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Combat Rift Codes 2023 September – Get Free Gems, And Boosts

How to Enter Combat Rift Codes 2022

In order to earn free items in Combat Rift, you need to enter special codes. These codes can be entered into the game when it first launches. Look for white birds labeled with codes. Sometimes, it takes a while to load and requires a quick tutorial. If this is your first time, you may want to learn how to enter combat rift codes. This article will help you do it! You can use the following codes to get free items in Combat Rift.

Roblox Combat Rift is an action packed combat game

The action packed Roblox Combat Rift is a must-have for any player! You’ll be fighting horrific creatures and using a deadly sword. Along the way, you’ll discover new swords, open chests, and sell skulls. As you advance through the game, you’ll be able to upgrade your equipment and bag, and you can even adopt a pet! This will help you increase your skull collection even more!

It challenges you to battle monsters

Combat Rift is a free to play fantasy action game that requires you to fight through the world’s most terrifying monsters and gather skulls. You can then use these skulls to upgrade your sword, and sell them for gold and gems. In addition to that, slaying monsters will strengthen your sword and increase its capacity. It is important to remember to always have the latest armaments in your inventory if you want to gain an advantage in the game.

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These codes are only active for a short time, so they will expire after a period of time. To redeem a code, simply open the game and click on the “Codes” button at the top right of the screen. Once there, you’ll see a window with the code you wish to redeem. Next, click Redeem to enter the code. Once you’ve redeemed your code, you can now enjoy your new items and unlimited gems.

It challenges you to collect swords

The Combat Rift is an online game where players battle through monsters to collect their skulls and sell them for gold. Gold is then used to upgrade the player’s sword, while gems are used to purchase pets. The more skulls a player has, the stronger their sword becomes. A great tip is to collect 30 pets, because these can help the player on their journey.

Once you’ve gotten enough gems, you can use the combat rift codes to get more coins. These codes can be redeemed in the game by selecting the code from the right side of your screen, pressing Redeem, and completing your desired task. You can then use the coins and gems to level up faster, purchase more powerful swords, and unlock new worlds and pets.

image 171 combat rift codes

It challenges you to collect skulls

There is a new challenge that has just been released for the eve of the Skull Throne event. This event is focused around collecting skulls. The skulls have a unique value and must be collected before you can use them. If you do not have enough skulls to complete the challenge, you can steal one from a current holder. In Episode 13, all five female skulls were obtained. This meant that stealing was necessary after any female elimination. Eventually, every remaining player had all five skulls.

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The challenge is called LASO, or Legendary All Skulls On. The Envy Skull will make the game much easier, but the other 13 skulls must be on. During the Challenge, you can see your progress in the tab menu. The Undetected Skull is an easier challenge to complete, which requires you to collect the skull without being detected. If you’re thinking of trying to collect as many skulls as possible, this challenge will be perfect for you.

What is Combat Rift Codes? Wiki

Combat Rift Codes

Combat Rift Codes is like a free in-game bonus or gifts that the game’s publisher gives out to their users. These codes give you free boosts, gems, and coins. You can use this code to access almost everything in Combat Rift’s game universe. Make sure to check our list often so you don’t miss any working codes for Combat Rift Game.

Simple Steps to Redeem Combat Rift Codes

That’s the easy part to redeem Combat Rift Codes, here’s how to do it in steps:

  • Combat Rift Game Launched
  • Next, tap the Twitter icon that you see on the screen.
  • Now, copy and paste your code
  • Finally Tap ‘Redeem’ and enjoy your free rewards

Combat Rift Codes – September Active List| September Active List

  1. RELEASE – Use this code for 100 coins and 20 gems.
  2. S3CRET – Use this code for 50 Eternals
  3. AlchemyEvent – Use this code for x3 Skulls boost
  4. SeptemberEvent – Use this code for 3x Damage Boost
  5. EXTINCTION – Use this code for x2 Luck Boost
  6. NinjaCaves – Use this code for a reward
  7. Update3 – Use this code for 200 gems
  8. Update12 – Use this code code for lots of Boosts
  9. DUNGEON – Use this code for 70 Eternals
  10. Apologies – Use this code for 3x Fireworks Boost
  11. Update2 – Use this code code for 3x Gems boost
  12. Update11 – Use this code code for lots of Boosts
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List of Expired Codes for Combat Rift 2022

You will find all expired codes for Roblox Combat Rift here

  • ExtraPetStorage – Redeem code and get free 10 Sword Storage Slots
  • ExtraSwordStorage – Redeem and get free 10 Sword Storage Slots
  • 10Mplayz – Redeem code and get free lots of Boosts

How to Get More Combat Rift Codes 2022

Combat Rift Codes

Find redeem codes for your favorite brands Combat RiftThen, you should only consider 2 things. First, you can follow the Combat Rift developer’s Twitter account – @LordWasteds. The benefit of following the Combat Rift social account is that you can get quick information on Combat Rift working code & recent updates.

You can also get updates from Combat Rift Group

Also you should visit our blog Faindx we constantly update Combat Rift post with new codes & updates.


In this post, we provide all the useful information about Combat Rift Game’s new codes, Redeeming process explains the codes, and also explain how you can get more new codes to use and get gems, coins, and free boosts.

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