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CSGO Name Tag Rules: Codes, Symbols, Removal and Tag Ideas

Hey hommies! Cheater Boss, your boy, is back with another blog for all of you CSGO gamers. Today we will be discussing the rules and regulations governing CSGO Name Tag. Trust me, you need to understand some of these things!

What are the CSGO Name Tag Rules

Let’s start by understanding what CSGO name tag rules are. CSGO Name Tag allows players to create a personal tag for their weapons or other items. This feature has its own rules and regulations. These rules are important to follow in order not to be banned by CSGO, or worse, a VAC ban.

CSGO Name Tag Code

To add a nametag or weapon to your item, the first thing you should know is the code. Click on the item that you wish to add a nametag to to go to your inventory. After you have logged into the item’s inventory you will see the option to add a Name Tag. Click on it to add the tag you want. For CSGO pros, the code is simple and easy to remember.

Name Tag CSGO Symbols

Let’s now talk about symbols in your name tags. To make their nametags unique, there are many players who use symbols. It’s important to remember that not all symbols can be used in CSGO nametags. Some symbols may be considered offensive, racist or abusive. Before you add any symbol to your collection, ensure it is allowed by CSGO.

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CSGO Takes Off Name Tag

Sometimes you may want to take your name tag off your weapon or other item. You can remove a nametag by simply adding it. Go to your inventory and click the item with the nametag. Select the Remove Name Tag option. It’s that simple!

Ideas for CSGO name tags

There are no set rules when it comes down to naming your weapon. It doesn’t matter what you name it, so long as it isn’t offensive or abusive. Here are some cool ideas for name tags that you can try. What about Noob Slayer, Bullet Magnet or Headshot Machine? Be creative with your name tags, and tell us in the comment section what you have come up with.

CSGO Best Name Tag

The best name tag in CSGO is subjective. The best name tag for one player may not work for another. There are some very cool name tags like Born to AwP or 4K Beast. Are you a fan of a particular name tag? Leave a comment below to let us know your favorite name tags.

Funny CSGO name tags

Let’s end with funny name tags. CSGO is about having fun. And what better way than to have fun with a funny tag? Some of our favorite ones include Random Guy #47 and Banana Slayer. In the comments, share your funnyst name tags.


This is it folks. Everything you need to know about CSGO’s name tag rules. The feature is great fun but it’s important that you follow all rules and regulations of CSGO. We hope you found this article helpful. Don’t forget that we would love to see your most creative name tags. Until next time, peace out!

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