What Does Copium Meaning in Twitch Chat? And Why Popular

You may have heard the term copium meaning on Twitch chat or even Reddit before, but you might not be sure exactly what it means. The word is often used to poke fun of left-wing Internet users who are upset over Donald Trump’s election. Here’s a brief rundown of what it means.

What Does Copium Mean in Twitch Chat?

Copium is a portmanteau word made of two words: cope and opium. It means to deal with a difficult situation effectively. It’s used in a variety of contexts, including sports, tribal settings, and politics. In Twitch Chat, it’s also a portmanteau word, which means that it’s a combination of two words.

What Does Copium Mean In Twitch Chat

Copium first showed up on Twitch chat in 2012 and is thought to have originated from Keak da Sneak’s album. While it is used to mean “copy paste,” the word can also mean “rip” or “rest in peace.” While Copium is now a commonly used word, its meaning is still unclear.

Copium is a popular word in Twitch Chat. Copium may also be used in Reddit comments. But the origin story is not clear. So, get your Gen Z hats on, and let’s dive into the meaning and origins of Copium.

What is the Origin of Copium

Copium is actually a meme that originated in 2003. This was before Twitch was launched on June 6, 2011. In 2003, rapper Keak da Sneak released his album “Copium” in the United States. This is the first known use of the word. But, it is uncertain if the Copium word actually has the same meaning.


Copium was discovered via the r/the_meltdown reddit. This subreddit became popular after Donald Trump’s election win during the 2016 campaign. This meme became more popular because many left-wingers were upset.

The meme made a return in 2020 when Donald Trump lost the election. This time, however, the meme moved into the right-wing group. Who said memes can’t bring the world together?

The Copium meme has seen an increase in popularity since its 2016 debut.


Twitch Chat: What is Copium?

Copium is an amalgamation of two words ‘Cope’ and ‘Opium’. This word can be used as a consolation message or self-support message following defeat.

Urban Dictionary user enterprise1701 explains this word in the following manner:

The metaphorical opiate that is inhaled when confronted with loss, failure, and defeat, especially in sports, politics, or other tribal settings.

This is all you need to know about Copium in Twitch. It also explains how the meme came to be. Once you’re done reading this, take a look to.

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As of 2016, the term “copium” is no longer commonly used on Twitch Chat, but its usage has gained popularity. Though its meaning has evolved, the term is still an opiate that’s used metaphorically to refer to failure. It has long been used in tribal settings, but has only recently become widely used in political contexts, notably during the US presidential election.

The term first started on 4chan and spread across social media, eventually being used heavily by right-leaning users on Reddit and Twitch. Using the word in emotes was a popular way for right-leaning users to express their politics. One particular example is the use of the emote “Make America Great Again”. This word was used so much that Pepe The Frog began to wear a ‘Make America Great Again’ cap, which was the emote of the day.

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