Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List : Update!September 2022

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List : Update!September 2022

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List

If you’re a cookie lover, then you’ll be glad to know that there’s a new tier list for the game, Cookie Run Kingdom. These cookies are powerful units that can increase your teammates’ attack and deal decent damage. There are also several types of toppings that you can buy for each cookie, including the Mango Cookie, Raspberry Cookie, and Squid Ink Cookie. Listed below are their strengths, uses, and costs.

Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom

You’ve probably noticed that the Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List contains cookies that are the worst at PVP and other game modes. The worst cookies in Tier E will completely destroy other players in PVP and the World Map. These cookies are more like the cookie characters from dark fantasy games. You can’t use them as teammates, they’re useless, and they’ll be destroyed in PVP. However, the best Cookies in Tier E are in Tier A.

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Currently, the Dark Choco Cookie is the strongest Charge cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. Its skill deals AOE damage and lowers the defense of enemies it damages. This skill is best used before other damage-dealing abilities to maximize its effectiveness. Another common cookie is the Eclair Cookie, which is a Support. This Cookie bursts enemies, deals damage, and gives enemies a weakness debuff. The Eclair Cookie is a good support in the game, but does not have a high enough DMG to warrant its Epic status.

Their strength

While Cookie Run: Kingdom has a large library of playable characters, the unofficial tier list is not an official ranking of those characters. Rather, the Tier List ranks each Cookie’s playability in multiple game modes, including World Exploration, Tropical Soda Islands, Kingdom Arena, and Guild Battle. The best team list for the game also features tips on combining Cookies into teams. For more information, visit the Kingdom Wiki’s Cookie Run: Kingdom Tier List.

While the Specialist tier of the game determines which types of cookies can deal the most damage, the Gourmet tier of cookies is the most versatile. A combination of both types of cookies can create a unique strategy. Once you have mastered one tier, move on to the next. If you’ve mastered a few cookie builds, you’ll quickly see which cookies are the most effective in each situation.

Their usefulness

The new additions to the Cookie Run kingdom are a lot of fun to play! The Cookie Run discord server has been a popular place to discuss the different skills and their usefulness on the Tier List. This is a good time to talk about some of the more interesting cookie skills that you can try out. These skills are very useful for PVE. These skills deal extra damage when used by multiple players and they’re all fairly powerful.

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The first one is the Financier, which is an epic-grade front-line character that has a heal. It’s also useful in levels where the enemy focuses on the cookie with a high ATK. This character can be very useful during chapter 11 and chapter 13 where enemies are focused on the high ATK cookie. This cookie is not a great choice for the Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List, but if you’re looking for an epic-rare character, you should look for a werewolf.

Their cost

The cookie tier list is a handy tool for building your ultimate squad, and it ranks each cookie in order of usefulness and cost. This guide is updated frequently, so the information is always accurate. Whether you want to buy the most powerful cookies or just get the most useful ones for a short run, the tier list will help you. However, a cookie tier list is not an actual replacement for actual gameplay.

Cookies in Tier E are the worst, destroying players in PVP mode and on the World Map. Dark fantasy games are a subgenre of role-playing games that feature a dark and mystical world. Usually, these games have lots of sorcery and magic, and they often feature monsters and other fantasy characters. However, in Cookie Run Kingdom, the tier E cookies aren’t worth spending your money on.

Their class

If you’re looking to play as a top cookie, you’re probably wondering what class is best. The top cookie in the game is the Cotton Cookie, who ranks in the S+ tier overall. A Support Class, Cotton Cookie can heal teammates and summon creatures to increase their ATK. However, it is important to note that there are different cookie classes that are better for different playstyles. Listed below are the different classes and what they offer in the game.

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The Poison Mushroom Cookie: This Cookie specializes in dealing poison damage and ranks in the B-tier of the Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List. In addition to damage, this character also has magical abilities that grant increased protection for the party. Other cookies on the Tier List include the Werewolf and Chili Pepper. While the last two characters are above average in resources and ATK, these classes are not the best choice for PvE playstyles.

Image 313 Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List
cookie run kingdom tier list

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List 2022

We will be showing you how to use top-tier cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom tier guide.

The CRK Tier List places all cookies in the game into one of the following categories: A+ Tier (OP), Top Tier (Best), A/Good, Average Tier, and C/Below average Tier. This is a guide for new players who want to improve their game. Cookie Run Kingdom Codes.

Tier S Cookies

The Cookie Run Kingdom tier list that S tier comprises the game’s most useful and powerful cookies. These cookies are so powerful, that they can completely destroy your opponents in player-vs-player mode.

They also hold a stronghold over the in-game World Map that is very useful when completing tasks.

Tier A Cookies

Tier A in the Cookie Run Kingdom tier lists contains both PVP- and PVE-friendly cookies. They are useful in quests as well as if you are still creating your in-game squad.

These CRK Tier A cookies can be used to fill in gaps until S-tier cookies are available.

Tier B Cookies

Tier B in the Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List is a group of cookies that can be helpful if you’re just starting out, but not as powerful than the other gamers.

They are able to excel in specific tasks and the mode of PVE, so it makes sense to make use of them while you build up your in-game team.

Tier C Cookies

Tier C cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom tier listing are those that aren’t extremely valuable in PVP and PVE modes.

While they may work for certain quests, they are not consistent with other tiers. This puts your team at an extreme disadvantage. These CRK cookies should be avoided.

Tier D Cookies

Cookie Run Kingdom tier D refers to cookies that are not up to par and cannot compete against the other cookies.

They are not useful for quests and their use in player vs. player or on the World Map will result in their in-game destruction. Avoid these tier D cookies at all cost.

Tier E Cookies

In the Cookie Run Kingdom tier list, tier E is made up of the Cookie Run Kingdom’s worst cookies. Do not use these cookies. They are rarely worthwhile and will cause you to die in player-vs-player or on the ingame World Map.

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List for PVP – Best Cookies

These are the top cookies from the Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List, which will work well for the PVP metaphases in the CRK Game as follows.

Cotton Cookie –

The cotton cookie will provide incredible support for the team. The Cotton Cookie has strong damage skills, as the Cotton Cookie’s sheep minions can be killed in the final phases of in-game battles.

Almond Cookie –

Almond cookie is a great way to beat an entire enemy team. It makes them silent and they won’t be able to reply to us. Almond Cookie is the best cookie to include in your squad.

Pumpkin Pie –

Pumpkin pie cookie is closely related to the good magical damage and has an incredible Pom Pom plush.

The in-game opponent will be able to fall, too. Even these soft falls will always come back, and the enemies will suffer.

Frost Queen –

Frost Queen cookies are amazing. They deal with the enemy’s freeze and magic, dealing them huge damage per round. And this option will allow the gamers to interrupt the enemy’s knock and skills them within quickly.

Tea Knight –

This Tea Knight cookie will be stronger than any other team cookie. And if a player pairs it with a new treasure, the Tea Knight is ready to brawl at every game. He does it while healing himself.

Tea Knight is an excellent choice for your game.

Sea Fairy –

Sea fairy cookies are best dealt as bombers in the CRk game. We can also consider them the ultimate cookie from the Cookie Run Kingdom Tier list.

She can do enough damage to her in-game team by doing good attacking. This cookie can also be used to rip apart the shield of her foes.

Cocoa –

The CRK Cocoa Cookie is a defender on the Cookie Run Kingdom tier lists and has the fastest attacks. Her attacks are able to evade any sudden attacks from other cookies in an in-game area. It is capable of changing your whole CRK gameplay.

Éclair –

Éclair Cookie will support the team, and he has the powerful strikes to support his allies. This cookie can help his teammates by landing shields and has good random targets.

Affogato –

The Affogato Cookie is one of the most powerful cookies in PVP. It has an unique ability that can be used within the game. The skills held by Affogato can totally disable the abilities of the Éclair, and they all can be turned really against the team.

The Affogato Cookie has a cool-down, making him an exceptional unit to use on any in-game group.

Steps for Rerolling Cookie Run Kingdom

These are the steps to take when you want to reroll Cookie Run Kingdom. It is not easy and takes some time.

  • Start the CRK Game using a guest account
  • Up to 3 levels of the Cookie Run Kingdom
  • You can then redeem any coupon or promo code that is currently valid
  • Next, it is time to summon your cookie & hope for one of our best tier S/S+ cookies
  • Now if you have the good luck keep playing and don’t worry about the next steps. Continue below if you’re completely unlucky
  • Log out using Menu. Go to Settings. Then, click on Info.
  • Continue the process by starting over.

About the Cookie Run Kingdom Game

Cookie Run Kingdom, a fantastic free-to play RPG/Kingdom building tool that is available for iOS and Android, can be found here. Google Android. To create your ideal kingdom in-game, you’ll need to recruit the best players to join your team.

It is crucial to understand which cookies are best and most powerful for this. We mean the best-tier, most powerful, and most talented cookies that will help win in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

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About Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List

The Cookie Run Kingdom tier list is a list of orders where cookies are ranked according based on their abilities and power. The Cookie Run kingdom tier list is the best resource available for both novice and experienced gamers.

This tier list will show you how other people approach CRK, whether you are looking for the next great cookie or want to see what everyone uses.

The Cookie Run Kingdom tier listing has many benefits including:

  • This article is intended to be a guide for new gamers.
  • It allows gamers to quickly identify which CRK Cookies are best for their levelling up.
  • This helps advanced gamers to fine-tune their best cookie strategy!
  • This will help you save time and effort when searching for the best cookie.

Tiers range from tier – S to tier – E on the Cookie Run Kingdom tier list, with S being the greatest and E being the worst or don’t use cookies.


Here are some FAQs regarding the Cookie Run Kingdom tier listing

Q. Is Cookie Run Kingdom game available on PC?

Ans. Definitely yes, Cookie Run Kingdom game is free to play available on PC.

Q. What is Almond Cookie’s rival?

Ans. The Almond Cookie’s rival is a licorice cookie in the game. 

Q. Q.

Ans. Pure Vanilla and Hollyberry are the rarest cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom game at the moment.

Video Guide to Cookie Run Kingdom Tier Listing

This video shows you how to use the Cookie Run Kingdom of Best Cookies’ cookie tier list Cookie Run Kingdom.


This is our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List Guide that will guide you in choosing the best cookies and help you quickly level up. We hope that you like this post. It is all about enjoying the game and choosing the best cookies.

Their wolf form

The werewolf is a front-line character unit with epic-rare stats who transforms into a wolves form. Their wolf form is more powerful and has a higher HP and damage power. Another epic-rare character unit is the princess cookie, which can deal area damage and lower the enemy’s defense. The alchemist cookie has an outstanding DPS and damage over time. The pancake cookie is another great choice for teamwork.

There are several ways to obtain this wolf form, and there are different levels for each. The first level will require you to craft a lot of cookies. These cookies can be mixed with others to create a unique blend of cookies. The next two tiers will require you to craft them with different types of ingredients. You can also combine them with other types of cookies, such as Gourmet or Specialist tier.

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