CrossFire Hack

CrossFire Hack Download Free (CFPH Cheat 2021) Glow, Aimbot, Super

New cheat for Crossfire this cheat named CrossFire Hack Download Free (CFPH Cheat 2021) Glow, Aimbot, Super has a lot of good features and easy to use. With this free cheat and hack you will terminate the lobbys in Crossfire game.

CrossFire Hack

CrossFire is a tactical first-person online video game for personal computers developed by South Korean SmileGate. CrossFire provides the opportunity to play against real opponents for free on its own servers.

CrossFire Mods

There are seven modes that come with the game:

Search & Destroy: The Search & Destroy mod consists of twelve maps. The goal is to set a bomb in the Black List team and protect the bomb. The aim of the Global Risk team is to prevent the Black List team from setting up a bomb or to destroy the installed bomb. There is a kit for defusing the bomb. This kit allows the bomb to be destroyed faster. The kit is purchased with in-game currency (GP). In the game, there is only Ceyhan and Ankara maps in Turkey and it is in Search & Destroy mode.
Team&Deathmatch: This mode is consists of eleven maps in total. There are two types of gameplay in this mode, time and death. In time mode, the team with the most kills from the Global Risk or Black List teams in 5-12 minutes wins. In kill mode, one of the numbers 40, 60, 100, 150 is selected. The first team to reach the selected number wins. and many more

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Best Working CrossFire Hack Download Free

Crossfire x64 Hack
Working Servers: 
All Crossfire x64 Clients & Servers [Xigncode]
Working Systems: x64 All (Windows 10 x64 Windows 7

Tested Servers: West

WallHack = F2
Phantom Light = F3
SeeGhost = F4
Unlimited Bag = F5 (B)
Show/Hide Menu = INSERT
Clear Screen = END

Just use Extreme injector or any injector from here and inject the dll to game

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