Colete Brawl Stars | Guide Chromatic Brawler Range (2022)

Colete Brawl Stars | Guide Chromatic Brawler Range (2022)

Colete Brawl Stars

We’ve been watching Colete Brawl Stars for awhile now, and we’re smitten with the chromatic brawler known as Colette. The chromatic color scheme makes her an effective brawler with a long attack range and Super Skill to dash. Besides that, Colette has a 20 percent shield, and her Super Skill makes her a powerful brawler. If you’ve been wondering about her abilities, keep reading.

Colette is a chromatic brawler

The Chromatic Brawler, Colette, can be unlocked at Tier 30 as a Brawl Pass reward. She is also available for purchase in Brawl Boxes. As a Chromatic Brawler, Colette deals damage in the form of a projectile, and her Super deals additional damage based on the enemy’s maximum health. Colette’s Gadget makes the next shot she fires deal even more damage, and she also has a special ability called Gotcha!, which heals for 5 seconds after the shot hits an enemy.

One of Collete’s cool supers is her Push It Star Power. It works similar to Gale’s Super, but it interrupts the Brawler’s Super and pushes them away. This Super also allows Collete to push her enemy into a meteor or gas. Using Collete’s Push It Star Power will guarantee she can hit twice with her Super.

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She has a long attack range

If you’re a fan of Colete brawl stars, you’re in luck! She has a long attack range and is a chromatic rarity. This means that she’s perfect for anti-tank brawlers, thanks to her long range and damage. The basic attack of Colette deals damage based on the health of the brawler it hits, making her the perfect anti-tank brawler.

In brawling, Colette is one of the most versatile characters in the game. With her long attack range, she’s an ideal weapon for team play. She can deal a lot of damage, depending on your opponent’s size. However, this is not without its drawbacks. In addition to her long attack range, Colette also has some weaknesses that require training. If you’re looking for a brawler that can outlast your opponents, Colette is the way to go.

She uses a Super Skill to dash

Image 25 Colete Brawl Stars
colete brawl stars

The Super Skill called “Time to Collect” is a special move that allows Colette to dash forward and deal up to 20% damage to enemies in her path. This move can be used to dodge attacks, grab items from long range, or perform a finisher. Despite its low damage, it does make Colette extremely vulnerable. To maximize its potential, Colette should be used sparingly.

Another interesting star power of Colette is called “Push It,” which carries enemies to their farthest point of attack. Her long attack range and ability to dash make her an excellent brawler for long games. Moreover, seven new skins have been added to the game. These skins are available only on the Brawl Pass, so if you’re an F2P player, you’ll have to work hard to unlock them all.

She has a 20-percent shield

Colete Brawl Stars has an added feature to its combo attack. You can now get a shield while using your combo attack. Colette has a 20-percent shield and a higher chance to hit stationary targets. She also gains a bonus when you use your super attack. This star power can be obtained by equipping the Mass Tax star power, which improves cycling and grants you a 20% shield whenever you use her super attack. When you have this star power equipped, your shield will be strengthened by ten percent every time Colette deals damage. The shield lasts for 5 seconds.

A 20-percent shield is an awesome benefit for a character with limited health. With this item, you can easily chip away at enemies to avoid them from killing you. In Brawl Stars, Colette also has a Super that has a large radius, so it can hit multiple enemies. You can also charge another Super once you kill two Brawlers with your Super, which will allow you to use it again.

She has a gadget called ‘Na-ah!’

In Colete Brawl Stars, the ‘Na-ah!’ gadget is used to boost the damage of basic attacks. Using this gadget can also boost damage from skills. The gadget works with any other Brawler’s placeable gadgets. It will also stop Colette’s ‘Super’ from being used. It will push enemies to the farthest point of the charge and deal double damage.

This gadget increases the damage dealt to the opponent by 37%. It also increases the damage dealt to special targets. In addition, the gadget grants the player ‘Time to Collect’, allowing them to dash forward and deal damage to enemies. Colette will also deal a fixed amount of damage to the enemy. In addition, she will receive a ‘Na-ah’ if the target has less than 4500 health.

In this character guide, we’ll take a look at the popular colorful fighter. This Brawl Stars Colette Guide includes information about her abilities as well as her build, gameplay, and other details. So when she reads this, that’s what you can expect to get.

Colete Brawl Stars – About Colette >>

Colette, a courageous fighter with a colorful rarity, was released in September 2020. She’s been a popular pick for gamers who like to quickly and melt high HP heroes. Level 30 is the best level to obtain the Colette Brawl Pass.

Colette’s damage scale itself makes her a popular pick. If she’s wondering how she increases damage, her special gadgets allow her to deal 1000 extra damage while she continues her basic attacks. For fighters who want to be in the frontline, the shield that activates after he takes damage may be the best option.

Colete Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars Colete Skills And Attacks >>

We have listed all the brawl stars and their attacks. Check below

Taxing Shot – Normal Attack

Colette’s Imposing Shot is a long-range normal attack that’s a nightmare for any high-HP hero. No matter what HP, it does at least 37% of the enemy’s damage. Because of his special abilities, the damage is increased when the opponent has high HP and reduced when the enemy’s base HP is low.

Time to Collect – Super Skill

Colette’s extraordinary running skills are highlighted when she uses them. This ability allows her to run to the target area and return there, inflicting continuous damage on all enemies. If she is hit by an enemy or obstacle, she can block her super ability. However, you can be assured that you will receive at least 20% damage if she hits your face.

Gadget – Na-ah!

After activation, Na-Ah! will deal +1000 damage to each skill and basic attack. Another reason why the collet has become a favorite is because it offers a great tool. You’ll always want to deal bonus damage when shooting at the enemy from a long distance, and this device rewards you fully for your shooting and accuracy.

Push It –Colette interrupts using her super ability and grabs enemies nearby. She pushes them to their farthest point where they are hit twice as hard.

Heavy Taxes – The more you hit, the more shields you’ll earn. Colette’s Mass Tax allows her to have a 20% shield that lasts 5 seconds. She also gains an additional 10% shield if she is hit by an enemy.

Brawl Stars Colette – Useful Tips >>

Colete Brawl Stars
  1. Use your basic attacks and collect time only on fighters who don’t have shields or armor, as damage intensifies when there is no counterattack.
  2. Colette is a formidable fighter, as we have discussed previously. It is best to use it against heroes of full HP and higher levels.
  3. Combine his super skills with his gadgets to maximize damage and escape.
  4. The super skill can also be used as an item stealer because it’s a back and forth skill that allows you to run quickly into enemy territory and successfully return an item when it is captured.
  5. You can use her as a wrestler, or as a gem holder. She can do long-term damage and can be stolen.

This post will provide Colete Brawl StarsThese guides will provide information on character abilities, builds, gameplay, and other details. As new brawlstars colete updates become available, we will update this page so that you have the most recent trixie colete. Hope you like this Colete Brawl Stars post, if you have any concerns or doubts so comment box is always open for you, and don’t forget to bookmark this page for the latest updates.

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