20 1 DBD OtZ Perk Tier List

DBD OTZ Perk Tier List in 2023

Using the DBD OtZ perk tier list is essential for getting the best kills in the game. The top killer in the game must eliminate all the survivors to unlock the next tier. You’ll need to master these perks if you want to be the top player. The following tier lists will help you with that. They are divided into six tiers: S-Tier, Tier D, and Master.

DBD OtZ Perk Tier List

Discordance: This perk highlights generators that are working together. As the perk level goes up, the duration of the highlight increases. This perk has a lot of negative connotations, and Otz deems it a bad thing. You have to prepare the game field with fallen for this perk to work properly. It may take some time, but it’s worth it for the additional kills and the higher level of this perk.

dbd otz perk tier listFallensteller: This perk allows you to create a Fallensteller and guarantees six more fallen. This perk is very interesting because it can help you get more fallen in a match. It takes a long time to prepare the field. As you can see, this perk is very beneficial in the game. It helps you catch more Survivors and enhance your chances of winning.

Dbd Survivor Perk Tier List

The Dbd Survivor perk tier list is ranked by the community. You can view the current tier list here. There are four tiers, the best is listed at the top, and the worst is at the bottom. The tiers are ranked by the general usefulness of the perks, so you should use them in combination to create the best survivor perk ten-tier list for your character. We posted Anime Mania Tier List you may want to check that list too.

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The best perks are those that make the player less vulnerable to damage, or increase their speed and efficiency. Some perks are better than others, but you can use them in conjunction with other perks to maximize your DBD survivor performance. Aside from the perk itself, there are also a number of ways to use these ten-tier perks. We’ll take a look at how each one affects the game’s difficulty.

The Self-Care perk gives you a quick healing boost. You can use this to help yourself or others. The Boost to Running Speed is a great way to escape from an enemy. You can also use it to heal yourself. If you’re caught by an attacker, this will be an important advantage. A higher speed of running means you can do more damage. You can also heal yourself faster by using the Adrenaline perk.

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