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Counter Side Tier List 2023 Full Brand-New September

Counter Side Tier List

The Counter Side Tier List can help you improve your game. This list is great for both novice and experienced players. This list will help you become a better player. There are many players to choose from and it is easy to find the one that suits you. So, let’s get started!

Xiao Lin

Xiao Lin, a utility DPS with great range and damage, is versatile. Her abilities stun enemies making her an excellent choice for teamfights. She is an excellent choice for all modes, as her cost is low.

You can use the Counter Side character tier lists to help you navigate the game. To help you select the best character for your situation, the list shows the tiers. This is especially important if your goal is to play for free. Counter Side’s tier list was created with endgame outcomes at heart and was thoroughly tested by top-tier players.

The Tier A Counters are very good performers in the current meta. This is in line with the S-tier Counter Side characters. They are capable of winning most battles with relative ease. Tier B CounterSide are decent units that can take you through most content. You can also be killed by them.

Evelyn Keller

Counter Side is an action role-playing game with amazing mechanics and difficult battles. Your team of counters must defeat various enemies. You have the option to choose from many different character types so if you don’t pick the right team composition, it can spell disaster. This article will discuss how to select the best Counter team composition.

The Counter Side characters can be ranked into tiers. A-SSR/SR and SR are the most important grades. Characters of higher grades are hard to find and very rare. You can reroll to gain tiers two and three characters.

Kim Sobin

Counter Side Tier List

There are many tiers in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The five categories that make up the character tier list are A-SSR A-Tier B-Tier and C-Tier. The A-Tier list has strong characters, but their skills aren’t as great as those of the tier S characters.

To make it easier to find the right character or situation, the Counter Side Tier List has been broken down into several categories. This allows you to maximize your energy and time, which is particularly important in a free-to play game like Counter Side Tier. This list was compiled using high-level accounts that were tested and is based upon what players are experiencing during the game’s final stages.

Nanahara Chifuyu

Nanahara Chifuyu, a Counter-Strike top-tier striker, is an excellent choice. She is very adaptable and has high stats. Her basic attack deals AOE damage and her passive skill decreases the target’s DEF for four seconds. Ultimate attacks are her secondary attack that deals damage and slows targets for 15 seconds.

The Counter in A Tier ranks are very good in current meta. They make excellent counters and are a great choice for anyone looking for one. They are very similar to S-tier characters, as they can win most battles. They are decent units that can help you get through most of the content. They will be destroyed by enemy troops, however.

Counter Side Tier List Of Best Characters 2022

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Counter: Side can play many roles. We have created a Tier List to help you choose the right character for each role.

CounterSide Ranger Role Tier List

S TIERKyle Wong, Kim Sobin, Joo Shiyoon.
A TIERElizabeth Pendragon, Gaeun, Seo Yoon.
B TIERSparrowx2, Nayuka Minato, Shin Jia, Cathy Wade.
C TIEREddie Fisher, Assault Trooperx3, Yoo Mina, Riflemanx3, Scoutx3, Archenex2, John Mason, Han Sorim, UBGL Riflemanx2.
D TIERPeacekeeperx3, Thaddeus Morgan, Cho Hojin, Recoiless Gunnerx2, ZSU Shilka, Black Tail, Yang Hasnol, Yuna Springfield.

Sniper Role

S TIERXiao Lin.
A TIERSylvia Lena Copper, Hayamai Sanae.
B TIERAdamant Sniper, Sweeperx2 Kim Chowon
C TIERMaya Hunt, Miya, Sniper, Stinger Gunnerx2.
D TIERBuzzard, HM MRLS, Reaper.

Striker Role

S TIERLin Xien, Cindy Looper.
A TIERRoy Burnett, Titan, Terminatorx2, Bomi.
B TIEREsterosa de Chavalier, Jake Walker, Orca, Nanahara Chifuyu, MA1 HMMWV, Park Hyunsoo.
C TIERWoodpecker, Jane Doe, Liv Allen, Oh Saerom, Hilde, Chariot, Zena Bird.
D TIERIngrid Johanna, Eujin, Surpressorx2, Amy Strickland, Nina Anderson, Jessica Green

Supporter Role

S TIERYang Harim.
TIEREvelyn Keller, Claudia Nelson.
B TIERNanahara Chinatsu, Arius Esquede, Ironside.
C TIERLee Minseo, Lee Jin, Shim smi.
D TIERLaura Beatrix

Defender Role

S TIERIrie Alford, Ryan Ferrier.
A TIERHound.
B TIERFione Lowell, Benedict Constantine.
C TIERHirose Aki. Shiledmanx2, Strongholdx2, Kim Chulsoo.
D TIERLee Dafoe. Choi Gangsan. Charlie Rockwood. Tommy the Die Hard. Ogami Masaki.

Siege Role

S TIERChoi Ina.
B TIERGabriel Jun, The Vicious Breaker
C TIERRhino Tactical Transporter Deuce, a Half, Mortar Team
D TIERPZH Mobile Gun.

Tower Role

S TIERChoi Ina.
B TIERGabriel Jun, The Vicious Breaker
C TIERRhino Tactical Transporter Deuce, a Half, Mortar Team
D TIERPZH Mobile Gun.

Seo Yoon

If you are interested, please contact us. Counter-SideIt is important to know that there is a variety of Korean counters, each with different damage-dealing abilities. To help you choose the right counter, our Counter Side Tier List can be helpful. This guide provides a detailed explanation of the strengths and weaknesses for each Counter-Side character. It’s an excellent starting point for new players.

Each character in this Counter-Seo Yoon Counter Side Tier List is ranked according their level. There are four levels to this game’s characters. Each tier has four levels. The A and C tiers have strong characters while the S and R tiers have characters with average skills. The D tier has the most weak characters.

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