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Clear Pipe Cruise Stamp Mario Level Guide

Clear Pipe Cruise Stamps can be found in either the middle or oblongpipe. The stamp is easy to find, even though it can be hard without a map. You can jump from the top to a platform that has ghosts. Waiting for the tide rises can bring you the Stamp. To climb on the roof and collect the clearpipe cruise, you will need a Propeller Block.

clear pipe cruise stamp mario

Stamp can be found at the second floor inside a long narrow tube. You can easily take Stamp out with Mega Mushrooms. To drop down, jump to the top of the ledge once you have reached the middle. You will reach the final stage by using the Clear Pipe Cannon. This stage is marked by the spinning Peepas. However, it is difficult for the Stamp to be seen.

Clear Pipe Cruise Stamp Mario Level Guide

Once you’ve completed the Clear Pipe Cruise Stamp Level, gather all the Stars. You can destroy the first one with the Star, and the Star will help find the second one on a platform that contains spinning Peepas. All three Green Stars must be collected in the upper part of the level to reach the final stage. You can only reach the Clear Pipe Cannon by reaching the Checkpoint flag. The Stamp can be obtained by using the Cat Suit. You can also use the Cat Suit to climb up the pipe. It will be much easier to reach the entire level, especially if you are not able to see it clearly.

Clear Pipe Cruise Stamp is the first level. The flag must be found at the center of your map. The middlepoint flag is required. It is necessary to find the Fire Piranha Plant. It can be hard to see the Stamp, but if you have the right suit it will be easy!

A moving platform is located on the second level, which is vital for stamp collection. The platform is guarded by a Fire Bro, who protects the Stamp. If you’re on a level that contains the third Piranha Plant (or higher), the Fire Flower can be used for jumping onto the platform. A Cat Suit is a great option if you are looking to collect the stamp.

This level’s second section is a loop with two parts. It is divided into two sections. In the first section, you will find the Super Star and Green Star. Mario must clear Spike Balls to reach the Lakitu Cloud. Mario must clear the Spike Balls once he has reached the top to reach the Lakitu Cloud. The Super Star is located in the first section.

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