Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List September 2022 DBD Best Perks

Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List September 2022 DBD Best Perks

Dead by Daylight Perk Tier List

The Dead by Daylight Perk Tier List is a community-driven ranking of the best perks in the game. Updated weekly, this list will help you find the best perks for your character. It will grow and change as more Survivors complete the game. For the time being, it’s the best place to start. However, the list is not exhaustive and is always subject to change. So, be sure to check back often as new perks are added every week.

Viability tier list

There are six levels of viability in Dead By Daylight. Tier S has the best perks, while Tier A has good perks, Tier B mediocre ones, and Tier F has the worst perks. Most Survivor perks can be unlocked through the Sanctuary of Secrets, but some perks are better when used in combination with other tiers. They can also only be useful under certain conditions.

While some perks, like the Aura Range, may help your survivability in some situations, they are not incredibly useful. Thankfully, they’re still useful. If you’re unsure whether you need one or not, make sure to look at the viability tier list for each character. Some perks have very high learning curves, while others are best used in combination with other perks.

Teachable perks

The Dead By Daylight game features many unique teachable perks for your character. You can learn one of these perks from another character and use it to give your new character a special advantage. Generally, these perks will only be available for you to use one time per chest. The teachable perks are only available for characters level 40 and above. If you are a new player to the game, it may be difficult to find them.

A few different things have changed with Dead By Daylight’s Teachable Perks. First of all, you can only equip Teachable Perks on a designated Character, making your character unique among other characters. The second major change is that Bloodpoints have been changed. Instead of the bonus from games like Barbeque & Chili, players can now only obtain up to 40,000 Bloodpoints per game.


The Gearhead perk tier list for the Dead By Daylight game is made up of a wide variety of powerful items that will increase your ability to survive in the zombie world. This list has everything from the most effective killers to the most effective climbers. It also includes information on the most popular heroes. The Gearhead perk is essential for revealing hidden generators and finding survivors. The Gearhead tier list is an excellent resource for players looking to get the most out of their character.

The Hillbilly perk is a good choice for players looking for a snazzy way to dash around the map. Billy’s perks aren’t especially strong, but the fact that he can dash through the map is his biggest strength. Enduring, for example, is useful for resisting stuns, but Billy’s true power comes from his map pressure.


Nemesis is a unique class with killer powers somewhere between Plague and Michael Meyers. She can be contaminated by survivors to advance through three mutation stages, making her extremely powerful. The Perma t1 Meyers equivalent, she can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time. However, this trait can be abused by a player, who can use it to her advantage.

One of the Nemesis perk tiers is Lethal Pursuer, which grants the killer the ability to see the auras of all survivors. This is a great spec for beginners, as it helps them end loops and hit survivors who loop around windows. Another great perk for beginners is Oni, which allows you to swarm the map and apply great generator control to kill all survivors. Nemesis’ most recent killer is Pinhead, which requires decent aim.

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dead by daylight perk tier list

Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List (Best Perks)⇩

Our DBD Survival Perks Tier List Ranking is entirely based on our personal experience. Yours may be different. Every player’s skills and experience differ from one another and not all necessarily agree on the same thing.

Still, while you’re here, you can check out this tiered list and see what works best for you. This list has 6 levels. Tier S is the highest level with the best DBD perks. Tier A has good, Tier B has average, Tier D poor and Tier F have the worst perks.

Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List (Best Survivor)⇩

There’s a pretty polarizing viability tier list when it comes to the many Survivor perks in Dead by Daylight, most of which are unlocked by leveling up or Sanctuary of Secrets. Some perks are difficult to use effectively, others are better when combined or combined with other items and some are only useful in very specific situations that render them useless.

You will also find occasional buffs/some benefits, as well as new perks with each new survivor. This may seem overwhelming to those who are not familiar with the many benefits of Dead By Daylight. We have spent hours sorting them out for you, so don’t be afraid. This will reduce the number of survivor perks available in most match situations.

Spine Chill (All Survivors) – Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List >>

Many DBD Gamers consider spine chill a keystay because of a number of reasons. First, it’s an advantage that’s immediately available to all survivors, so there’s no need to find it in Sanctuary of Secrets or buy DLC characters to unlock it. It does not have a cooldown like Premonition. Spine Chill is invaluable for all types of play and will alert you if the killer is near. You activate the generator by working on it. This is your escape sign. You are being chased by the killer, and he is still watching. It’s a great time to make lollipops. This is an advantage with many possible uses.

Kindred (All Survivors) – Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List >>

Kindred is another benefit that all survivors have access to. This benefit will make life much easier for you and your companions. When a survivor is placed on a hook, the halos of all other survivors are visible to each other, as well as the killer’s aura if they are near the hooked survivor. This allows for a wide range of uses. This allows survivors and others to strategize what they will do next, in case someone attempts to rescue a jilted survivor or if a rowdy killer takes his victims to the camp.

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Empathy (Claudette Morel) – Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List >>

You can’t go wrong with being in touch with your loved ones. When it comes to this, empathy is an enormous asset. This allows him to keep track of the ages for wounded survivors over a wide range. It easily surpasses Bond’s similar advantage. Since you can count on your teammates to inevitably get hurt by the killer at some point in a match, you’ll find that this happens quite often (no cooldown). It will indicate where the killer is located, who are the potential targets, and where you can find your teammates who might need healing (or both).

Iron Will (Jake Park) – Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List >>

Iron Will, just like Empathy has a cooldown, and can be used multiple times in the same match. Iron Will can silence the pain from a survivor getting injured. The main way survivors can track a killer while fleeing from danger is through their noise. Therefore, if the Iron Will is turned off, the odds of survival are very high.

For The People (Zarina Kassir) – Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List >>

For The People requires a more specific situation, but the rewards can be very rewarding. This perk and medkit will enable you to immediately heal another survivor by simply discarding the medkit. This means you can still use most of the medkit on yourself or others during the match, but make sure there’s still a little extra charge for using the perk.

Dead Hard (David King) – Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List >>

As mentioned above, there’s a bit of a learning curve to using some of the perks effectively, and Dead Hard is definitely one of them. Dead Hard allows you advance and gains a temporary impenetrability against assassin attack. It has a cooldown and can only be used while injured, but it’s an extraordinarily useful tool for moving an assassin if you can time it just right.

Lithe (Feng Min) – Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List >>

Lithe, which is similar to Dead Hard and a great tool for survivor survival when the killer is behind your back, is Lithe. After performing a vault, Lithe grants you a sprint bonus. This can be very useful when trying to find a hiding spot for exiting or entering buildings. Iron Will can also be combined with this bonus, which allows the user to disappear quickly without leaving any trace (except scratch marks).

Prove Thyself (Dwight Fairfield) – Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List >>

It’s usually worth having at least one other survivor to tackle objectives, and proving yourself is a great passive addition to that time. Each survivor receives a speed bonus for repair. It does not have a cooldown so you can use it multiple time during a match in order to accelerate spawning (quickly fix as many spawners)

Blast Mine (Jill Valentine) – Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List >>

Blast Mine is one of the more innovative and effective benefits. It can be used to stop an assassin who aggressively damages generators. It allows you to create a trap to blind the killer when he attempts to damage the generator. This allows you to escape or fight an assassin by hiding nearby.

Decisive Strike (Laurie Strode) – Dead By Daylight Perk Tier List >>

It is unpredictable, which is one of the best and most difficult things to do with a decisive hit. Once you have escaped from the hook, the skill check that disables the killer, and if successful, allows for you to escape. This skill can only be used one time per match but is one of many options to distract a killer while in a match, save another survivor, and even escape.


Here you can find the Dead By Daylight Perk List and the best Survivor perks. Bookmark this page to keep checking back to see how you could improve your build. We hope you enjoy this Dead By Daylight Tier List post.

Decisive Strike

The Decisive Strike perk is a powerful skill in the game Dead By Daylight. This special ability allows players to stun a Killer and make a quick escape. It can only be used once per match, so it’s crucial to know how to use it properly. Decisive Strike is also useful for a variety of other purposes. It can distract a Killer and allow another survivor to escape, or it can be used as a final attempt to escape.

This powerful skill can be used to stun a Killer for up to 5 seconds. Like adrenaline, this skill only works once, so it’s crucial to use it wisely. However, you should remember that if the Killer slugs you, Decisive Strike may not work. You’ll need to be able to quickly escape the area.

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