Clash Royale Princess : Unlock! Best Strategies & Decks

Clash Royale Princess : Unlock! Best Strategies & Decks

How to Get the Most Out of the Clash Royale Princess in World of Warcraft

The Clash Royale Princess is a versatile character in the game. She deals moderate damage per shot, but she can rack up massive chip damage if left to shoot alone. She also stays on the arena for extended periods of time, which gives her an excellent chance to deal massive damage. The Princess can be replaced with another Princess if needed. If you’re wondering how to get the most out of this character, read on to learn more!

Counters to Clash Royale Princess

There are many counters to Clash Royale Princess in the game. The best one is a rocket, which costs three elixirs and can burry the Princess 6 feet under the map. However, you should remember that this counter isn’t very effective against the Princess herself, and you’ll want to use it sparingly if you don’t want to end up with a completely destroyed map. You can also use troops that aren’t affected by the Princess to get her to run away, like a Knight, Valkyrie, and Mega Minion.

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One of the best counters to Clash Royale Princess is the log, which only costs 1 Elixir but saves you a single elixir when used in tandem with a tower. The log also damages the tower and pushes troops backwards, which makes it a great counter to the Princess. You should also avoid using the princess if you can, as it can frustrate your opponent, so it’s best to stick to the other troops.


The Princess has an impressive range that outranges other towers, but that doesn’t mean she’s invulnerable. Hard hitters can still rush to her tower and destroy it quickly. Another way to outrange your opponent’s princess is to hide behind the King’s Tower. However, this only works if your opponent doesn’t have a tower down yet. If you want to stay safe, you’ll need to protect the Princess as much as possible, so use her skills wisely.

The Princess card is one of the most versatile and powerful troops in the game, and she has one of the longest ranges of any troop. She can attack any tower without entering the range of action, and can also deal damage to towers from a bridge. Despite her great range, she has a low life span, so if you want to use her to defend, be aware of the downsides. The small life she has can be easily taken out by other troops, so you should make sure you protect it.

Image 79 Clash Royale Princess
clash royale princess


The Health of Clash Royale Princess is low. However, she can be countered with cards that deal low health, such as Miner, which forces your opponent to play an expensive card to get an Elixir trade. The Log, Barbarian Barrel, and Arrows can also counter the Princess. The Princess can deal moderate damage to your opponent’s troops and the tower it controls. However, the Princess is vulnerable to spells, and the Miner can kill her quickly.

While her damage per shot is moderate, she can cause major damage to the towers she attacks. If left unattended, the Princess can cause enormous chip damage to an opponent. This is why it is important to avoid deploying more than one Princess to your tower. In addition, if you are having trouble defending your tank, you can use the Princess to damage a tower without engaging. However, if you are worried about losing the Princess, you can replace her with another troop.

Standard Clash Royale Princess


The cost of a Clash Royale Princess is 40,000 gold. This is the most affordable way to obtain the most powerful troop in the game. However, it will take some time to acquire the gold needed to reach arena nine. Luckily, there are other options to obtain the Clash Royale Princess. Here are some tips. If you can’t afford the 40,000 gold, consider using your own gold. A few of the best gold-gathering methods are listed below.

Regardless of your build type, the Princess is one of the best support and siege cards in the game. Her low cost and moderate damage make her nearly unstoppable when it comes to taking down towers. When combined with Zap, she can also offer insane combos. This card can be your best friend in a Clash Royale match. Invest in a Princess if you want her support and ability to win the game.

Clash Royale Princess >>

Due to her high-range and in game area damage, Princess is an amazing support troop. She is a strong support troop, but she does provide excellent middling damage. Her slow attack rate makes her an easy to defeat solo troop.

If Princess emerges in the user’s beginning battle deck, deploying her on the bridge at the beginning of the match is a great way to get some early chip damage on the enemies’ tower.

She will fire at the tower and often catch enemies off guard.

You can fool your enemy Princess by placing her near the in-game bridge, and then spending a spell. In PvP (Princess Battles), it is a good idea to use Zap on your enemy Princess so that she can be defeated without taking any in-game damage.

Tornado spells are also available in the game. They can be used to pull the opposing Princess from their Princess Tower in Clash Royale. This will defeat her while yours survives.

Note – Princess shoots flaming Arrows from a very long range so if you feel warm towards her it is likely that you are on fire.

About Clash Royale Princess Card >>

Clash Royale’s Princess card can be obtained by visiting Arena 5 and opening an in-game Legendary Chest. She is a long-range unit capable of dealing significant area damage and has very low hitpoints.

Because of her incredible range, this Princess card can attack Archers Towers on the opposite side of the river.

How To Get Princess in Clash Royale Unlock GuideDown;

Only Legendary or higher-rated chests can unlock Legendary and Legendary Clash Royale Legendary-rated troops including the Princess. In-game shops sometimes have legendary troops that can be purchased for Clash Royale gems.

Not all troops in Clash Royale will unlock after you complete specific arenas or if you earn a certain number trophies during multiplayer Clash Royale in game matches.

Only after you have entered the Clash Royale Spell Valley arena, you will be able to unlock the Princess troop. You must collect at least 1300 Trophies in order to gain access to the arena. Once you have completed Spell Valley in Clash Royale Spell Royale, you will be able find a Princess Card from any legendary chests that are actually opened.

Upgrade Princess in Clash Royale Game >>

Clash Royale Princess

After you have successfully claimed the Princess troop in Clash Royale you can upgrade it. This is only possible by collecting many Princess cards, then upgrading with in game coins.

Additionally, upgrade your troop’s Star Level in Clash Royale to upgrade princess.

Best Decks For The Princess >>

This is the complete list with the best decks you can use to maximize the Princess in Clash Royale.

Goblin Barrel Rocket, Princess, Goblin Gang Ice Spirit Knight Knight, Inferno tower, The Log : This deck gives you many options to protect your Princess in-game while also dealing damage the buildings of your opponents.

Also the Knight doesn’t attack flying troops, he himself is tanky to soak up in-game damage while the Spear Goblins and Princess take down the aerial opponents. The Ice Spirit’s slowing effect is an excellent defensive tool that protects the Princess in-game.

Rocket, Guards. Princess. Electro Spirit. Valkyrie. Hidden Tesla. Another great deck. This allows the Princess area damage to other units. She can also sit behind other troops.

Although in-game Guards are able to absorb actual damage for Princess, Valkyrie is able to wipe out whole armies of ground troops using her simple splash damage mechanics.

Hidden Tesla and Electro Spirit are perfect for slowing down the opponent’s attacks and movements. This gives the Princess an advantage to land her attacks in Clash Royale.

Given that the Princess is a small troop, it is important to have other tanks in order to protect and provide cover for the archer.

In order to protect the princess, you should have enough defensive troops.

Clash Royale Princess Troop strategies >>

Placing tanky attackers in front is a great way to use the Clash Royale princess troop card. It is also very effective to spawn the in-game Princess from behind your own buildings as the troop’s powerful attack range allows her to attack the opponent’s troops from a long distance.

The Princess can be deployed in-game using only three elixirs, making it a very useful troop when used optimally. Below are some tips to help you understand why the troop is so successful in the Clash Royale.

  • The Clash Royale Princess can deal area damage which makes it easy for her to eliminate hordes like Goblins and Skeletons.
  • If you play with a Princess, be sure to have quick damage and tanky attackers so that she cannot knock down your towers from behind.
  • Her greatest strength is her wide attack range. It is important to place your troop on the appropriate in-game battlefield.
  • The Log and Arrows are some of the most common counters to the Princess.

Conclusion >>

We hope that you enjoy this Clash RoyalePrincess guide. We covered everything you need about Clash Royale Princess. Also we mentioned Princess best decks & strategies.

Summoning order

The summoning order for the Princess is based on the cards she can use. While there is no absolute order for the summoning, the following is the recommended order: Princess, Goblin Gang, Barbarians, Miners, and Zap. Princess can also be placed behind a tank. Then, her troops can deal with the Skeleton Army, Goblins, Archers, Spear Goblins, and Fire Spirits.

The goal of the Princess is to disrupt the summoning order of the enemy. When summoned by the opposite team, she deals moderate damage per shot. If left alone for a long period of time, the Princess can deal tremendous damage. She can be replaced by other Princesses, but it is better to place her far from battles. It’s also better to use the Princess on the opposite side of the arena than to put her near towers.

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