Can You Revive Patches In Elden Ring 2022? Helpful Information

Can You Revive Patches In Elden Ring 2022? Helpful Information

Should You Kill Patches In Elden Ring?

Can You Revive Patches In Elden Ring? Whether or not you should kill Patches in the Elden Ring depends on a number of factors. First, you must consider that Patches is not difficult to defeat and that his attacks are not difficult to predict. Secondly, you must consider the Absorption and resistance numbers that are used in the game. Lastly, you must consider the questline that Patches is involved in.

Absorption and resistance numbers

Can You Revive Patches In Elden Ring
can you revive patches

Choosing the right elemental resistance for your character’s needs is an important decision. The Elden Ring offers several options, with some armor sets requiring a dungeon or questline to unlock them. You can also experiment with your stats in the game’s unique rebirth system.

The first thing you’ll need to know is what a resistance number means. A higher number indicates a greater degree of protection, while a smaller one means less. This distinction is particularly important in Acts two and three, where elemental resistance is critical for your survival. It’s also important to keep in mind that in the game’s Nightmare and Hell difficulties, physical resistance is essentially a wash. This is not the case in the game’s normal mode.

It’s also worth noting that this number doesn’t seem to be on display in the game’s main screen. Instead, it’s displayed on the rebirth screen, which is where you can spend your Runes in a number of fashions.

His attacks are simple and predictable

Defeating Patches in Elden Ring isn’t difficult. The boss’s attacks are simple and predictable. But the player must choose the right moment to strike. If you attack Patches too quickly, he will start to attack back.

Patches’ charged thrust attack is notable for its damage. It requires a long charge-up. You can avoid the attack by dodging sideways or forward.

Patches also uses a shield to block incoming projectiles and casts. When he is about to take a hit, he will break his stance. You can then parry the attack.

Patches also has an Acid Spraymist that lowers his physical attack power by 15% for a minute. This makes ranged attacks easier. Getting caught in the orange cloud is a big hazard, as it greatly obstructs your vision.

The most important part of battling Patches is avoiding getting caught in the orange cloud. This will reduce your physical attack power and will leave you vulnerable.

His questline

Previously appearing in Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne, Patches has returned to Elden Ring. He offers a fairly simple challenge, but the rewards aren’t too shabby.

Patches has appeared in almost every FromSoftware game since 2009. He’s appeared in the Demon’s Souls series, Bloodborne, and now in Elden Ring. He’s become an unofficial mascot for FromSoftware. The company has extended his questline and added new items to his inventory.

Patches is an optional boss. He can be killed during the first fight, or you can spare him to get access to weapons and consumables. Either way, he will disappear after the area reloads.

The questline offers some interesting rewards, including the iconic ‘Patches’ crouch’ gesture. You can also earn the Calm Down gesture by teleporting to the East Limgrave.

Patches also gives the Spear +7. This is one of the oldest upgrade weapons in the game, and it’s not a bad choice. If you want to get more out of your experience with Patches, you’ll need to hit him with a few of his attacks.

What Occurs While you Kill Patches?

Image 447 Can You Revive Patches
can you revive patches
  • You’ll encounter him contained in the Murkwater Collapse Limgrave. As you enter a cave, there will likely be a treasure chest.
  • Upon opening it, you’ll get Material Garb and Trousers.
  • Then, Patches will accuse you of stealing a person’s private belongings and are available at you to combat instantly.
  • He’ll plead for give up when his well being bar depletes by 40%.
  • In case you select to defeat him, he’ll drop the next issues:
    • Spear +7
    • Leather-based Armor
    • Patches Bell Bearing
    • Leather-based Gloves
    • Leather-based Boots

Must you kill Patches in Elden Ring?

  • Whilst you might get precious gadgets for defeating him, we recommend not killing Patches.
  • In case you settle for his give up he’ll settle for his defeat and change into a service provider.
  • You should buy a number of gadgets from him, together with, , and Furlcalling Finger treatment.
  • After you have killed Patches, you can not revive him utilizing a celestial dew.
  • Killing him will even end in shedding his total questline.
  • Additionally, you may be unable to get the Bull-Goat set for defeating Nice Horn Targoth in a quest with Patches.
  • Though Patches is a chatterbox, he’s extra value to you alive somewhat than lifeless.
  • Thus, when he asks for give up in the course of the combat, forgive him.
  • You’ll get his signature Grovel for mercy emote and two Golden Runes as a reward.

Whereas I don’t consider in second probabilities a lot, he’ll actually tone down his mood to change into a service provider on this location for some time.

How to defeat him

Located inside Murkwater Cave in Elden Ring, Patches is a returning NPC. He is a human character who sells wares in Murkwater Cave. He isn’t very strong, but it isn’t too difficult to beat him.

Patches is a human character with 1500 hitpoints and a shield. He uses his spear and tower shield to fight. His spear thrust attack is simple to block and moderate in damage.

He attacks with his spear in three quick movements. You can roll away from him and avoid his attack. You can also try chipping away at his health by dodging his spear. It is easy to get in between his attack sequences, so if you’re in the right place at the right time, you can easily stop his attacks.

Patches is weak to Bleed and Lightning. He also suffers from Acid Spraymist, which lowers his physical attack power by 15% for a minute.

When Patches reaches half of his health, he will begin to beg you to spare his life. At that point, you can choose to either give him the chance to live, or set him free and continue with his questline.

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