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How to Build a Clash Royale Deck

If you’re looking for a unique Clash Royale deck, look no further! This article will give you a comprehensive look at the various heroes we have, including Golems, Electro Giants, Lava Hounds, and Cycle. You will be able create the perfect Clash Royale Deck once you know more about each. Let’s start with some of the most common strategies.


Clash Royale decks with Golems feature a different appearance than regular Golems. This card cannot be used with all decks. This deck offers clear strategies to win. You can support Bomber with Night Witch & Bomber but you should also pay attention to your opponent’s spell cards. Fireballs could undermine your strategy.

You should make sure that the Golem is your primary tank when you build a Golem deck in Clash Royale. This will provide protection against tower damage, as well as death from bats and minions. You can also attack your opponent with other cards such as lightening or a tornado. These units can do enough damage that they will destroy most of your opponent’s units. Protect your Golem so you don’t get hit.

Electro Giant

The 100th Electro Giant card in Magic the Gathering comes as a Magic the Gathering card. The legendary monster’s back is equipped with two lightning spheres. He can strike and defend in all directions. This is a popular Hog cycling choice. It doesn’t have to be something you like. It is possible to learn how to defeat it. Avoid bringing troops too close to the enemy, or they may be exposed to its zaprods.

A mini-pekka is the best deck to beat the Electro Giant. Although the mini-pekka can hit hard, it is slow and ineffective against the giant. Your opponent will not defeat the giant if it has Zappies.

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Lava Hound

You must have 7 cards from any Clash Royale pack in order to participate in the Super Lava Hound Challenge. Super Lava Hound is not available until you’ve completed the Super Card Event. This card is limited and will be gone soon. This means that you need to plan your deck well in advance of the event. These are some tips that will help you win the Super Lava Hound Challenge.

Goblin Cage: This card increases strength and defense for Lava Hound. Lava Hound may also be used with the Skeleton dragon and Flying Machine cards to attack enemies. Your enemies can be attacked with the Miner. Lava Hounds can make large investments in the Goblin Cage.


Clash Royale’s Cycle works best in a stack of heavy tanks or golems. While this is a great idea, it’s important that you pay attention to the buildup of your opponent. A 2.6 Hog deck could be overpowered by heavy beatdown decks if they aren’t interrupted. You should concentrate your efforts on defense. These are the top Clash Royale game.

The Cycle in Clash Royale deck offers cheap attacks combined with high-damage strategies. Because it uses low-cost attacks, it can cycle indefinitely. This deck is capable of taking down enemies and towers of your opponent, regardless of the low cost average of using elixirs. A deck with good health should include an Ice Golem, or another troop of high-health.


This guide will teach you how to play Siege in Clash Royale. Passive play is the best way to maximize your elixir benefit. There are many ways to play Siege depending on what game you’re playing. A Siege deck can be described as the Beatdown Siege deck. The Cycle Siege cards play more like a circle. You can maximize your Siege deck by using strategies. Each deck is unique.

Siege’s first strategy for avoiding double Elixir, is to avoid it. Double Elixir is not impossible to win with a cycle Siege Deck. It all depends on the deck of your opponent. While cycle siege decks can stack more troops and are quicker, aggressive Rockets will win you the Double Elixir. This strategy will help you ensure you don’t waste elixir or that your rocket pumps have enough fuel to power the troops.

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