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Can You Switch Servers in Lost Ark 2023? Helpful Guide

How to change servers in Lost Ark

Can you switch servers in Lost Ark It is easy to change servers in Lost Ark. Transferring your character between servers is only possible in the Korean version. If you’re using the Western version, you will have to change your server manually.

Characters can live on different servers

Can You Switch Servers in Lost Ark

Many MMORPGs allow players to move their characters among servers. However, Lost Ark has some limitations. Complexity of the system makes it difficult to transfer characters to other servers.

To play with friends on a different server, you will need to create new characters. For friends who haven’t yet started playing, the same applies. You’ll have to wait until developers allow you access to the server to play with other friends.

Lost Ark is a free MMORPG where players can create multiple characters. A character can have five classes, and 15 subclasses. You can only create as many characters as you want, but that is dependent on the number servers available. Before you can create characters, you will need to choose a server.

Lost Ark has recently exceeded 500,000 Steam users in Japan, Russia and Korea. This week’s concurrent player count peaked at 532 476 players. All players will be able to play the game at noon ET on April 17.

You will need to choose a server before you can play the game. You can see the status of your server at the bottom. After you have chosen a server, other players can join you in raids, auction houses, dungeons. You can also transfer your gold between servers.

If players move to quieter servers, Founder’s packs will be available again

Players love Founder’s packs. They provide early access to the MMO, as well as bonus gameplay. They are not available on all servers for Lost Ark. This could pose a problem to players who want to play on more relaxed servers.

Developers of the game are now trying to resolve the issue. They plan to add more servers and give players more in-game goods if they switch to quieter ones.

Lost Ark is home to more than 530,000 concurrent gamers, which can explain the long queues. The servers of the game are suffering as a result. The developers are working on ways to reduce the queue times.

The developers promise to spread the player base across the new servers. They will offer bonuses to players and provide more in-game goods for players who switch servers. These items include a bonus set with Royal Crystals that can be used to purchase skins, mounts and stronghold decorations as well as premium items.

You can expect more goodies if your Founder’s Pack is upgraded. The items are server-locked and won’t be accessible on the server they were purchased on.

You will need to create a new character if you are going to change servers. You can’t create characters on the new servers if you are not on a server with high populations.

How to change servers in misplaced Ark

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It is possible to Misplaced Ark: You cannot change your server. You’re bound when you choose a server. In the meantime, we can still hope for this function to be launched someday. Since you’ll be able to’t change a server, what else are you able to do about it? You have two options in such a situation. You can debate with your friends on which server each person uses, before choosing your server.

You can also create your own character on the server that your friends use. There is a downside to this, however. You will have to start the sport from scratch. A brand new server will imply new progress and therefore your previous character and progress don’t get carried over.

Are you in a position to change servers sooner or later?

Whereas we are able to’t give a particular reply for it, the reply must be sure. Again, there is no official answer that can be used as a substitute for hypothesis. But, there is a reason why this sport might get this function sooner than expected. Amazon sport studios printed this sport. They’re the identical publishers of New World and that sport too didn’t have a change server function at launch however bought it someday later with an replace.

Server transfer is only available in the Korean version

Despite having a Korean version, Lost ArkCharacters between North America, Korea are not currently transferable. Amazon Game Studios stated that it would not be possible to transfer characters due to the complexity and limitations of the system. But there are solutions.

Transferring a character to another server is currently impossible. Players from Europe and North America cannot use this option. Since the game’s launch, many players have requested a transfer option. Amazon replied that the feature was still being developed.

Amazon Game Studios also stated that it was impossible to add servers to the current game server network. Players are still facing long queues and matchmaking issues. Amazon is currently working to solve the problem with Smilegate RPG. It is unclear if this will solve the problem.

Amazon Game Studios announced that they are currently improving the game’s in-game moderation tools. This will help reduce the number of queues. It hasn’t yet addressed the problem of missing Crystalline Auras.

Amazon Game Studios also announced that they are currently working on a European server region. This new region will reduce the long queues that affect European players.

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