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Mastering COD4 Console Commands for Multiplayer: List & Tips

COD4 Console Commands: Cheaters, Listen Up Hommie!

Are you tired of playing COD4 the old-school way? Do you want to take things to the next level and become a true king of COD4? Well, Cheaters, listen up hommie! We got some delicious cheats for you to win the game without even breaking a sweat. Here are the cod4 console commands that you need to know.

Cod4 Console Commands Multiplayer: The Ultimate Hack

COD4 multiplayer is where the real action is. And with these cod4 console commands, you can dominate the game with ease. Start by typing:

/cg_drawfps 1

This command enables the display of your FPS on your screen, which is crucial to make sure your game runs smoothly. Next up, try using the console command:


This command makes you invincible, enabling you to wreak havoc on your opponents without dying. And that’s not all – you can also use the console commands:

/give all

This command gives you all the weapons, ammo, and grenades you need to win the game. And if you get caught in a sticky situation, use:


This command lets you fly through walls and objects in the game, allowing you to escape danger and other traps laid out by your opponents.

Cod4 Console Commands List: Essential Tools for Single Player

While COD4 multiplayer is fun and exciting, playing single-player can be just as exhilarating. Here are some of the cod 4 console commands that you need to know to complete the single-player campaign with ease.

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/give ammo

This command gives you unlimited ammo, which is incredibly useful in tight situations where you can’t reload.

/give all

This command gives you all the weapons available in the game, which is crucial in taking out your enemies without breaking a sweat.

/give health

This command instantly fills up your health meter, which can help in situations where you are stuck with little to no health.

Cod4 Console Command to Display Weapon Count: Keep Track of Your Arsenal

In COD4, it’s essential to keep track of your weapons and ammo. And with this cod4 console command, you can do just that.

/cg_draw2d 2

This command enables you to display your weapon count on your screen, which makes it easy to keep track of your arsenal in COD4.

With all these cod4 console commands at your disposal, you’re sure to become the king of COD4 in no time. Use them wisely and show your opponents who’s boss. Peace out, hommies!