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Get the Ultimate 4K Badge in Control: Tips for Earning Shooting Badges Quickly

Are You able to get a 4K badge in control?

What’s up, cheaters? Snoop here, your cheaterboy, with yet another blog post from Today we’ll be talking about Control and specifically whether or no you can get the 4K badge.

What is Control?

Remedy Entertainment has created Control, a fun game. You can mess up your enemies with some cool powers, wicked graphics and a compelling story. We are most interested in the badges.

Is it possible to obtain a 4K badge on your control?

Short answer: You can get a 4K badge at Control. It’s not going to be easy, hommie. This will require serious skills as well as some pretty good gear.

You can earn badges by completing tasks in Control. Some are simple, such as killing a certain amount of enemies. Others are more difficult, such as getting a 4K.

How to get a 4K Badge for Control

Snoop! I know what your thinking. How can I get a 4K badge at Control? Well, don’t worry, I got you. These are my tips to help get your badge.

– Make sure you have the best gear. You’ll need serious firepower to get a 4K. Get the best weapons and mods you can.

You won’t get a 4K in your first attempt. You must practice your aim and your skills until you are a master at it.

– Choose the right mission. Not all missions will earn you badges. You should look for missions with lots of enemies and plenty of chances to kill.

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Use the right power: Certain powers are better than other when it comes down to killing. Use the strongest powers to do the most damage.

Do not give up. Although completing a 4K is difficult, it is possible if you persevere. You will eventually earn that badge if you don’t quit.


You can get a 4K badge at Control. Yes, you can. These tips will help you get that badge. Cheats never succeed… except in videogames. You can rest easy, homies.

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