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Best Multiplayer CO OP Horror Games To Play With Your Friends in 2023

Multiplayer CO OP Horror Games To Play With Your Friends In 2022

If you are looking for a new horror game for Xbox One, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find a list of the best multiplayer CO OP Horror Games on Xbox One, including sci-fi, interactive, and co-op games.

Xbox One multiplayer horror game

If you’re looking for a multiplayer horror game on Xbox One, there are a few excellent choices to consider. Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes is a short story horror game set in 2003 during the Iraq War. It has cooperative gameplay, multiple characters, and a graphical style that is reminiscent of a horror movie. What’s more, the story is interactive, so you can actively participate in the plot.

Cooperative horror video games aren’t for everyone, but they can be a unique type of experience. For example, Cry of Fear, a mod for Half-Life, also has a unique co-op campaign. However, you’ll need to first complete the single-player campaign before you can start the co-op mode.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is another multiplayer horror game, but it’s not a game for the weak of heart. This game follows the fate of a group of teenagers after the outbreak of the undead. To survive, you’ll have to stay on your toes and stealthily roam around the town and use a variety of gadgets to defeat your enemies. It’s a unique, scary game that will surely intrigue Aliens fans.

Co-op horror game

CO OP Horror Games

If you’re looking for a multiplayer horror game that will test your teamwork and make you sweat, there are several options out there. These types of games are extremely popular, and have been around for quite some time. They’re satisfying to play, and have high-stakes scenarios that are fun to play with friends. In this game, the world has fallen victim to an ancient evil. While humanity has the technology to open portals to other worlds, these portals have left a trail of destruction in their wake.

If you’re looking for multiplayer horror games to play with your friends in 2052, there are many popular games out there. For example, a few of the best selling co-op horror games on Steam are free. However, others require payment. These games are all about survival in a world overrun by disturbing creatures.

A fun multiplayer horror game to play with friends is Blackout Club. In this game, you and three friends will work together to investigate a mysterious entity. You must gather evidence to solve the mystery and avoid mind-controlled sleepwalkers. Another excellent multiplayer horror game is Dead By Daylight. This is a first-person survival horror game in which one player controls a deadly assassin while the others attempt to repair five generators. In addition to survival, the game features intense chase sequences and can be very challenging, especially if you play as the killer.

Sci-fi horror game

If you want to play a Sci-fi horror game with your friends in 2022, there are a couple of good options to choose from. These games are fun, but they can also be a little scary. The first one, Fort Solis, chronicles the psychological and physical toll of living on the far side of Mars. The game has a mysterious plot, but players will play as Engineer Jack Leary, who receives an alarm on Mars.

A co-op horror game that will have you sweating and working together can be a blast. Dead Island, a survival horror game, is a fun choice for those who like playing with their friends. This game is set in a world that is filled with nightmares, terrifying creatures, and unsettling environments.

Another fun sci-fi horror game to play with your friend is Phasmophobia, an investigative horror game developed by Kinetic Games. In this game, you and your friends work together to discover the origins of an entity that is causing the mysterious deaths. As the protagonist of the game, you will have to solve a mystery and collect evidence as you find more entities in the environment.

20 Greatest Horror Multiplayer Video games to Play with Pals 2022

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The style of horror video games invitations notions of nerves and will get one’s adrenaline pumping. Whereas some may argue that the addition of associates to a foyer takes away a number of the trepidation, we expect in any other case. To get you one of the best multiplayer horror expertise, we’ve curated an inventory of one of the best video games within the style.

Useless By Daylight

Useless By Daylight was a recreation that took a surge in recognition because of streamers and its involvement of iconic horror film villains. This recreation has been ever-growing with respect to in-game characters. These aren’t simply characters in-game, they’re fairly iconic monstrosities! Useless By Daylight is admittedly a type of video games that makes you scratch your brains when enjoying. So if your mates and you might be something just like the squad from TBBT, this one’s meant for you.


Phasmophobia, shortly after its launch, grew extraordinarily common. Not like most video games on this list- Phasmophobia isn’t your conventional kill the evil spirits/monsters/demons recreation. It’s one which requires nerve, coordination, and swift motion. You and three different associates should work collectively with a view to collect as a lot proof as you possibly can. You do that utilizing the devices and instruments at your disposal.

Relying on how a lot proof you’ve gathered, you’ll earn in-game foreign money to improve your arsenal and discover more difficult areas. The one side that we actually favored about this recreation is the truth that it doesn’t matter what you do, your enemy is invincible. So all you want is proof, not violence.

Killing Ground 2

If massacring grotesque creatures within the lots of is your factor, Killing Ground 2 is what you’re after. The sport options an enormous number of weapons you should utilize to repeatedly slaughter the hordes of Zeds. These horrifying abominations will search to tear you aside limb-to-limb. Every wave’s development solely will increase their talents, spawns mini-bosses, and makes the sport extra demanding. In the event you and your mates want a stress buster- We extremely suggest absolutely the annihilation of zeds that this recreation gives.

Unlucky Spacemen

One of the simplest ways to explain this recreation is to make one think about Amongst Us and evolve it by 10 years. The sport surrounds a bunch of astronauts in search of to repair an outpost and carry out a number of in-shuttle duties whereas avoiding an excrescent shapeshifting alien-like creature. The sport can get extraordinarily nerve-wracking and can make you develop an in-game paranoia of kinds as you play.

There are even weapon upgrades accessible in-game which you should utilize to kill the alien monster. Because the monster, you possibly can disguise your self as one of many spacemen, sabotage their escapes and even use their weapons whereas disguised to kill the spacemen. As we stated, Amongst us developed by 10 years.

No Extra Room in Hell

Whereas the graphics don’t have a lot going for it – the sport in itself is a reasonably enjoyable zombie shooter. This recreation has a number of points that stack up in opposition to it just like the server matchmaking time and the stone age graphics. Earlier than you give this recreation the thumbs down, keep in mind it was initially a mod. Along with the sport coming collectively as its personal, it’s nonetheless fairly satisfying and enjoyable to play. If that wasn’t sufficient, the sport is free. This recreation would work finest if your mates to are into one thing somewhat old-school-themed.


One other recreation that resembles the outlay of Amongst Us is Deceit. The sport is extraordinarily just like Unlucky Spacemen, nevertheless, it’s set in an excellent creepier location- An asylum. Deceit consists of gamers waking up as both harmless or contaminated in an asylum basement, needing to progress to the escape. An contaminated participant involves energy when the lights go off and so they can use this outage to kill the harmless. The sport helps you to kill the contaminated however solely once they’re not of their terraform. You possibly can, nevertheless, stun them and get them down. The sport is admittedly enjoyable to play and actually is fairly creepy- the proper elements for a horror multiplayer title.

The Darkish Footage Anthology – Little Hope

This recreation proves that you just don’t have to have an all-out evil spirit elimination mechanic in-game to make it a very good multiplayer horror expertise. The sport feels very very similar to you deciding the destiny of a storyline. You’re certain to have a satisfying quantity of in-game scares with this one. We don’t need to give an excessive amount of away about this recreation, it’s one thing you actually must play to know. It’s an interactive horror expertise you’ll take pleasure in enjoying with your mates. That is most likely among the many finest psychological horrors on the market in the meanwhile, so you’ll want to give it a strive.

Resident Evil 5

Whereas Resident Evil 5 drew plenty of criticism from the neighborhood, the multiplayer mode drew plenty of reward. The sport which was initially speculated to have its coronary heart and soul dedicated to survival horror-  slowly took middle stage as a co-op shooter. Don’t get us mistaken, we completely love the sport and luxuriate in the truth that the enemies aren’t your boring common zombies however fairly ones with parasitic minds of their very own. The franchise has grown a legendary repute and this recreation positively does dwell as much as it, a minimum of multiplayer-horror-wise.

The Darkish Footage Anthology – Man of Medan

Man Of Medan resembles Till Daybreak so carefully, that the sequence director needed to clarify that each had been entities utterly separate from one another. The sport is interactive and the development of every character is interdependent on the alternatives you and your mates make. Along with the story, the sport is kind of enjoyable to play in case you’re affected person sufficient.  The gory second half is just about the place this recreation shines. Do that out in case you’re all in for an interactive horror expertise with associates.

Useless Area 3

We’d have simply mistaken this recreation for an additional Resident Evil installment if not for the title. Along with some actually good mechanics, it will get actually intense with horrifying creatures bobbing up out of nowhere. Useless Area 3 is among the many goriest horror co-op shooters on the market, with a plethora of jumpscares awaiting you and your mates. You’ll take pleasure in this recreation rather a lot if in-game horror menace with grotesque fiend elements flying round is your sauce.

7 Days to Die

Take a look on the recreation’s title and also you’ll already just about collect all you should find out about it. The sport is centered round utilizing assets to construct a fortress with your mates, utilizing no matter is accessible to improve your arsenal, after which getting collectively while getting ready to eradicate the barbaric monstrosities ready to chew away at your flesh.

Signal Of Silence

This recreation may be very resemblant of plenty of childhood haunting films. It’s set in a city stuffed to the brim with nightmares and intensely disturbing creatures which might be certain to get you the creeps and spooks. The survival horror co-op is certainly one which will get your adrenaline rolling so you’ll want to play this!

White Noise 2

White Noise 2 offers gamers the flexibility to step into the footwear of investigators as they search to detect the paranormal irregularities and keep away from the creature that seeks to devour them hole. With the intention to help your trigger, flashlights and utilities can be found. This can be a fairly creepy multiplayer horror title and is bound to offer you and your mates the chills!

Cry of Worry

Cry Of Worry was initially developed to be a type of kickass mods for Half-Life 1. Nevertheless, the extraordinarily spooky mod turned out to be a stand-alone title in itself. In truth, it did fairly properly on the multiplayer scene. In the event you like enjoying a creepy low graphic title with your mates that’s completely free- we suggest this one.

Friday The thirteenth

Among the many most iconic horror movies in history- Friday the thirteenth had its very personal online game model come out, a lot to the delight of followers. The sport nevertheless turned out to be disappointing because of extraordinarily unstable multiplayer server choices. The sport in itself was a really well-executed horror-survival title set in a 7v1 counselors vs Jason state of affairs. In the event you and your mates are followers of Friday the thirteenth, this recreation is true up your alley!


This recreation feels excellent in each method possible. Need to shoot ghastly beings utilizing insane weaponry? Carried out. Want to knock off some annoying fellow people? Carried out. Need to have an ideal stability of battle royale and multiplayer horror? Carried out. Moreover, the graphics are top-notch. This recreation has all the pieces Make sure you verify it, you’ll positively take pleasure in all of the hours you’ll spend on it!

The Blackout Membership

The Blackout Membership entails you and your teammates being required to analyze an entity often called the Form that has thoughts management powers. It’s essential keep away from the mind-controlled sleepwalkers as you examine and full goals on this multiplayer horror title. The sport is centered round an investigative thriller, which you should collect proof of. You’ll take pleasure in this recreation with a number of associates eager on enjoying creepy detectives.

Left 4 Useless 2

Among the many most well-known horror multiplayer video games, There’s a purpose why Left 4 Useless 2 has such an enormous fanbase. The sport allowed gamers to slaughter wave after wave of zombies and the updates simply made the sport extra unpredictable. Furthermore, the multiplayer expertise is enhanced with weapon and map mods that the neighborhood has crafted. This recreation has a legendary wind about it, indisputably. You MUST check out this title.


A recreation that actually blew us away with the depth of the horror focus was GTFO. You possibly can go to the extent of calling it a extra demanding model of Left 4 Useless 2. You and your mates must scavenge the place for assets, gadgets, and utilities whereas searching down creepy barbarities. The weaponry and mechanics really feel extraordinarily satisfying and the in-game noises and voice-overs are fairly lifelike too. We extremely suggest this recreation to those that actually love a very good multiplayer with a fearful horror expertise.

Dying Gentle

This one is a recreation that actually has plenty of in-game content material with a big selection of issues to do. There’s actually a lot the open-world horror survival shooter choice brings to the social gathering. You craft and coordinate together with your teammates to search out nests, tackle actually highly effective zombies, and shoot them down.  If this wasn’t sufficient, you possibly can take the type of the zombie and select to destroy everybody. The graphics are extremely spectacular and we assure you to have an insanely satisfying horror multiplayer expertise with this title.

Interactive horror game

If you’re interested in a new horror game that you can play with friends in 2022, there are several great options available. The Silent Hill creator’s upcoming Slitterhead is another great choice. It is set in 1980s Hong Kong and features nightmarish creatures that mimic humans. In the reveal trailer, you’ll see a beautiful woman transform into an unrecognizable monster. While the game does not feature any actual combat, it is an exciting game that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours.

The game is an interactive horror experience that lets you control various characters. There are several types of sections that you must complete and each one will affect what happens to your character moments later. In some cases, your decisions can even lead to your character dying, so making the right choice early on will be crucial.

This game will challenge your skills and strategy in surviving the environment. The main focus is survival, and the gameplay is heavily dependent on staying alive and avoiding encounters with the various monsters and spooky creatures in the game. It also features procedural generation and co-op modes. Although the game is still in its early access stages, regular updates will help it become more refined.

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