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Cool Valorant Crosshairs In 2023

Cool Valorant Crosshairs

There are plenty of ways to customize the look of your crosshair. Some of the options include a smile, center dot, outlines and more. Customization of the crosshair can make the game look much more fun and engaging. Luckily, this mod is easy to install and comes with many customization options.


If you’re in the market for a custom crosshair for Valorant, you’ve come to the right place. It’s a simple process to add the crosshair, and there are tons of customization options available. In this article, we’ll look at two crosshair styles that are great for the game.

The first option is to change the color of your crosshair. It is recommended that you choose a color that is distinctive and distinguishable. The colors available include green, white, and yellow. However, the right setting for your Valorant will depend on your preferences. For example, if you like a white cursor, then go for it.

Another color that you can choose for your crosshair is aqua. This color is a great alternative to green and cyan, and is also easy to spot with or without outlines. Pink is also an excellent option, as it stands out on most backgrounds. However, it might look odd if your crosshair is too small and has outlines.

With a center dot

Cool Valorant Crosshairs

Cool Valorant Crosshairs with centered dots have several advantages. For starters, they’re easier to see in the game. This is a great feature for players who have trouble seeing in the center of the map. They also help you get a straight aim.

Another advantage of this type of crosshair is the fact that it’s customizable. You can make them small or large, or remove them altogether. If you’re not into the idea of crosshairs, you can go with nothing. Some Valorants have no crosshairs at all.

You can adjust the opacity of the center dot and the center crosshair outlines, or switch them off altogether. A center dot is especially useful if you plan on shooting opaque objects or for headshots. The Valorant crosshairs also have a black outline, which makes them stand out from other objects in the game. In addition to the size, the opacity and thickness of the outline can be easily changed.

One of the best Valorant players is Grim. He is a popular Valorant streamer. His sage walls provide insane boosts, as well as off-angles and heights. It is considered one of the best players in NA. Grim’s crosshair is a little more traditional and is centered on the map, but it has a center dot for easy aiming.

With outlines

If you’re looking for a crosshair that’s a bit different from the rest, you’ve probably come across the crosshairs designed by a professional Valorant player, aproto. This Valorant player is best known as the in-game leader of the Fnatic team, which has represented the region in multiple VCT tournaments. His crosshair design is unique, with a circle in the center, which makes it easy to line up your teammates or enemies in a very precise manner.

Valorant is also known for its ability to customize crosshair colors, with many different options available to customize your crosshair. Many professionals use Green or Cyan crosshair colours, though some people suffer from selective colour blindness and may need to choose a different colour. Another way to customize the look of your crosshair bars is to change the outline thickness. Most players don’t overdo it, however, so you can customize it according to your preference.

While the Valorant crosshairs feature a black outline, you can change its opacity or thickness to make them stand out. If you want to have a center dot, you can also change its opacity. It’s a great option for players who like to line up their headshots.

Enjoyable Crosshairs to Use in Valorant

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Listed below are all of the enjoyable crosshair settings you should utilize to set your most popular crosshair in Valorant. Beneath the desk, you’ll discover a temporary description for every crosshair.

Title NormalInternal StrainsOuter Strains
Knights Of The RoundtableOn/1/1/Off/1/2/OnOn/1/8/9/0/Off/OffOn/1/4/3/7/Off/Off
Shut CommercialOff/0.5/1/On/1/3/OnOn/1/1/6/1/Off/OffOff/0.35/2/2/10/Off/On
Keep AfloatOff/1/1/Off/1/2/OnOn/1/20/10/20/On/OnOn/0/0/2/10/Off/On
Goal AcquiredOn/0.5/1/On/0/2/OnOn/0.8/4/1/20/On/OnOn/1/1/2/40/Off/On
Floating OrbOff/0.5/1/On/1/6/OnOn/1/8/5/0/Off/OffOn/1/4/10/3/Off/Off
Hashtag EnjoyableOff/1/1/Off/1/2/OnOff/0.8/6/2/3/On/OnOn/1/1/7/1/Off/Off
MSPaint EraserOn/0.95/1/On/1/6/OnOn/0/0/0/0/On/OnOn/0/0/2/10/Off/On
Pixelated FractalOff/1/1/Off/1/2/OnOn/1/8/9/0/Off/OffOn/1/4/3/7/Off/Off
Smile Okay PleaseOn/1/2/Off/0/0On/1/6/10/0/Off/OffOn/0/3/3/0/Off/Off
Odin SlayerOn/1/6/On/1/6/OnOn/1/20/10/20/On/OnOn/1/10/2/40/Off/On

Knights of the Roundtable

This crosshair resembles the well-known roundtable of King Arthur and his knights in attendance. That is fairly the royal crosshair, so be sure you pair it up with a sovereign pores and skin and royally destroy your opponents.


Shut Commercial Crosshair

The shut commercial crosshair is so shockingly just like that of the particular ones that annoyingly seem, this is able to work each as a device in addition to a prank. Make sure to cancel out annoying lurkers with this one.

Keep Afloat Crosshair

Resemblant of a float, Valorant has launched an analogous spray in-game, and for sure, these two would make a extremely nice combo in-game.

Goal Acquired Crosshair

Keep in mind all of the COD and Battlefield moments that required you to maneuver aerial automobiles and destroy targets? Right here’s a crosshair resemblant of the fighter jet techniques to trace down and destroy opponents in an ambush.

Floating Orb Crosshair

Floating in plain sight, this crosshair seems to be like an orb you possibly can make the most of to extend an final level.

Hashtag Enjoyable Crosshair

It’s often higher to slay your enemies than communicate with them, however utilizing this hashtag spray allows you to accomplish each.

Instagram in Valorant Crosshair

Socializing isn’t that tough on Valorant. Particularly now that you understand there’s an Instagram crosshair setting in-game.

MS-Paint Eraser Crosshair

“Solely 90s children will bear in mind”, want we are saying extra? Right here’s a crosshair in reminiscence of the sharp square-shaped eraser in MS Paint.

Pixelated Fractal Crosshair

For some purpose, that is among the many hottest crosshairs utilized by Valorant gamers. We will why the peculiar association makes it laborious to withstand.

Valorant Sapling Crosshair

Skye-mains will love this one. This crosshair when zoomed-in, resembles a sapling just like that of the battle cross’ particular card launch for Skye.

Smile Okay Please Crosshair

The Mona Lisa of crosshairs. Is that this crosshair smiling as a result of it’s plotting to slaughter or is it simply meh? We go away the judgment to you.

Enjoyable Sus Valorant Crosshair

The RIP Crosshair

Delicately place this crosshair over your slain enemies as you Teabag them. This wreath crosshair brings no peace providing with it in any way.

 Tic-Tac-Toe Crosshair

Fancy a fast sport of Tic-Tac-Toe simply earlier than you enter the maze of fracture? Right here’s a enjoyable crosshair resemblant of essentially the most beloved pen and paper sport.

Windmill Crosshair

Most likely essentially the most well-known crosshair amongst these on this checklist, Tenz even used this in one in all his streams. This may occasionally not get you top-frag-worthy kills, however it’s certain to have you ever laughing for hours.

Odin Slayer Crosshair

We’re undecided why this crosshair feels so overwhelming however when used with an Odin, it provides you immortal powers to annihilate every little thing in your path. (Not Actually!)

Snowflake Crosshair

The light snowflake crosshair is definitely essentially the most used and imported crosshair. The crosshair supplies a reasonably good far-off sight when taking pictures and is admittedly soothing to have a look at as properly.

With a smile

If you’re looking for a new design for your head-hunting crosshair, you can get one in the game with a smiley face. Although not the most accurate representation, the smiley face design is a great way to spread positive vibes while playing. However, if you’re a competitive player, the smiley crosshair is not the best choice.

This new crosshair is similar to the one used by fighter jets. It has a black background and yellow eyes and is extremely visible. Another unique variation is the hashtag crosshair, which reminds you of trending topics on social networks. It looks very cool, but isn’t very practical for competitive play.

Valorant provides a wide range of crosshair settings. You can choose the smiley face crosshair for the purpose of pranking, eliminating lurkers, or just plotting with your team. This smiley face crosshair is especially useful for unrated matches and if your teammates are trolls. It also includes a crosshair setting that you can share with your friends on social networks.

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