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Dead Frontier Boss Map Guide

You can find the Dead Frontier boss map on the final map. Look for the elevator shaft to find this location. Once you’re there, the boss is visible. There will be many different types of zombies. Some are easier to kill than others. You can find all the corpses of zombies to increase your experience and decrease damage. The corpses of any zombies you defeat will contain Lead Elixir.

Dead Frontier Boss Map Guide

Keep going back to where you came from. There are three ways to get to the same place. To get to Wandering Madness, take the right turn. Next, turn left to reach Patches. This is the easiest location to reach. Avoid the zombies who will appear through the doorways. These bosses can be very annoying. Keep away from them.

It can be difficult to spot the second yeti and will require more ammunition. You can’t just run up to the boss without enough ammunition, but you can attack with a melee weapon. Before attacking the third boss, make sure you have enough ammunition. Before you try to kill the silverbeast with your gun, it is important that you have enough ammunition.

dead frontier boss map

To determine if the boss is nearby, you can check the level. Higher levels are more likely spawn zombies by opening doors. This will result in lower experience rewards. This is not the only way to get the boss. You can still travel to other locations to get the equipment that you require. There are many other options available that can make your trip even more memorable. You can make your trip unforgettable by taking advantage of these other options.

The Wandering Madness is your second boss. You will need to have more ammunition than you think for the Wandering Madness. Once you cross the bridge, wandering madness is going to attack you. Avoid getting hit by him. You will need to keep all your ammunition safe in order not to get hit by him.

The Silverbeast can be found on the left, near the blue lantern. You will find a Yeti if you follow the right path. The Yeti is dangerous. The Yeti will not be able to look at you for long. The silverbeast will then be shot with your shotgun. This boss will be hard to beat. Now, it’s time for the Silverbeast boss to be defeated.




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