Salute all the Cheaters all over the world,let me introduce to you CSGO BOSS LOADER, The first objective of this Loader project is the security of the Cheaters all around the world, this Loader does not communicate with a server in any way, it only downloads and uses the specific DLL and VacBypass file using GitHub servers. Loader doesn’t keep any personal information like other loaders. If necessary to give the other loaders the users’ IP addresses of the HWID addresses and the number of users of the application are on their servers and hosts. While doing this Loader our first goal was not to keep any user information. This Loader is just githubdan specific current csgo hack dll files and vacbypass file


In Boss Loader, there are 5 working undetected best csgo cheats and total there are 12 DLL, but hacks that detected and not working are not avaible to use.

The Loader is automatically updated when there is new updated hacks.

When New Updated version comes for Loader, sends message box to members from the code that has previously been written in

So this way you will be able to know if there is a new update for loader without any server connection needed from external servers to send messages to members. We have found such a solution to avoid using any server for Loader.


It has a VAC Bypass button on right top, you can turn it on and select your Steam.exe from steam folder if you want to use VacBypass option (this is optional)

From settings tab you can set the Injection settings.

It is simple to use Loader

  1. Download it from download button down bellow.
  2. Extract it to desktop
  3. Run the Boss Loader
  4. Start CSGO Game from steam and Make sure it is Windowed Fullscreen.
  5. Click and hack you want to use from Loader category.
  6. Thats it, It is really simple and even we dont suggest it but you can Inject more than 1 Hacks…

Boss Loader on Action

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