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Coca-Cola PC Themes (2023)

You can find cool Coca-Cola PC themes here. The most popular non-alcoholic beverage in the world. This soft drink is distinguished by its unique taste. Windows users have the option to install the Coca-Cola theme, which allows them to use 18 HD wallpapers. The images are great to enhance your computer’s overall look. Here are some suggestions:

Coca-Cola PC Themes

Coca-Cola PC Themes

Coca-Cola Christmas PC themes

Coca-Cola’s Christmas campaign was launched in the 4th century by the ‘Christmas Caravan III’ advertisement. This ad features Santa in familiar scenes. The “Christmas Caravan III” is one of the most well-known ads worldwide and is broadcast in more than 100 countries. It was shot in Vancouver (Canada) and featured 40 actors and three trucks. There is also a boy and his grandfather reading from a Christmas storybook.

cocacola christmas pc themes

Since the inception of the advertising campaign, the red and white logo has been associated with Christmas. Coca-Cola is not associated with Christmas but it has always been focused on Santa during the holidays. In fact, the company’s first commercials featured Santa as a child with a Coca-Cola bottle in one hand and children surrounding him. This helped to cement the association with the holiday. People are reminded often of the rich history and tradition of Coca-Cola.

The association with Santa was sealed by Coca-Cola’s red and white branding. Coca-Cola does not have anything to do with Christmas. However, it is important that Coca-Cola was associated with Christmas for so many decades. Coca-Cola’s red and white colors make it a popular choice among children. Although it does not have anything to do with Christmas, Coca-Cola was able to focus on Santa at the beginning of its development. In early ads, Santa was seen in school with a Coca-Cola bottle in his hand.




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