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Civ 5 Tier List 2022 – Best Civ 5 Leaders! September 2022

Civ 5 Tier List 2022

During the year 2022, there will be many new places for your empire to explore and conquer in Civ 5. In addition to the ancient cities, there are also many new resources you can get from these destinations. The list includes the Amazon, which is very dangerous, but also contains resources like gold and precious minerals that will help you build a prosperous empire. In addition, bonuses for museums in your capital city are doubled. France has a lot of magic and mystique, so it’s a great choice for a civilization.


There are many perks to playing as a tier five civilization. The first is that you can play as one of your favorite civs. While the second perks are not as exciting, they’re well worth the extra money. The third perks are very useful if you want to dominate the game against high-tier players. These perks will help you gain experience points. Furthermore, you can gain free Great Scientists by learning a specific tech.

Sweden, for example, has a nice bonus for culture accumulation. The nation also gets a 50% movement bonus when declaring surprise war. In addition, it has two special units. The Carolean unit gets stronger as it is promoted, while the Hakkapeliitta unit gets better with each promotion. The Inca can benefit from hills as they don’t have to pay any terrain cost when moving into them.


The leaders in the second tier of the Civ 5 game have different strengths and weaknesses. The deity tier civs have strengths in almost every situation and type of victory. For example, Babylon is strong in science, and it gains a free Great Scientist when it learns Writing technology. Nebuchadnezzer has a Bowman and unique defensive units. But there are other deity tier civs that can be just as successful. Many players compare their performance on higher and lower difficulties to those who play these civs on the lowest possible difficulty.

A list of the highest-tier civilizations is not possible to make without knowing the current status of the game. Fortunately, there are websites that offer templates and will help you create your own list. There are several Civilization tier lists online and on our site. Check out the latest one to find out which leaders are the best. Then, vote and comment on it! You can also view a community-made list of Civ 5 leaders!


The Iroquois are a small, low-tier nation that can’t move through enemy territory. In friendly territory, they can move through jungle and forest tiles. If they’re in unclaimed territory, however, they’ll have trouble. Forests are also useful for building Trade Routes between cities, but they’re not unique. In addition, players will find plains within the forests. Their Longhouse building provides +2 Production, and they can establish Trade Routes between cities.

The Scandinavians come from a land icy part of Europe, so their cities are oriented toward defense and commerce. Their units start out weak, but they get stronger as time goes on. The Scandinavians are also known for exploiting their opponents’ position and offensive capabilities. The Netherlands, on the other hand, are a trade-focused, seafaring civilization. They also have unique units that are good at dealing with enemy infantry.

image 156 civ 5 tier list

Quick starts

If you are just starting out, you may want to look at some of the quick starts available in Civ 5. These guides will guide you through the various phases of the game and help you get a head start. Civ 5 is a strategy video game where you choose a region of the world and build an empire. Each civilization has its own personality, rules, and character, which you use to achieve world dominance and cultural dominance.

While the A-Tier leaders are notorious for expanding and exploring rapidly, the quick starts they receive can help them win the game. If you want to play a cultural civilization, the best choice would be Brazil, which can double its tourism during its golden age and enjoy jungle terrain. However, some players may find the A-Tier leaders hard to use and might find them boring, as they offer unremarkable perks.

Civ 5 Tier List 2022 – Best Leaders ⇩

Civ 5 has over 40 different civilizations. It is a replayable 4X strategy experience. Each leader and civilization supports at least one of the four possible paths to victory: dominance, science diplomacy and culture.

Although most leaders are capable of adhering to all these conditions, not all leaders are created equal. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of levels to help you decide which one to choose for your next game.

At this point Firaxis is primarily focused on Civilization 6, it’s pretty safe to consider it the final, definitive ranking of all leaders in Civ 5. This list includes both the Civ 5 standard edition and its two expansions. Kings and Brave New World.

The Civ tier list uses the accepted language to group each civilization into categories based on its difficulty.

That’s exactly what we did below. The top civilizations are those in the gods category. They are followed by immortals. The Faindx Civ 5 Tier List 2022 is now available.

S Tier – Civ 5 Tier List ⇩

These are the top civilizations you can currently play in game format.

They have so many ways to win that you don’t have to worry about adjusting your strategy in the middle of the game. Because your strategy is simple, you risk losing sight of your opponents.

Beginning Civ players may be able to win a few matches under their control due to their dominance.

A Tier – Civ 5 Tier List ⇩

These distinct civilizations include some all-rounders.

They aren’t as good as the S-tier players, but they can win quickly because they excel in many areas of the game.

B Tier – Civ 5 Tier List ⇩

These citizens are not as good as the S and A level. This gap begins to shrink when a skilled player is involved.

If set up correctly, these civilizations are capable of crushing opposition at any level.

C Tier – Civ 5 Tier List ⇩

These civilizations are limited in their ability to adapt to different playing styles. They usually win by following a path that is tailored to their civilization.

D Tier – Civ 5 Tier List ⇩

Poorly adapted societies struggle to conquer all paths of conquest.

These civilizations are able to be productive in low-level situations, but they also have difficulties under normal circumstances.

F Tier – Civ 5 Tier List ⇩

Worst civilizations. In a game with more than 2 civilizations, it’s usually the ones that come first.

Civilizations of Deity Tier Civilizations⇩

All citizens at the Deity level have strengths that make them competitive in any type of victory, regardless their starting position.

Civ 5 Tier List

Babylon, for example, is strong in science because she can learn the Right Tech and get a great scientist free of charge. In addition, the unique defensive building of Nebuchadnezzar’s archers and The Walls of Babylon make it a good choice for a victory for supremacy.

  • Poland (Casimir I)
  • Arabia (Harun al-Rashid)
  • Persia (Darius I)
  • Mayans (Pacal)
  • Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar II)
  • Korea (Sejong).

When learning the game, it is important to consider other civilizations at this level. Many people have said that choosing one of these leaders is like playing at a lower difficulty level.

Immortal Tier Civilizations ⇩

  • Songhai (Askia)
  • America (Washington)
  • Greece (Alexander)
  • The Zulu (Shaka).
  • The Huns of Atilla
  • The Inca (Pachacuti).
  • England (Elizabeth).

The Immortals, like god-level civilizations in their strength and advantage, are a little more focused. Their starts aren’t as strong, but they are able to salvage some bad early decisions, a pardon that still makes them good learning leaders.

Emperor Tier Civilizations ⇩

  • Sweden (Gustavus Adolphus)
  • China (Wu Zetian)
  • Germany (Bismarck).
  • Mongolia (Genghis Khan).

We’re getting to the middle of the pack at this point. Many citizens in later levels are fairly neutral in their respective bonuses, making them good choices if you’re looking for a fair fight against AI. Mongolia’s strong cavalry units support the victory for supremacy. As they gain more influence, and build great character through alliances, diplomatic victories can be a great option for Swedes. These aren’t game-breaking abilities though, so don’t be arrogant!

King Tier Civilizations ⇩

  • Denmark (Harald Bluetooth).
  • Egypt (Ramesses II).
  • Spain (Isabella)
  • The Aztecs (Montezuma)
  • The Shoshone (Pocatello).
  • Russia (Catherine).
  • Polynesia (Kamehameha)
  • Siam (Ramkhamhaeng).
  • Brazil (Pedro II)

The King Tier is where most of the Civ V leaders are located. Their perks are smaller than in previous levels, which means you’ll be on an even higher playing field with your opponents. Spain is a good option if you’re looking for a win in science and Russia for dominance.

Shoshone’s penchant for rapid expansion and exploration makes them good at quick starts, which you can take advantage of for more than one type of victory, depending on the terrain.

Brazil is the best place to be if you are looking to play a culture game. You can double your tours during golden moments, but remember that Brazilians prefer jungle terrain.

Prince Tier Civilizations⇩

  • The Celts of Boudicca
  • The Netherlands (William).
  • Japan (Oda Nobunaga)
  • Ethiopia (Haile Selassie)

The middle ranks of the hierarchy are the prince-level leaders. Their narrow focus makes them stand out. This can make it feel like you are being forced into certain play styles. These benefits are quite tangible.

Because of their unique units and ability to fight with all force, even when damaged, the Japanese are a civilization of absolute supremacy. Ethiopia, on other hand, prefers playing defensively and keeping the number of cities low as they receive combat bonuses against civilians who have more cities.

Civilizations of the Warlord Tiers⇩

  • Austria (Maria Theresa
  • The Ottomans, (Suleiman).
  • Rome (Septemberus Caesar)
  • Assyria (Ashurbanipal).
  • Morocco (Ahmad al-Mansur)

At this point, we’re all the way down, as warlord-level civilians are hard to play thanks to some very small bonuses. For example, Assyria gets a free technique when you conquer a city, but if you’re already conquering other cities, this bonus is mostly meaningless.

Rome’s production discounts for buildings already in its capital are good in theory, but the effect is minimal once the game’s end is reached.

Chieftain Tier Civilizations ⇩

  • Byzantium, Theodora
  • Venice (Enrico Dandolo)
  • Hiawatha Iroquois
  • India (Gandhi)

It’s not under the barrel, but it’s close! These civilizations are dependent on a clear plan. There is no room to error if they win. Venice is unique in the fact that it does not train colonists and cannot capture the cities it conquers.

However, Enrico can still go for a domination victory, but you’ll have to doom opposing cities. A more interesting strategy is to buy city-states directly using the Merchant of Venice’s legendary personality.

  • Indonesia (Gajah Mada)
  • Portugal (Maria II)
  • Carthage, (Dido).
  • France (Napoleon).

They are not worth anything when it comes down to following specific victory routes. This does not mean they should not breed. However, Civ5 veterans may find it challenging to take them for a spin.

We recommend playing a navigation game, or using Carthage’s ability to quickly cross mountains to conquer your neighbours, if you are interested in one of these. France prefers to be culturally friendly, while Portugal favors more diplomacy.

We hope you enjoy it! Civ 5Tier List. Please leave feedback in the comments section. Thank you for reading the complete Civ 5 Tier List post.

Leader combos

The new Civ 5 tier list looks to have a similar meta to the previous one, and this could be good news for those looking for some extra help. In the general sense, the tier list will be more similar to the previous one, but there are some important differences between the two. This article will discuss the differences, as well as some tips to help you beat your opponents. In addition, we’ll discuss which civilizations are more versatile and what their strengths are.

While the D-tier isn’t as awesome as the first two tiers, it still has its advantages. It has good adjacency bonuses for any district, double production for theatre squares, and halved production time for holy sites. There’s also a recurrence bonus for military engineers. Those are some of the most useful bonuses a leader can get in Civ 5 Tier List 2022, so it’s worth checking it out.

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