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Discord Dank Memer Commands – Easy Way To Add And Use Commands in 2023?

How to Add and Use Discord Commands

Discord Dank Mesmer Commands, Discord makes it easy to add variety and new features to your game. The bot can be set to play music, to send messages, and to play trivia. You can set the bot to whitelist certain users or time your messages.

Music module

Discord Dank Memer Commands

A music module can be added to your Discord server to bring good vibes. You can upload music from YouTube and SoundCloud. You can also select from different music bots. Some are easier than others.

MEE6 music bot is powerful and great for large servers. It includes message integration, background songs, small group games and many other features. It also includes simple moderation tools. You can create custom playlists or assign roles. To punish users for inappropriate behavior, you can also create a penalty catalogue.

RhinoBot is another music bot that allows you to add music directly to your server. You can also program a random song order. It allows you to search YouTube videos within your Discord server. It also supports Twitch, SoundCloud, and Twitch.

Trivia module

You can use the Trivia module of the Discord Dank Memer Bot to test your knowledge against other members on your server. It pulls questions form various trivia websites and creates an interesting little game. The leaderboard displays the results.

To protect against abuse, the bot has a depth moderation function. This ensures that the game content is easy to use.

You will also find a large number of commands in the module. These commands can be used to generate dank memes in real-time and update your server’s memes. You can also rob banks.

You can also use the specialized command to get a trivia question that is based on a random category. PokeMeow is a great choice for Pokemon fans.

The Urban Dictionary module can be used to search for funny quotations from the Urban Dictionary. YouTube’s YouTube module also allows you to search for funny videos.

Timed messages

It can boost engagement by adding a Discord Dank MemerBot to your Discord server. These bots can be used to provide moderation tools, music and random audio cues. These bots are a great way for you to market your brand and keep your Discord server fun and light-hearted.

To send timed messages, you can use a Discord chat bot. These messages can be either embedded messages or plain text messages. The bot will then send the message at the time specified. You can schedule messages for up to 180 days. You can delete or modify a timed communication at any moment.

To create announcements, you can also use a Discordbot. These announcements can also be used for various purposes such as joining a server or announcing upcoming events.

Embed message

It’s easy to add an embedded message to Discord. There are a few things you need to know before you can use this feature. First, understand what an embedded is.

An embed message is a message that Discord is only able to send. You can create an embed message to suit your needs. You can change the link, color, avatar and avatar. It can also be used to share a video.

You will need permissions to embed messages. Discord must be allowed to access your account to send messages. Additionally, you will need an account on the server.

An embed message can be used to send timed messages depending on your requirements. It can also be used to create Leave announcements.

How to use Dank Memer Bot in Discord

image 414 dank memer commands

You’ll want to add the dank memer bot from Melmsie’s (The Creator) official Dank Memer web site after which assign the admin function to it in your server after which you should utilize it by typing in a bunch of instructions. Right here’s a whole step-by-step course of you possibly can observe for a similar.

How to add Dank Memer Bot on My Server

Right here’s how one can add the Dank Memer bot to your Discord server.

  1. Start Discord from your PC.
  2. You’ll must be an admin or have admin permissions of the server you want to add the bot to.
  3. Head to the official Dank Memer website.
  4. Moreover, you’ll need to log in if you happen to haven’t already to discord.
  5. From the choices on the high, choose “Invite”.
  6. Next, select a server from this listing.
  7. Pick the one you would like to add the Dank Memer Bot.
  8. You’ll now have a window pop up which is able to ask you to assign some permissions to the bot.
  9. To ensure that the bot works properly, you must grant all permissions.
  10. After you’ve learn it via, click on on authorize.
  11. Now open up your discord server and also you’ll see that the bot has been added to your server.
  12. Administrator permissions are necessary to make the bot work at its best.
  13. If there’s a particular group you want to add it to, you possibly can merely simply right-click on it and add it to the group.

Discord instructions by Dank Memer Bot

So as to use your Dank Memer bot on Discord, you’ll must sort in a couple of instructions that may instruct it to perform in a sure approach. To ensure that your bot is up-to-date, you will need to provide updated instructions. Right here’s what you possibly can sort to get began. Simply type as you would normally, within the textual content house.

  • “pls assist” – (With out the inverted commas) This command is essentially the most primary and first command you possibly can enter. This command will only open up all classes that the dankmer bot has.
  • “pls picture” – This command will show an inventory of extra classes which have photographs for memes.
  • “pls assist foreign money” – This one’s a very enjoyable in-group chat recreation you possibly can play. Just type the following and you’ll see the instructions!

There are a ton of extra instructions you should utilize in Dank Memer’s chat bot choices. Whereas we will’t listing all of them out right here, there’s a approach you possibly can maintain observe of all of those instructions. You can customize your bot to your liking within your server. You can also view all the customizations and instructions you can add to your bot by going to the Dank Meme Commands Page.

Right here you’ll discover the whole listing sorted so as. To make these instructions easily accessible, we recommend bookmarking this page. Alternatively, you possibly can even save a few of these inside a phrase doc or notepad in order that if the location faces points your leisure doesn’t cease.

Module whitelist

Discord Dank MemerBot’s Whitelist module can be used to control what is and cannot be allowed on your server. This module will delete any messages that exceed the maximum allowed. This module can also be used with the Mass Mentions module, which allows you to regulate the type of messages permitted.

Other modules can be used for controlling your bot. These modules have the same functionality as the one in the previous paragraph but include additional features. The most important feature is the tag feature. This feature allows you to tag members and manage their actions on your server.

You can create many different types messages with the Discord bot’s various modules. One of these modules is the timed message module. It allows you to set up messages to be published at a specific time. These messages can be edited at any time.

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