Craftopia Save Editor

How to Edit the Craftopia Save in Craftopia

Craftopia makes it simple to modify game saves. The AppData folder or RegEdit often stores the game save file. It is easy for you to locate. This will allow you to locate it in your taskbar. Click on the search icon. Enter “Craftopia” into the search box. Select the “Advanced Settings” option to view hidden files or folders. Touchscreens can be used to search for the folder by clicking on “Search”.

Craftopia Save game Editor

Craftopia’s Save Game is what brought you here. Craftopia can be used to edit Craftopia’s source code. To make tabs work, it is possible to modify them. You can also find the source code for Craftopia in %APPDATA%-localLowPocketPair-Craftopia-Save.

Craftopia Save Editor

Craftopia İnventory Editor

Craftopia’s Inventary editor lets you customize any aspect. You can modify the colors, shapes and sound effects. The best thing about this editor is the ability to save all the changes you make in the game. This allows you to save your game, and then load it whenever you like. You can personalize every aspect of the game with over 100 options.

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Craftopia İtem Editor

Craftopia is the place to be if you’ve ever wanted to design your world or create your character. The next update to the editor will make it even easier. You can customize the colors and layout of your items with the new SGE Editor (Source Code Editor). So get creative! Continue reading to find out more about Craftopia’s new features.

The SCP version is still available for download on Steam, but PocketPair’s version has been made available on Xbox. The game is available on Series XS, as well as Xbox One. Pocketpair intends to release future updates, even though current version is still available. Pocketpair is currently developing performance enhancement patches to Xbox One. Craftopia is now available for Xbox. After you have learned the basics, you’ll be creating in no time.



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