Castle Crashers Tier List 2022 September – Best Characters 

Castle Crashers Tier List 2022 September – Best Characters 

Castle Crashers Tier List 2022

If you’ve been waiting for a while to buy Castle Crashers, you’ll be glad to know that the game’s tier list has been released. Now you can choose your character from the wide variety of tier S to D. This article will tell you more about the Characters, Weapons, and Skills available in the game. This article also covers the cross-platform support. Read on to get the latest information about this popular mobile game!


If you’re looking for an idea of which character to play in Castle Crashers, you should check out the character tier list. These lists are based on average tier lists of players on Discord. Each character is ranked from S to D, with God Tier characters being the best in every category. The Decent Tier characters could use an upgrade but are still good enough for most purposes.

This list ranks characters in the Arena Mode of Castle Crashers. It is organized by tiers. Each tier has its own advantages and disadvantages, so choose your character wisely. Choose characters that you enjoy playing and that fit the game mode you’re playing. Castle Crashers is available on PC and consoles. If you want to get the best possible character, check out the tier list 2022!


The Weapons for Castle Crashers Tier List is a community-made database that tracks the best weapons in the game. Each list is a cumulative average of seven weapon rankings, and the top weapons are shown at the top. The bottom ranking represents the least effective weapons. To make your own tier list, you must first login to the site and publish it. You can also view the most up-to-date version of the list at the community-tier-lists discord channel.

Players are encouraged to collect the dozens of weapons in Castle Crashers to maximize their potential. There are more than 100 weapons available to players, including several unique and standard weapons. This list will help you choose the best weapons for your character. Once you’ve accumulated enough weapons, you can start leveling up. The highest tier will require you to use the most powerful ones. However, you can always switch back to older weapons as they no longer serve any purpose.


The Skills for Castle Crashers Tier List is a resource that gamers can use to determine which characters have the best skills. It is organized by tier, with the highest tier characters being the strongest. While lower-tier characters aren’t as powerful, they still have great skills. The next level of characters, though, are good for multiplayer and crowd control. There are some great skills in Tier C characters, too.

The skill tier lists are based on the same characteristics as the game’s character levels, which means characters on the same tier have an equal chance of beating other characters in the same level. The character on the left is more likely to win, while the character on the right is unlikely to be the winner. Characters lacking feats are placed far right on the tier list, but that doesn’t mean they’re weaker than others.

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Cross-Platform support

While Castle Crashers isn’t a true cross-platform game, it does offer up to four player cooperative gameplay. This game can be played locally or online. While it doesn’t support cross-platform play, it is backward compatible and can be played on Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360. However, this game is not yet available on Mac or Nintendo Switch. The game requires people and research to make it work for cross-platform play.

The game is currently not cross-platform between Xbox One and PC, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future. It was originally released on the Xbox 360, which was widely praised for its crisp art style and fun gameplay. It later released on PlayStation 3 and PC. In 2015, the developers announced the release of a remastered version of the game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Regardless of the platform, you can expect the game to have cross-platform functionality with future versions.

Castle Crashers Tier List – Best Characters >>

Castle Crashers has 31 different playable characters. Each character comes with a unique starting weapon and play skill set, which you can use as you battle against different enemies.

Each character in Castle Crashers Character Tier list falls within one of five possible ranks: A, B and C. Characters in S Tier have the best skills and perform well in both the main campaign, as well as mini-games.

Tier D characters, on the other hand, are the most ineffective in Castle Crashers. They aren’t very useful so it was a waste to level them up.

S Tier – Castle Crashers Tier List >>

Castle Crashers’ S-tier characters have the most powerful weapons and skills. They are the most powerful of all characters and are extremely good at killing all enemies.

A Tier – Castle Crashers Tier List >>

The A Tier, which is the second tier of the castle crashers character list, has all the characters with good weapons and good magic skills.

B Tier – Castle Crashers Tier List >>

This tier B character is the most effective in managing in-game crowds. These characters can be used when there is too many enemies to manage at once.

C Tier – Castle Crashers Tier List >>

The Tier C characters have unique magic abilities, but lack the best weapons.

D Tier – Castle Crashers Tier List >>

Tier D characters, who lack both skills and weapons, are the most dangerous and weakest in Castle Crashers.

Castle Crashers Weapons Tier List – Best Weapons >>

Here’s the complete list of Castle Crashers Game’s best weapons

  • Man Catcher
  • Butcher’s Knife
  • Fishing Spear
  • NG Golden Sword
  • Buffalo Mace
  • Ribeye
  • Club
  • Chainsaw
  • Golden Skull Mace
  • Clunky Mace

Attributes of Castle Crashers Tier List 2022 >>

Once you have a good idea of the best characters and the best weapons, it is time to plan how you can improve them. Attribute strengthening is a way to do this. Attributes are essentially your in-game character’s main stats.

Each attribute has a major effect on a specific aspect of a character’s combat ability. So, what you invest in will have repercussions on your gameplay style. You must level up each character individually to be able to apply skill points for an Attribute.

Your strategy should include which characters you use and which Attributes they can strengthen. Our Castle Crashers Tier List includes a comprehensive guide on character attributes so make sure to check it out.

Strength >>

Your character’s strength stat determines the amount of damage you can inflict in one attack. Castle Crashers characters get experience from hits, but not damage. This attribute is not recommended.

Magic >>

Your in-game Magic stat improves your magic damage, lowers the cost of magic attack, and increases the recharge rate for the magic bar. This Attribute is similar to Strength. However, it is not recommended you invest too much in it.

Defense >>

Your in-game Defense Stat increases your HP and your resistance against different types of attack. It also speeds up the flinch effect. This Attribute has no downside, so it is worth investing most of your skill points in defense.

Castle Crashers Gameplay >>

Castle Crashers is side-scrolling hack-and-slash with some RPG features. After selecting a character, the player can choose a stage to start on the in-game map. After completing a stage the player has two options: go back to it, or move on to another stage.

The map also includes shops where the player can use coins that have been obtained from bosses or defeated opponents to purchase items and weapons. The player character can unlock arena stages by performing tasks that unlock new characters such as villagers.

Castle Crashers lets up to four players play simultaneously online. Each stage is unlocked by the next player, but some levels are shared between all players.

However, each player’s character will independently gain experience points and receive weapons, money, and animal ornaments as the rest of the party progress.

In each stage, the player can use melee or combo attacks. Juggling allows a player to jump on an opponent and perform various combinations such as light juggling. You can do this by pressing XXYY on your Xbox controller, or square square, triangle and triangle on your PlayStation.

To defeat opponents, each character is equipped with a unique magic ability and a life meter. Characters that are depleted due to enemy attacks will be forced into battle. This completes the stage for single-player mode. Other players can revive a downed player in cooperative multiplayer.

Conclusion >>

These are the Castle Crashers Tier List characters. Each character has their own advantages and drawbacks. You should choose Castle Crashers characters suitable for the game mode you are currently playing.

It is important to use characters you enjoy playing, not just tier S characters. We hope that you enjoy our website. Castle CrashersTeir List, and please leave feedback.

Co-op mode

The Castle Crashers Remastered character Tier List is a great way to rank the characters in the game. This list is divided into four categories, with characters ranked from best to worst. While the C Tier character has some incredible abilities, they are lacking great weaponry. Likewise, the D Tier character lacks the skills and weapons that the B and C Tier characters do. However, there are some advantages to playing as these characters.

In Castle Crashers, players can work together in cooperative mode to complete levels. The level of cooperation will depend on the player who is further along in the game. In some levels, all players must unlock the stage to proceed. Each player character gains experience points and animal orbs separately. In addition to melee and combo attacks, players can perform tricks like juggling or light juggling. Pressing XXYY on the Xbox controller will perform this move.

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