Sky House

David Hotson Turns Sky House Into a Smash Hub

David Hotson, who was also responsible for the interior design of the penthouse at Sky House, transformed it into a Smash Hub. Professional Smash players flocked to the home, including Melee legend Jason Zimmerman as well as Chilean-born star Gonzalo Barrios. Sky House was the epicenter pro-Smash in California, especially after Super Smash Bros. For Wii U was released in November 2014. Sky House was the home of some of the best Smash players around the globe.

MacD’s Sky House Experience

Linnea Capps, a journalist, reported MacD’s experiences at Sky House in March 2016. Woodie later claimed that MacD had sexually harassed her. Sky Williams, Sky’s female colleague at MacD, claimed she knew of the harassment but didn’t do anything. Although the story is troubling, it offers interesting insights into the dynamics of the shared room. Many people were skeptical about Sky’s motives, and her alleged indifference towards her staff, after MacD’s story was published.

The environment at Sky House was particularly hostile in a period of increased political and social polarization. There were 20 people living in the house, sharing four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The house was disorganized and messy but the culture and manipulation structure held its residents together. Even though some residents tried to complain about living conditions, nobody was willing to take action. MacD and other residents found no way to complain and were treated like outsiders.

David Hotson’s Sky House penthouse remodel

Sky House

David Hotson designed the penthouse renovation located in Lower Manhattan on the 21st floors of a steel beam skyscraper. Hotson’s vision blends space and play with architectural sculptures and playful measures. The penthouse offers sweeping views over Manhattan and features playful escape routes. Its interior is filled bold color and fun furniture.

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Lower Manhattan penthouse residents might feel pressured to keep up with Joneses. Penthouses are the exclusive residences of New York City’s elite. They offer stunning views and exquisite interior furnishings. David Hotson’s Sky House penthouse renovation has included an 80-foot slide, and other unique touches. This renovation will be a hit.

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