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Troubleshoot Planetside 2 Uninstall in Runtime Error

Can’t Uninstall Planetside 2? Here’s What You Need to Know


Yo, hommies, what’s up? You’re probably here because you’re having trouble uninstalling Planetside 2, right? Well, don’t fret, cheaters, your boy is here to help you out! As a fellow gamer myself, I know how frustrating it can be when you’re trying to get rid of a game but can’t seem to uninstall it. So, in this blog post, I’m gonna break down everything you need to know about getting rid of Planetside 2 from your PC. Let’s roll!

Why can’t you uninstall Planetside 2?

First things first, let’s address the elephant in the room – why the heck can’t you uninstall Planetside 2 in the first place? Well, there could be a few different reasons for this. One common issue is a runtime error that occurs when you try to uninstall the game. This can happen due to a number of factors, such as corrupted files or registry errors. Another issue you might run into is that Planetside 2 simply won’t launch or run properly, which can make it difficult to uninstall. Whatever the reason may be, the important thing is that you’re not alone in this struggle.

How to Uninstall Planetside 2:

So, now that we’ve covered why you might be having trouble uninstalling Planetside 2, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how to actually remove it from your PC. Here are some steps you can follow:

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1. Go to the Control Panel on your PC.
2. Click on Programs and Features.
3. Find Planetside 2 in the list of installed programs.
4. Click on it, and then click Uninstall.
5. Follow the prompts to complete the uninstallation process.

If you’re one of the unlucky ones who’s getting hit with that pesky runtime error when you try to uninstall Planetside 2, don’t panic. Here’s a workaround you can try:

1. Go to the folder where Planetside 2 is installed.
2. Find the uninstall.exe file.
3. Right-click on it, and select Run as Administrator.
4. Follow the prompts to complete the uninstallation process.


And there you have it, folks – a quick and easy guide on how to uninstall Planetside 2. Hopefully, these tips have helped you out and you’re now free to move on to other games. And if you’re still having trouble with Planetside 2 or any other game, remember that there are resources out there to help you out. Check out online forums and communities, or reach out to the game’s support team for assistance. Happy gaming, hommies!

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