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Efficient DarkRP Inventory Pickup – Tips and Tricks

DarkRP Inventory Pickup: The Ultimate Guide For Cheater Hommies

Yo, what’s up cheaters? It’s your boy, straight outta Australia, ready to share with you some tricks about one of the coolest DarkRP features out there – Inventory Pickup. So buckle up, hommies, and let’s get right into it.

What Is DarkRP Inventory Pickup?

For those of you who are new to DarkRP, Inventory Pickup is a feature that allows you to pick up certain items that you find around the map and store them in your inventory for later use. This feature is not available on every DarkRP server, but most servers have it enabled.

Now, this is where things get interesting. You see, not all items can be picked up with Inventory Pickup. Only items that are designated as pickup-able by the server can be collected. These items include weapons, money, and drugs, among others.

How To Use DarkRP Inventory Pickup

Using Inventory Pickup is pretty simple. Once you find a pickup-able item, simply walk up to it and press the Use key (which is usually the E key). If the item is indeed pickup-able, it will be added to your inventory, and you’ll see a message on your screen confirming the pickup.

Now, here’s a pro tip for you – you can use Inventory Pickup to quickly and quietly steal items from other players. If you see a weapon or a stack of money lying around, simply pick it up and walk away. The owner of that item won’t even know what hit him.

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Why You Should Use DarkRP Inventory Pickup

Using Inventory Pickup is one of the smartest things you can do in DarkRP. It allows you to collect items that you might not be able to afford otherwise, or items that you need for a specific job or mission. Plus, it’s just plain fun to pick up items and watch your inventory grow.

But here’s the thing – not all servers have Inventory Pickup enabled. So, before you start playing on a DarkRP server, make sure to check if the feature is available. You can usually find this information on the server’s website or forums.


So, there you have it, hommies. A quick and easy guide to DarkRP Inventory Pickup. Remember, using this feature can give you an edge over other players, so use it wisely.

Until next time, keep on cheatin’.