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Chapel Of Anticipation Elden Ring Location Helpful Guide 2023

Elden Ring Chapel of Anticipation Location Guide

Chapel Of Anticipation Elden Ring, When you first start Elden Ring, you will find yourself in a mysterious location, with no idea where you are. Fortunately, the game prompts you to visit the Chapel Of Anticipation, where you will find a Boss. You must defeat him and then return to the Chapel to complete the game.

Path to the Chapel of Anticipation

The Path to the Elden Ring Chapel of Antitraction is a single-player quest that can be completed with the help of the Imbued Sword Key. This item is located in a chest on top of the Four Belfries and can be used to open a portal near a scripted message. When you reach this location, you will be greeted by the Grafted Scion, which will appear as a new enemy. If you survive the encounter, you’ll receive an Ornamental Straight Sword and a Golden Beast Crest Shield.

The Path to the Elden Ring Chapel of Antipetation is a difficult, open-world quest, but it’s worth it once you get there. There are numerous hidden items and quests around the map, so you’ll want to take your time and explore the area. Don’t rush through the game, or try to get all the Great Runes before the end of the storyline.

You’ll find several mini-dungeons along the way. You’ll also need to collect Sacred Tears, which will give you the ability to summon a Spirit from the ashes. These items will increase the potency of your Cerulean and Crimson Tear Flasks.

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Key item

Chapel Of Anticipation Elden Ring

The Chapel of Anticipation is one of the locations in Elden Ring that players should visit at least once. The good news is that you can return to this area with ease if you know where to look. Luckily, the game has a very simple way of returning there – you just need to return to the Four Belfries in Liurnia of the Lakes, which has portals you can open with Stonesword Keys. These portals will lead you to the Chapel of Anticipation and the Site of Grace. When you reach these areas, you can take your second shot at the boss.

To get to the Chapel of Anticipation, you should head southwest from Stormveil Castle. You can also go to the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace to get a better view of the area. Once you arrive at the Chapel, you will need a Waygate to enter.

Treasure chest

The Chapel of Anticipation is an important location to visit in Elden Ring. It’s located southwest of Stormveil Castle. If you can access the lake-facing cliffs site of grace, the view of this location will be more impressive. Once you enter the chapel, you’ll be attacked by a grotesque Scion.

You can also find the Stormhawk Deenh key item inside the chapel. This is needed for Seluvis’s Potion quest. It can be obtained by speaking to Nepheli Loux, a druid from Roundtable Hold. Once you find this key item, you can use it to summon the Stormhawk Deenh spirit summon.

The Precipice of Anticipation Waygate teleports you to the Chapel of Anticipation. It’s a useful tool for traveling from one location to another in Elden Ring. It can be used to get to remote loot areas.

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Location of the Chapel Of Anticipation in Elden Ring

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The Chapel Of Anticipation’s Location is on the outskirts of Stormveil. It’s on an Island which is inaccessible by foot. So, how do you get there? Nicely, it’s fairly easy. On the West of Liurnia o the Lakes, there’s a location known as the 4 Belfries. There are a number of Waypoints thereof, one among them results in the Location of the Chapel Of Anticipation. 4 Belfries is strictly Northwest of Raya Lucaria Academy, on the Cliffside. Entry the Waypoint and you’ll be teleported to the Chapel.

When you get there, you’ll have the possibility to precise your revenge on the Grafted Scion that killed you to start with. If you have already got defeated it then nothing will occur. On defeating the Grafted Scion, you’ll get the Decorative Straight Sword and Golden Beast Crest Defend as drops. Upon additional exploration of the realm, you’ll acquire the Stormhawk King on the southern wing of the Chapel. You too can get the Stormhawk Deenh Spirit Ash in Chest on the balcony above the primary corridor of the constructing.


The Waygate at Elden Ring‘s Chapel of Anticipation leads to a questline objective, a dead maiden named Varre. It is possible to return to the chapel for a second battle against the boss, The Grafted Scion. It also has an item known as Nepheli Loux, which is very useful for the Varre questline.

The game has a vast open world, with large open areas and underground caverns that once held cities. You will travel through mountains and marshes in order to reach certain areas. It can be challenging to travel alone, but you can bring a Torrent with you to help you. However, it can’t access every part of the world.

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You can get the Elden Ring imbued sword key from the chest on top of the Four Belfries, which will open three different waygates. Each waygate has vague descriptions, so it’s a good idea to check where each one leads before using it.

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