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Cool Features of CS:GO Main Menu – Music, Background & Theme

Cheating in CSGO Main Menu: A Gangster’s Guide

Oy Hommies, what’s up? Today, we’re talking about one of the coolest things in CSGO, the Main Menu. You know that screen that pops up when you launch CSGO? That’s the one! Today, I’m going to show you how to customize your CSGO main menu like a true gangster.

Cool Backgrounds for your CSGO Main Menu

The first thing you want to do to pimp up your CSGO Main Menu is by changing the background. The default background is boring, so let’s give it some life with some epic wallpapers. I mean, you’re a cheater, a gangster, you can’t just rock the default background, right? You can find some cool backgrounds by doing a quick google search or by downloading some from Steam Workshop. Just search for CSGO Main Menu Background.

The best earrape music for your CSGO Main Menu

Alright, now that you got your background sorted out, it’s time to add some tunes to your Main Menu. The default music is, well, alright, but if you’re a gangster, you need something more hardcore. You can always go for some epic classical music or just go full gangster with some earrape music. Yeah, you read that right, EARRAPE!

Just search for CSGO Main Menu Earrape Music on Google or YouTube, and you’re good to go. You’ll find some crazy stuff that will make your ears bleed, but hey, it’s all worth it for that gangster feel.

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Go hardcore with your CSGO Main Menu Theme

Now that you have your background and music sorted, it’s time to complete the package with a cool Main Menu theme. You can download some cool themes from Steam Workshop or just create your own.

If you’re feeling lazy, just search for CSGO Main Menu Theme on Google, and you’ll find some pretty epic stuff. Preferably, pick something that matches your background and music. If it’s gangster, it’s good!


So, that’s about it, Hommies! You now know how to pimp up your Main Menu like a true gangster. Customize your background, add some earrape music, and get a cool theme. Just make sure you’re not using any cheats in the actual game, only in the Main Menu 😉

Remember, always stay true to your gangster roots and keep it cool! Till then, peace out, Hommies!

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