Call of Duty Tier List September 2022 COD Games Ranked!

Call of Duty Tier List September 2022 COD Games Ranked!

Call of Duty Tier List

The Call of Duty Tier List is a ranking system created by the community for the Call of Duty series. It is comprised of the top three ranking for each game, based on the cumulative rank of over 3,600 tier lists. The best Call of Duty Games ranking is on the top, while the worst ranking is on the bottom. All tier list submissions must be published on the website in order to be considered for inclusion on the list.

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The Oden is an assault rifle featured in the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The rifle is manufactured by VLK and is one of the most commonly used assault rifles among Barkov’s Forces. Hadir Karim gives Garrick an Oden to use while escaping Barkov’s estate. The Oden is one of the most expensive assault rifles in the game and commands a high price.

Standard Call Of Duty Tier List

The MK2 carbine has a more challenging play style, but is capable of one-shot kills. There are damage and range modifiers available to increase the effectiveness of this weapon. It will take a lot of hard work to be good at this weapon, but once you do, you will notice the difference. You can also use Sleight of Hand to improve the weapon’s accuracy. Oden will give you a higher score on a PvP match, but it isn’t as good as the AK-47.


There are two main reasons why you should upgrade your Panzerschreck in the Call of Duty Tier List. First, it is more powerful and does more damage than any other tank. Second, it can kill your teammates. This is a good choice if you’re planning on taking down a lot of enemies. But you should consider other factors, too. Here are some things you should consider before upgrading.

First, you need to know where to find Panzerschreck. It can be found in most levels except Bomber. You will find Panzerschreck ammunition when you take down several enemy vehicles. The best place to get this ammunition is to aim at enemies when they are in range of the tank you are trying to take down. Once you do this, it will keep respawning in boxes, making it easier to kill multiple enemies in a row.

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Revolving Shotgun

The Revolving Shotgun is a weapon in Call of Duty that is very good, but not the best. It lacks a high fire rate and is not very effective in combat situations. While it’s not the best gun in its tier, it is a solid option if you are looking for a sniper rifle. Another great option is the Type 99. The Type 99 has good fire rate, and can be controlled very well. It requires two shots to kill an enemy. Overall, the Revolving Shotgun isn’t very good compared to other shotguns, and there are better weapons that can replace it.

Although the Revolving Shotgun is not a great weapon, it is far better than an auto-loading one. However, its slow reload speed and strange accuracy will cause a lot of frustration, especially in multiplayer games. A revolving shotgun can be made into a great killing machine by unlocking attachments and improving your skills. For instance, you can unlock incendiary ammo to add more damage to enemies. The Revolving Shotgun can also be adjusted to shoot at hip-fire to improve accuracy.

R 3 1 Call Of Duty Tier List
call of duty tier list

Call of Duty Tier List – Best Games September 2022 Down;

So many factors have gone into the deciding process here such as the game’s respective campaigns, side modes, multiplayer, themes, guns, and many more. All of these factors were taken into consideration when grading each COD-related game.

Here is the Call of Duty Tier List 2022

SS Tier – Call of Duty Tier List >>

We have already mentioned some of the most outstanding COD games, which we consider to be unrivaled. The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is a timeless success, in our opinion, because of its video, audio, gameplay, and overall value. This game still holds up well over the years.

COD Modern Warfare 2 Game >>

Call Of Duty Tier List

COD Modern Warfare 2 has been voted the best COD game in the franchise’s long history. We have included it in our Tier ss Call of Duty Tier Listing. This installment is loved by many COD lovers. We believe the audio, storyline, and overall gameplay feel are the main reasons COD Modern Warfare 2 is a top-tier Call of Duty video game.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare was the foundation for an amazing story. COD MW2 took it one step further and created an even more engaging campaign. You can see different environments and settings within the game, where you didn’t get the previous game variation.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s developer also placed a lot of importance on the audio section of the game. The game’s best soundtrack was composed by Hans Zimmer and Lorne balfe, both music composers.

A lot of effort was put into creating unique sounds for each weapon. Each weapon produces a different sound when it is fired, making each weapon an exceptional experience in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

Call of Duty MW2 was a fine example of what shooters should look like, especially for an FPS game that was focused on the details of audio and video. Many Call of Duty veterans still consider CODMW2 to be the best FPS game of all time.

S Tier – Call of Duty Tier List >>

We are proud to have included all the COD games in our Call of Duty Tier List of Tier S. Even though these video games delivered top-notch quality and checked all boxes, We think they fell short of the mark and have a few flaws.

COD Modern Warfare 3 Game >>

Call Of Duty Tier List

We are proud to say that COD Modern Warfare 3 is renowned for its storyline, campaign, as well as the way each mission builds into the next. Call of Duty MW3 concludes the Modern Warfare series of Call of Duty Games in a spectacular way.

Surprised, many Call of Duty veterans think that the Call of Duty M3 is better than the Call of Duty M2. However, we think the campaign and story could be presented better.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 may also be an original Call of Duty 2 MW2.1. While there were obvious differences between them, they weren’t enough to warrant a sequel. Our favourite action sequence is the one we keep getting while playing campaign mode missions.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 ties all 3 MW games together well and is a fitting end to the saga. There were some issues, such as repetitive sections.

COD MW3 was, however, a superior game that improved aspects of the previous installments and ended the series together.

COD Black Ops 2 Game >>

Call Of Duty Tier List

Our ranked-S COD COD tier list should include COD Black Ops 2. Call of Duty BO2 brought many positive things to the franchise. Despite the numerous bugs, the overall delivery experience for the game was excellent.

Call of Duty BO2 had quite a bit of QTE at the beginning. This was fine. Many players found it tiring to avoid QTE. We liked the addition of COD Black Ops 2; it raised our immersion.

We also thought the overall setup of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is great. It was necessary for players to return to the most well-known events. COD Black Ops 2 left behind a lot of great memories, including combat and riding missions.

In previous games, players didn’t have the option to choose their weaponry before they began a mission. Call of Duty BO2 has made this possible. Players can now choose the weapon that they like and start missions.

Even with a few minor issues, COD Black Ops II was a great first-person shooter.

A Tier – Call of Duty Tier List >>

We have by far included the most entertaining campaign from the Call of Duty series in our Tier-A tier. Many Call of Duty gamers have fondly remembered the various Call of Duty missions they participated in. This is due to the fact that these COD video gaming games have captured the meaning of engaging which has had a profound impact on the storyline of the COD games.

COD 2 Game >>

Call Of Duty Tier List

Call of Duty 2 was inspired by the key events of World War II. The campaign or story mode created a World War I setting that is not common in COD videogames.

Call of Duty 2’s campaign mode feels a little less modern because it does not really capture the cinematic vibe. However, by today’s standards, Call of Duty 2 still occupied a decent campaign mode, which focuses heavily on the story, excellent control mechanisms, and other small details.

Call of Duty 2 is our favorite moment. We love the way they charged up to Point du Hoc for D-Day and attacked El Daba as Desert Rats. The overall and essence vibe that Call of Duty 2’s missions had was almost perfect. The game did not have a sprint feature, so combat felt slow. The game’s positive aspect was that it took things slowly.

Many recent COD games used gear and perks to their shooting mechanics. Call of Duty 2 was different. For enemies to be defeated, players needed to be a target. Call of Duty 2 released it in a fantastic experience.

COD 2 improved upon the original game’s strengths and delivered a refined and polished Call of Duty 2.

COD World At War Game >>

Call Of Duty Tier List

COD games have always valued the campaign and narrative. Sometimes, however, the plot can become predictable and linear. The feeling of performing a secret mission will never leave you.

This sentiment was challenged when COD World at War was released. This installment takes control from you and gives you the feeling that your situation is in danger.

A longer campaign was another point in favor of Call of Duty World At War’s campaign mode. After you’ve completed the World At War campaign, you will feel much more in the story mode.

The characters featured in the missions were integrated and memorable quite well into the game’s story. COD World at War’s historical accuracy was also excellent.

A 2008 video game can be viewed as offering content that is worth noticing in later installments. Overall, COD World At War offered a great campaign mode, excellent cutscenes, and good audio controls.

These are all reasons that World At War is a great sequel for the WWII-based COD videogame. WAW was arguably so good that many players returned to Call of Duty 2’s campaign mode, taking it in with the spirit of the COD WWII setting.

COD 4: Modern Warfare Game >>

Call Of Duty Tier List

Modern Warfare: Call of Duty 4 was the first Call of Duty title to make major changes to how health improvements work. This installment of the franchise introduced a lot of new elements to the game and managed to bring back a system that Call of Duty fans loved.

Call of Duty 4: MW was the perfect video game for 2007, with its intense battles, Crossfire elements and thrilling combat. Players were kept on their toes by the events that took place during the main COD missions. The graphics were also a nice improvement over the previous COD video games.

Call of Duty 4 – MW was also a major step forward in the development of shooter games during the decade. The World War I scenario was the main focus of most FPS games released during the 2000s. COD 4 Modern Warfare made this change. His story was fresh and he had an idea of ​​what war could be like in the present times.

COD 4 Modern Warfare attempted to make the campaign more real and interesting than most FPS games. There are not many great story-focused video games that don’t show Russia as the bad guy, and Call of Duty 4: MW was probably the first.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Game >>

Call Of Duty Tier List

COD Cold War will be a great experience after the COD Modern Warfare Remaster. This entry in Call of Duty was, as with many great Call of Duty games of its era, meticulous about its campaign and mission design.

The Cold War era atmosphere influenced the way that warfare was conducted.

The COD Black Ops cold war story maintains the fluidity of the narrative and immersion. However, it presents many challenges. You can choose to repeat some missions or parts of them, and then experiment with new in-game decisions.

These challenges also pose for COD Cold War’s small campaign size. It gives you an adventure feeling and a sense accomplishment by revisiting certain missions.

The soundtrack for COD Black Ops Cold war and the inclusion of interesting mission design are the cherry on top. You will see that each section of the game is given equal attention, regardless of whether it involves weapons, vehicles or other sound types.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and Call of Duty Black Ops are two other Best Call of Duty teir games starting at tier A.

B Tier – Call of Duty Tier List >>

We are happy with the range of COD videogames that we have included in our Call of Duty Tier List – B. They are not the best, but they are also not the worst. You will feel mixed emotions after playing these COD games.

We found the story mode in these Call of Duty games to be not overwhelming, but not among the best. These tier-B Call of Duty videogames are still pretty good.

COD Vanguard Game >>

Call Of Duty Tier List
call of duty tier list

COD Vanguard takes the story into the World War II era. Call of Duty Vanguard’s main selling point was the ability to play a variety of characters from interesting backgrounds with interesting stories.

It sounded like a great idea in theory; However, when COD Vanguard launched, its campaign mode didn’t live up to expectations. We have a feeling it didn’t even come close to COD Modern Warfare 2 if the WWII setting remains a common factor.

There are many issues with the COD Vanguard campaign, according to our opinion. The game is primarily designed to keep you restricted from exploring, and you are only allowed to go one way. This really takes away the excitement of searching for an easter egg or potential item.

Second, the campaign may throw in multiple cut scenes at once, breaking immersion and allowing the players to control the character.

COD Vanguard’s campaign mode also removes the choice options; There is a distinct lack of options when it comes to navigating missions independently.

This picture is dominated by excellent sound design, modern graphics and interesting backstories. Despite the small perks the game offers, the gameplay is far from perfect, and that’s why we think COD Vanguard deserves a ranked-B COD tier list.

COD Black Ops 3 Game >>

Call Of Duty Tier List

Although COD Black Ops 3 is the successor to Call of Duty BO2, the installment didn’t offer a better story than its predecessor. Call of Duty Black Ops 3 has been redesigned and improved to be one of the greatest Call of Duty videogames ever.

Call of Duty BO3’s game mechanics and levels were the cherry on top. The campaign was confusing at times, but it made up for that by adding cyber capabilities. This gave rise to new possibilities in taking down enemies, rather than simply shooting them with pistols or melee weapons.

Many people think that the story is ambiguous and light. The story of CODBlackOps 3 we thought was great, because it featured two stories at once in the game. The actual game is a large-scale recreation of previous events. The storyline in COD Universe was somewhat off-putting and felt a little unnecessary at times.

We believe that COD Black Ops 3 has made the Call of Duty game one of our favorite Call of Duty titles. Call of Duty Bo3 would have been an amazing FPS videogame if Treyarch had done a better job with storytelling and story delivery.

COD World War II Game >>

Call Of Duty Tier List

After a very long period, the COD series was able to make a comeback to their world war II roots by launching COD World War II. The game’s campaign mode was good; It’s not the best on the lot and it certainly isn’t the worst. However, there were some issues that prevented the story mode becoming the best in COD.

The campaign mode took about 5 to 7 hours. Even if you played the game on the highest difficulty, it won’t take you long to finish the game. The WWII setting is now enhanced with next-generation graphics.

Call of Duty 2 games that featured WWII settings had cut-scenes but had low graphics fidelity. However, that changed with World War II’s COD. Immersion was enhanced by smooth, high-end graphics.

Another great thing we liked about COD World War II was that the game’s action sequences felt like those of Saving Private Ryan and the Band of Brothers. His script was great and kept players interested.

However, the monotony, mission design and general vibe of each story mission felt repetitive, dry, and boring. That’s why we think Call of Duty World War II is on our ranked-B tier list call of duty.

COD 3 Game >>

Call Of Duty Tier List
call of duty tier list

COD 3, which is the successor to Call of Duty 2 was created by Infinity Ward, didn’t achieve the fame it hoped for. Call of Duty’s second installment was set in World War II. This is a great setting. Treyarch developed COD 3 and the game was quickly developed. Call of Duty 3 was released eight months after its predecessor.

The story was very similar to COD 2. However, Call of Duty introduced many COD 3 features that were not present in COD 2. COD 3 brought the much-needed Sprint feature. This allows you pass through areas that increase the fighting spirit.

COD 3 was a worthy sequel to COD 2. There were also minor differences. The clash of Axis and Allies power, as well as the overall WWII setting was not compelling enough. So we think the COD 3 campaign falls somewhere in between; It’s not over the top and it certainly isn’t the worst.

C Tier – Call of Duty Tier List >>

Our tier-C COD games have a very basic story. Although their campaign is not the worst of Call of Duty, it’s certainly not the most enjoyable.

We believe that the reason the campaign failed to impress was also because the in-game predecessor had an extremely complex campaign. Developers wanted to correct this and made it simple, manageable, but still impactful.

COD Advanced Warfare Game >>

Call Of Duty Tier List

COD Advanced Warfare was an innovative addition to its predecessors. It featured a fast-paced combat strategy. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare welcomed the addition of new tech-based gear. Although there were some issues with the game’s campaign mode, if it had been handled better, the game would have left behind an impressive story mode.

First, we discovered that COD Advanced Warfare had a problem with its predictable campaign mode. Shoot all the campaign players. Even if your campaign mode is set up in story mode, the repetitive and cliché story will force you to abandon it.

COD Infinite Warfare Game >>

Call Of Duty Tier List
call of duty tier list

COD Infinite Warfare is a very average campaign. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare was a great video game because of the memorable characters.

The game’s description indicates that Infinity Ward attempted to bring the character of the game to life. However, for the next generation of COD video games, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare didn’t offer as much as it should have.

First, FPS games on next-gen consoles often feature destructible environments, buildings and walls. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is the next-generation Call of Duty title that lacks this concept.

Arguably, even if the game’s story left an impact the first time you played it. The problem that many people realize afterward is that it’s much easier to forget than the stories, campaigns, and epic game moments of other Call of Duty games.

COD Infinite Warfare had many great elements. Its visuals and art style were outstanding. During the mission, the characters displayed a sense of purpose and realism.

They were not cast in the game’s story without purpose, and he had a role to play. This is a great feature that COD gamers have been looking for since Call of Duty Black Ops 3.

D Tier – Call of Duty Tier List >>

We only have one COD videogame in Call of Duty Tier List -D. This is because we feel that it’s the only Call of Duty game to fail to deliver an engaging campaign. The tier-D is also our last Call of Duty Tier List tier.

COD Ghosts Game >>

Call Of Duty Tier List
call of duty tier list

The campaign length for COD Ghosts seemed to be too short compared with the games that came before Ghosts. Second, Call of Duty Ghost’s campaign Veteran Mode also didn’t offer the level of challenge that previous Call of Duty games had thrown at players. It felt more like a breeze than a challenge to complete the game’s campaign mode on veteran difficulty.

Relays were not used well even though they were introduced in COD Ghosts. When you discovered that the relay would be destroyed, you lost all purpose in using it.

The fight for the Federation was also easy due to the top-down movement. You can basically melee all opponents which makes the campaign experience much easier.

Overall, the campaign felt dull and the story felt dead. Even if the story mode was completed, it’s easy to forget about the missions. The story of COD Ghosts is a little more general, but it still follows the Modern Warfare trilogy.

The developers pitched the game to be around a character that wasn’t even in the game. It was difficult to see how COD Ghosts could fail in the same area that most Call of Duty games are known for.

Video Guide On Call of Duty Tier List YoutubeDown;

This is the YouTube guide to the Call of Duty Tier List

Conclusion >>

Hopefully, you like our Call of Duty Tier List post that list will help you to know more about the best COD game if you don’t try any tier-s Call of Duty games then try now and enjoy the gameplay.


The NZ-41 is a hybrid rifle with many strengths and weaknesses. Its low recoil, extended ammo, and high rate of fire make it a very good choice for pushing objectives. However, it doesn’t have enough power to dominate the ruleset defined by the MP40 and STG. While the NZ-41 is a great weapon, it isn’t going to dominate every game.

The NZ-41 is a powerful assault rifle in the Call of Duty: Vanguard game mode. With a lethal loadout and attachments, it can be deadly in both solo and team battles. Here’s a look at the NZ-41’s loadout, which includes secondary weapon pairings and Perks. It was originally designed by popular Warzone content creator JGOD. He addressed the NZ-41’s recoil and accuracy concerns and introduced a few alternative attachments.

The NZ-41 is a great choice for a newcomer to the Call of Duty game. The NZ-41 is easy to handle and does 2,000 damage per magazine. It is perfect for long-range shooting and multiple eliminations. It is a good choice for newcomers and players of all skill levels. And if you want to take down a group of enemies, you can’t beat the NZ-41’s damage per shot.

RAR PASS = 123

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