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Cookie Run Ovenbreak Tier List 2023 Helpful Information

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Characters Tier List

There are several tiers for characters in Cookie Run Ovenbreak. The S rank is the highest, and characters in Cookie Run Ovenbreak Tier List have spectacular abilities. These characters are nearly always the winner. However, it is not always easy to determine which character is right for you, and that’s where this guide comes in.

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Characters

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Tier List

Cookie Run Ovenbreak is a mobile game that features an endless runner and different game modes. In this game, you can play as a wide variety of cookies and try to reach the top. Here, you will find a list of the top 20 cookies in Cookie Run Ovenbreak.

S rank cookies are the strongest cookies in the game. Their abilities are amazing, and they are almost always a winning ticket. Moreover, they can heal teammates and increase the ATK of summoned creatures. However, their stats are less impressive than those of the characters in the higher tiers.

The third legendary cookie in the game is the Moonlight Cookie. This cookie has many special abilities, and it ends up at S rank in the Cookie Run Ovenbreak Characters Tier List. The Moonlight Cookie is available from the Breakout shop and can be unlocked from the beginning of the game. It can also destroy obstacles and collect points when it is sleeping.

Power creep

Cookie Run Ovenbreak’s characters often have more than one power. The Dark Enchantress, for instance, was OP until the massive skill rebalance in season 6 made her less effective. Dark Enchantress’ electric powers allude to the lemon batteries in the game’s name.

Earlier in the game, the Cookie skill didn’t activate until the run began, but this was later reverted following fan complaints. This change meant to balance the characters, but it also disadvantaged low-energy Cookies and those that rely on Combi Pets and skills.

Fortunately, this change was not completely disastrous for the game. The new characters, referred to as Ovenbreak cookies, suffer from a common problem: power creep. The main advantage of this type of character is that it can collect energy from large-scoring jelly drops, so it is ideal for trophy mode. Its low-scoring potential can be compensated by the ability to use the Longan Dragon Cookie to smash obstacles.


There are a variety of pets to choose from in Cookie Run Ovenbreak. These pets can be used to increase your character’s health or to revive them. The most common types of pets in this game are health pets, regeneration pets, and legendary pets. Fortunately, you can also combine pets with cookies and unlock combo pets.

The Cookie Run Ovenbreak characters tier list includes pets that have been introduced in the new game. The best ones are at the top of the list. Those who rank lower are at the bottom. The Pets Tier List is based on community voting and is ranked as a cumulative average of six submitted tier lists. To contribute a tier list, simply log in to the site and publish it.

Giant mode

Cookie Run Ovenbreak offers a new challenge with its Giant mode. This giant-sized version of the popular adventure game features more than thirty-four female characters and is categorized into the Team Battle RPG genre. The driving force behind the game is its character development, and this is also evident in the combat. Aside from combat, it also features item crafting, which requires tools and sugar gnomes. The tools you make will help you complete the story map.

Spinach Cookie, a character similar to the Cracker Jelly, is also known for his love of vegetables. His favorite meal is vegetable soup, and he makes his own version using five different jellies. Each jelly has a unique effect and players must collect all five of them to activate it. Upon collecting all five of these jellies, players will get a bonus.

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Best Characters Tier List

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Before we start to look at the list, it is important that you know that I only selected the best characters. As there are a lot of characters in this game I haven’t ranked them all but only the recommended ones. It is possible that some characters you love might be in a different tier, or are completely absent from this list. You can still have fun playing around with them. Let’s now get to the list.

S-TierWind Archer Cookie
S-TierSpinach Cookie
S-TierMoonlight cookie
S-TierBlackberry Cookie
S-TierMarshmallow Cookie
S-TierSea Fairy Cookie
S-TierLime Cookie
S-TierPeach Cookie
S-TierDark Choco Cookie
S-TierPeppermint cookie
A-TierWhite Choco Cookie
A-TierSorbet Shark Cookie
A-TierSnow Sugar Cookie
A-TierPlum Cookie
A-TierRaspberry Mousse Cookie
A-TierRoguefort Cookie
A-TierPurple Yam Cookie
A-TierSoda Cookie
A-TierCocoa Cookie
A-TierHerb Cookie
B-TierGumball Cookie
B-TierFig Cookie
B-TierSpace Doughnut
B-TierCaptain Ice Cookie
B-TierAvocado Cookie
B-TierLemon Cookie
B-TierDr. Wasabi Cookie
B-TierKumiho Cookie
B-TierFire Spirit Cookie
C-TierShining Glitter Cookie
C-TierLobster Cookie
C-TierEarl Grey Cookie
C-TierMoon Rabbit Cookie
C-TierNinja Cookie
C-TierLicorice Cookie
C-TierAlchemist Cookie
C-TierFirecracker Cookie
C-TierCookie with Onion
D-TierZombie Cookie
D-TierPistachio Cookie
D-TierMuscle Cookie
D-TierCarol Cookie
D-TierYoga Cookie
D-TierPopcorn cookie
D-TierPrincess Cookie
D-TierAngel Cookie
D-TierIon Cookie Robot
D-TierSkater Cookie

Legendary character

A Legendary character is the top-tier character in Cookie Run Ovenbreak. These characters have spectacular abilities and are almost always a winner. As a result, they’re very hard to defeat. They’re also the most expensive characters in the game. To get to their legendary status, players must complete various challenges.

There are a few things that you can do to get a Legendary character in Cookie Run Ovenbreak. First of all, you must level them up. There are two ways to do this. You can either level up by playing a few different levels or you can level up by completing different objectives. Either way, the higher you level up, the more powerful the cookie will become.

Using the Moonlight Cookie can be beneficial to your progress. It teleports faster, which is perfect for long maps. It also has several special abilities, including the ability to destroy obstacles while sleeping. It’s also a good choice for newcomers since it can perform well even in long maps. In addition, this cookie enjoys learning and can earn extra points for doing so. Sometimes, it can even set up minigames to keep you entertained.

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