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Crimson Heist TTS: New Operators and Map Changes

You are welcome, hommies. Today we will be discussing the Crimson Heist TTS and Rainbow Six Siege’s new content update.

TTS stands to Technical Test Server. This is where players can test out new features before they are officially released. The Crimson Heist TTS is a firecracker!

Crimson Heist is the major keyword in the latest update. It’s the one that’s taking the Rainbow Six Siege Community by storm. This update introduces Flores, a new operator and a reworked Border map. Let me now break it down for you.

Flores is the New Operator

Flores is an attacking operator from Argentina and he packs some heat! His device is the RCEā€“Ratero, which can be remotely controlled and detonated in three ways. This device can be used to break down walls, detonate defense gadgets and even kill enemies.

Flores has an additional gadget, the AR33 rifle. This makes him a formidable operator during battles.

Rework the Border Map

To balance the gameplay and increase competition for attackers and defenses, the Border map has been updated. To connect the armory and the security room, the east staircase has been removed. A new hallway has been created.

Defenders have more options for moving around the map and attackers can find new spawn points, giving them a better chance of approaching the map stealthily.


Crimson Heist TTS remains in testing, so there could be additional changes or additions before it is officially released. It looks great so far.

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Put on your best game face, and you’ll be able to enjoy the Crimson HeistTM TTS, hommies! For more information on Rainbow Six Siege, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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