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Closer Overwatch Profile #1 2023

This is Closer Overwatch Profile. Closer’s Overwatch stats are also displayed here. Closer is a South Korean Overwatch player of high rank. He is a professional with high rankings and has won numerous tournaments. Closer plays for the Dallas Fuel. In total, Closer has earned $238.344 in his professional career. In the last seven years, he participated in 13 tournaments, and won three. His career has not been great. He has twice taken 3rd, including a spot in the Overwatch League/Season 1/Playoffs.

Closer Overwatch Profile

Closer Overwatch

Since the inception of Overwatch League, Closer played for the Dallas Fuel (London Spitfire) and the London Spitfire (London Spitfire). Closer was the only support available for the team after it was reformed in time for the 2020 season. He was assigned to quickly learn new heroes and metas. Before the 2021 season, Washington Justice underwent a major rebuild. They made it to the postseason where they were swept away by the Atlanta Reign.closer overwatch

Closer was the main support for both the Dallas Fuel and London Spitfire in the first season of Overwatch League. Closer was the sole support of these teams. He had to quickly adjust to new metas, heroes and other situations. The Washington Justice had to undergo a major rebuild before Closer could have a chance. The team reached the playoffs in Hawaii but was defeated by the Atlanta Reign.




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