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Lost Ark Chamkuri Mount Colors Guide – Which Color Should You Pick?

Lost Ark Chamkuri Mount Colors Guide

In-game, players can claim the Lost Ark Chamkuri mounteds. These mounts are not a reward and players cannot preview the colors before they start playing. This guide will help you navigate the process of claiming mounts and obtaining them.


Cerberus is one mount in Arkasia. Each mount is unique and can be used in different ways. These mounts can only be used within the game. They cannot be sold. This guide will help make the most out of your mount collection.

The Cerberus mount is the fastest in the game. The Cerberus is the fastest mount in dodge distance, taking only 12 seconds. This makes it a leading contender in the Lost Ark mounted competition. This mount is also easy to obtain because it has a small dodge.

One of the most beloved mounts in Lost Ark is Cerberus. The legendary three-headed dog, which is based on Ancient Greek legends and myths, has become a favorite mount for players. To obtain the legendary mount Cerberus, you will need to first gather the Ignea Tokens. Although it is possible to get all 13 tokens in a short time, it is not impossible. Some players claim they take months to gather all thirteen tokens.

Dawn Chamkuri


The Dawn Chamkuri, a stunning mount in Lost Ark, is one of the most beautiful in the game. Its unique feathers, color patterns, and appearance enhance it. This mount can be obtained from Wizard Digne who you will find in the Rohendel.

Dawn Chamkuri, a fast mount, runs at the speed of other mounts. The mount’s sprint ability lasts three seconds and has a nine-second cooldown. Its sprint ability makes it ideal for covering large distances.

This mount can be unlocked by completing the quest A Dying Horse. You will need to reach item level 460 to complete this quest. Rohendel is where the quest starts, and it will require you to complete it before it unlocks. The questline can be started once you have reached item level 460.

You will be able to unlock the mount after the Prologue. Once you have done this, you will be able mount and ride the mount. It’s an exciting, fun and thrilling mount to ride. You can get it free of charge. These mounts can be shared among servers and rosters, unlike many others.

Peach Chamkuri

There are many colors available for Chamkuri mounts. These colors are part the 20th Day Milestone Login quest rewards. They come in light yellow, with blue flowers, light green and red.

The Berry Chamkuri has the first color, and it is a bold red-colored dog with a vibrant green tail. The Peach Chamkuri has a pink body with a darker pink tail. Kiwi is the last color. It comes in a lime green body, with a gradient between yellow, orange and red.

To use a Chamkuri Mount you must first be at least Item Level 460. You must complete the Rohendel questline to obtain this mount. Once you have completed the questline, the Wizard, Digne will give you the mount. It can be used to travel everywhere!

All Lost Ark Chamkuri Mount Colors – Which One Should you Pick?

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  • Mango Chamkuri – The Mango Chamkuri is light-yellow in color. This mount has blue flowers.
  • Kiwi Chamkuri – The Kiwi Chamkuri in Lost Ark is colored in a light shade of green. This mount has blue flowers.
  • Berry Chamkuri – The Berry Chamkuri is red in color.
  • Peach Chamkuri – This Chamkuri mount is peach-ish/light red in color.
  • Soda Chamkuri – This Chamkuri mount is light blue in color.

Which Chamkuri Mount Colour should you choose?

Each Chamkuri’s different mount colors are very attractive and charming. You can choose any mount color you like. One thing is certain no matter what color you choose. These mounts are sure to be a hit.

These mounts can be customized with feather colors, designs, and other options. It makes for an exciting gaming experience in Lost Ark. We recommend that the mount you prefer is chosen.

It’s there. This information is for the Tropical Chamkuri Mount Colors of Lost Ark. As you can see the 20th Day Milestone Login allows you to access some really cool mounts. These beautiful mounts are only available if you play as soon and often as possible.


You can choose from two types of hoverboards in the Lost Ark game: the Neugier Hoverboard or the Apostel Hoverboard. Each hoverboard has its own requirements. The Neugier Hoverboard comes with minimal effort. However, the Apostel Hoverboard takes a lot of practice and requires you to make progress.

You can buy many different mounts in Lost Ark. Most players start with a horse. There are many other ways to obtain free mounts. These mounts can also be found at many locations. This guide will show you how you can get the Apostel Hoverboard Mount, as well as how to get a Neugier Hoverboard.

The forests of Tortoyk are home to the yellow ladybug. Although it is uncommon, you can summon it when it’s small. This mount can also be found in the menu. It comes fully armored with blue and black wings. It is possible to obtain this mount by completing some storyline quests. After you have received the mount, you will need to return to the area in order to get the reward.

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