and 60 Primogems.

Characters in Shuumatsuban

image 65 brightcrown canyon special treasure

In Shuumatsuban Genshin Impression, characters have unique abilities. You can use their powers to help you in your quest. Some of them have abilities that can help you in different situations, such as reducing your stamina consumption while sprinting. Others have unique abilities, such as using pressure plates to activate treasure chests.

The game has a vast world and various treasures that can help you level up your characters. One of the earliest areas that you can explore is Brightcrown Canyon, and it can be tricky to find. It’s only available during the Lost Riches event, but once you find it, you’ll get awesome rewards.

Genshin Impression: Brightcrown Canyon Special TreasureLocation Information September 2022

Brightcrown Canyon Special Treasure

Misplaced Riches is likely one of the present Genshin Impression in-game Occasions operating from January 8 to January 18. There are two Particular Treasures accessible to all members throughout this occasion together with 14 Treasure Areas. There are some necessities to unlock these Particular Treasures. So let’s take a look at the right way to get Brightcrown Canyon Particular Treasures in Misplaced Riches:

  • You need to full The Outlander Who Caught the Wind in Archeon Quest Prologue: Act 1.
  • After doing that, it’s a must to discover the third Treasure Space and get the clues to the first Particular Treasure at Brightcrown Canyon.
  • Use the teleport level in Brightcrown Canyon to quick journey to the purpose, and proceed west until you discover Glowing Spot beneath an previous bell. From right here you’ll be able to start the Particular Treasure problem.
  • Full the problem by defeating a Cryo Abyss Mage and a Hydro Abyss Mage. The problem is to not get Frozen greater than 3 occasions whereas killing the enemies as a result of the problem will reinitiate.
  • Be certain that to make use of characters with Pyro talents, and keep away from the problem whereas it’s raining inside the sport, due to the Elemental Reactions in-game.
  • When you full the mentioned problem, the Particular Treasure of Brightcrown Canyon will drop for you.

Challenge to find Brightcrown Canyon Special Treasure

This Special Treasure is located in the Brightcrown Canyon, east of Stormterror’s Lair in Mondstadt. To find this treasure, players must find a broken bell in the canyon and dig under it. Once they have found the bell, two Cryo mages will spawn nearby. While Fire vision heroes will be able to melt their shields, players should be wary of the Abyss Cryo Mages.

First, players will want to make their way to Brightcrown Canyon, where they should look for the old bell with glowing spot. Once there, players must defeat two enemies and not freeze over three times to complete the challenge. Note: The challenge will not be possible if it’s raining or extremely cold, so players will want to use fire-based characters to help them avoid the rain.

The world of Genshin Impact is huge, and there are many treasures you can find that will help you progress in the game. Brightcrown Canyon is an early location for players, but finding it can be difficult. The location is only available during the Lost Riches event, so players will want to take advantage of this early access to the area.

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