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Cheat Engine: Discover Write Address with Ease

Yo, what’s good hommies! It’s your boy, the cheaterboss, back again with another blog post for all my fellow cheaters out there. Today, we’re gonna be talking about how to cheat engine find out what writes to this address.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, Cheaterboss, what the hell are you talking about? Well, my dear friends, let me break it down for you. Finding out what writes to a particular memory address can help you with a bunch of different cheats for your favorite games. Whether you want to get unlimited ammo, unlimited health, or just straight up beat the game without any effort, knowing how to find what writes to a memory address is key.

Now, let’s get into it. The first thing you need to do is download Cheat Engine. If you don’t have it already, you’re not really a cheater, are you? Once you’ve got Cheat Engine up and running, the next step is to open up the game you want to cheat.

Once you’ve done that, open Cheat Engine and click on the Open Process button. Select the game you want to cheat from the list and click Open. Then, in the Cheat Engine window, click the Scan button and select Exact Value.

Now, this is where things get interesting. In the Value box, you’re going to put in the memory address you want to know what writes to. This could be anything from your health bar to your score. Once you’ve put in the memory address, click the First Scan button.

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Now, the magic happens. After the scan is complete, Cheat Engine will show you all the addresses that contain the value you searched for. But we’re not done yet. Next, you need to start the game and do something that affects the value you searched for. If you’re searching for your health bar, take some damage. If you’re searching for your score, score some points.

After you’ve done that, go back to Cheat Engine and enter the new value in the Value box. This time, instead of clicking First Scan, click Next Scan. This will show you only the addresses that were changed after your last action.

Once you’ve found the address you want to know what writes to, right-click on it and select Find out what writes to this address. Cheat Engine will now show you the assembly code that writes to that address.

And that’s it, hommies! You now know how to cheat engine find out what writes to this address. Use this knowledge for good and never use it to hurt other players. Remember, cheating is only fun if everyone is doing it!

Now, I hope this tutorial helped you, and if you have any questions, drop a comment below. And if you want more tutorials like this, hit that subscribe button and join the Cheaterboss squad. Peace out!