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DBD Killer Perk Tier List 2022 – Best Killer Perks

Dead by Daylight Killer Perk Tier List 2022 – A Nurse’s Calling and Bitter Murmur

The DBD Killer Perk Tier List 2032 is here to keep you updated on the latest changes in the game. Currently, Overcharge is the most reliable and strongest regression perks in the game. We will also discuss the perks A Nurse’s Calling and Bitter Murmur to help you choose the best perk for your character. Read on to discover the top perks in this popular horror video game.

Overcharge is now one of the strongest and most reliable regression perks

Overcharge is a Regression perk that increases the speed at which generators can regress. The speed is calculated after the new baseline regression when kicking a generator. You can use Overcharge only once on a generator. Survivors that are unhooked during a Regression will retain their Endurance status effect for six, eight, or ten seconds. If you have this perk, you can also perform silent chest opening, cleansing, and blessing.

Overcharge is now one of the strongest and fastest regression perks in DBD Killer TierList 2022. This is a great tier for players who want to have the highest potential while playing in a competitive environment. You can use Overcharge to improve your character’s passive effects and to make your attacks stronger. The perks that increase movement speed have different benefits on different characters. You may want to choose a tier that is appropriate for your skill level.


If you’re a newbie to the game, it’s important to know the Tinkerer DBD Killer Perk tier list. This guide will help you decide which perks to get when leveling up your character. Dead by Daylight is a critically acclaimed game that received critical reviews for its innovative gameplay mechanics. It’s also becoming one of the most popular multiplayer horror games, with a burgeoning fan base on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Before you jump into the game, you should familiarize yourself with the abilities of your character, particularly the Tinkerer, which gives him a distinct advantage over his enemies.

Dead by Daylight killers are divided into five tiers based on their abilities and skills. The higher the Killer tier, the better he or she is, and the lower the rank, the easier it is for the surviving players to take down the killer. The following DBD Killer Perk Tier List 2022 will help you determine which of the different types of killers are right for you.

image 239 dbd killer perk tier list

Bitter Murmur

The DBD Killer Perk Tier List 2021 features the perks that new players should get as they start playing the game. A Survivor’s aura is revealed when a Survivor uses the Bitter Murmur perks. It also reduces wiggles by 75% and makes it harder for survivors to escape from hooks. The perks that new players should have include Iron Grasp and Sloppy Butcher.

The DBD Killer Perk Tier List 2021 features a list of different perks for each class. The B Tier consists of characters that excel in one area and struggle in others. They can be quite devastating in some situations, but they can be slow to recover from hit attempts. Likewise, C-tier Killers may lack mobility or other anti-looping features, so it’s best to focus on a few that do.

A Nurse’s Calling

A Nurse’s Calling is a new perk in DBD that grants the killer increased visibility of healing auras. This makes healing more difficult for survivors. If you want to heal quickly, you should use Inner Healing. It requires cleansing at least one totem and hiding in a locker. This skill will prevent the Nurse from detecting your healing auras. You can also use Thrilling Tremors to disrupt Survivors’ actions. However, you will need to master all of these abilities in order to fully benefit from this perk.

This killer perk increases the power of Fire Up by four percent when you have a full generator. It also increases your speed bonus by four percent for picking survivors and damaging pallets and walls. This killer perk also increases your terror radius by 12 meters. You should try this perk out as soon as possible. By using this perks, you’ll be able to dominate the competition in no time!

Corrupt Intervention

One of the most powerful killer perks available is Corrupt Intervention. This perk allows you to sabotage enemies by blocking three generators that are further away than you. The ability also delays the work of nearby generators. This makes it an excellent choice for almost every build, but there are a few exceptions. Let’s examine some of the best uses for this perk.

First, this DBD Killer Perk Tier List focuses on the ability to use Fire Up while the generator is full. Another advantage it grants is the stacking speed bonus. You gain up to four percent speed bonuses when picking survivors, breaking walls, or damaging generators. Additionally, you’ll gain six/12/18% speed if you carry a survivor. Your terror radius will also increase by 12 meters.

DBD Killer Perk Tier List Best Killer Perks⇩

These perks are the top ten Killer perks of each tier; starting from Dead by Daylight Killer perk tier list S-tier perks, (the best superior or elite) and graded down to the Dead by Daylight Killer perk tier list C-tier perks (average). Here’s a look at our DBD Killer Perk Tier List below.

DBD Killer Perk Tier List – Best Perks Should Pick⇩

DBD Killer Perk Tier List – With multiple killers, each with 3 unique perks, Dead by Daylight has the widest variety of killer perks. Advantages can help you keep control of objectives and subdue other survivors on the map. These perks can often change the outcome of matches.

Assassins are unique, unlike Survivor. Each Assassin has their own weapon, ability, and physical stats. Some killers may find certain perks impossible to use, while others can make them invaluable. There are a number of useful and effective assassin hobbyists. This should be considered when building your own assassin before every match.


Hopefully, you like this DBD Killer Perk Tier List that’s all you need to know about the best Killer perks in the Dead by Daylight game. To see how you can improve your build, be sure to visit the DBD Killer Perk List. In the game, check out the killers we wish to see in Dead by Daylight in the future. Want to receive free rewards in Dead by Daylight? Then check out these promo codes. Dead By Daylight Codes.

Barbecue & Chilli

One of the teachable killer perks in Destiny 2 is Barbecue & Chili. This perk allows you to see the aura of all nearby Survivors. When hooked, the aura will reveal the location of other Survivors who are over 40 meters away. This ability can be very useful for hunting down your next victim or locating survivors near you.

The top three killer perks in the game are based on current meta and are the most useful for any Killer. You can use these to reveal survivors or reduce the progress of generators. You can also use your chainsaw to kill any survivors who are chasing you. It may seem confusing, but this is why these killer perks are on the top of the list.

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