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Decorate Ravensthorpe Ostara – Assassins Creed Valhalla 2023 Lets Get Festive

Assassins Creed Valhalla Lets Get Festive – Decorate Ravensthorpe Ostara

The latest update to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla fixes a bug that prevents players from Decorate Ravensthorpe Ostara Festival. The bug affects dragon head platforms, but reloading your save may fix this issue.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The Assassin’s Creed Valhalli Lets Get Festive side quest is back, and this time you’re getting ready for Ostara Festival. You’ll need to decorate five different locations in Ravensthorpe using Dragon Pedestals, which you can locate with your Raven. These pedestals contain a prompt for a “Decorative Element”, which you can use to decorate the place. The first of these places is right in front of Norvid’s Shop. The second is between two wooden poles.

You’ll also want to decorate your settlement to celebrate Ostara. Previously, you could purchase Yule decorations, but there was no real incentive to use them. However, the Ostara Festival offers players more incentive to decorate their settlement. After you convert five decorations, Norvid will reward you with Ostara Tokens.

Once you’ve finished upgrading your character, you’ll need to prepare for Ostara. The Ostara Season will last for three weeks, and players will receive notifications about it automatically. To make the most of the new event, players should update their games to version 1.5.1. This update also introduced Transmog, a feature that allows players to change their character’s appearance. This season’s quests will be accessible to all players, and some of them will be repeatable.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Godly Reward

Decorate Ravensthorpe Ostara

A new bug in Assassin’s Creed Valhallan has made it impossible for many players to complete the decoration quest for Ravensthorpe Ostara. The bug involves the placement of dragon head platforms. If you’re experiencing this problem, you can try to reload your save.

The new Assassin’s Creed Valhallan update celebrates the vernal equinox in a number of ways. One of them is the Ostara Festival, which takes place from 18th March to 8th April. This seasonal event brings new quests and cosmetics to the game. This event will also reward players with Godly Reward items, such as Yule Gear and Opals.

Once you complete this side mission, you’ll be rewarded with 50 festival tokens. As you decorate Ravensthorpe, you can use the god’s assistance to find and place dragon heads and pedestals. The decorations you place on them will be visible to anyone passing through the settlement. A raven will also help you to locate them.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla festival quests

As part of the Ostara Festival update, Assassin’s Creed Valhallans can now decorate the town of Ravensthorpe with a new quest, Let’s Get Festive. This mission has several new objectives relating to the spring season, such as decorating the Ravensthorpe festival area, egg hunting, and celebrating the festival by playing celebratory drinking games. This quest requires the player to hunt down a particularly vicious enemy, and despite its difficulty level, the rewards are well worth the effort.

Players can earn a number of different rewards through the festive season. Upon completing the quest, players can receive forty Festival Tokens and the chance to become an opponent in the Viking Brawl minigame. The minigame is only available at nighttime, and the player can skip this to get more time to complete other tasks or meditate until the day cycle changes.

One of the side missions in Let’s Get Festive instructs Eivor to decorate five locations in the settlement. This is done by placing Dragon Pedestals in the settlement. Each Dragon Pedestal prompts a “Decorative Element” prompt, which a player can select. If the Dragon Pedestals are placed in the right location, a player can decorate the settlement with any type of decorative element. This quest is found right in front of Norvid’s Shop, and is hidden behind two wooden poles.

AC Valhalla Let’s Get Festive Guide

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To complete Let’s Get Festive in AC Valhalla, you have to decorate Ravensthorpe. Let’s look at how to begin this quest and what Eivor is expected to do.

How to Start Let’s Get Festive

Norvid will be happy to talk to you about decorating your settlement for the Ostara Festival. Your help is needed to decorate Ravensthorpe. Ask Norvid about decorating while you’re talking to him. 

How to Decorate Ravensthorpe

You can decorate objects by following the markers. If you need further assistance in finding the location of the dragon heads/pedestals, use your Raven. Talk to them and you will see the “Decorative Element” prompt. Choose any Settlement cosmetic because it doesn’t really matter what you pick. Once you have chosen your Settlement cosmetic, Place 5 Decorations Talk to Norvid again. He will give you 50 Festival Tokens as a reward and this will complete the Let’s Get Festive quest in AC Valhalla.

Decorating Ravensthorpe

In the Lets Get Festive mission, you are instructed to decorate five locations around the town of Ravensthorpe. Dragon Pedestals, which are markers for decorating locations, can be found in several places. To decorate the designated location, select the Decorative Element option. Then, you can choose any other decoration element for the spot. The first place to decorate is in front of Norvid’s shop, between two wooden poles.

The Lets Get Festive side quest is a great way to celebrate the Ostara Festival with the Vikings. You can find many activities associated with the festival, all related to the springtime and Easter celebration. There are a few new quests that involve celebrating the festival with your family, as well as quests that require you to protect the Raven clan from the spirits that may harm them. There are also several new challenges, such as decorating Ravensthorpe.

The Ostara quests aren’t too difficult to complete, but they do require you to use some time to decorate your surroundings. Once you have completed the quest, you will be rewarded with 140 Festival Tokens and a special cosmetic item called the Mossy Faced Tree Scheme. In addition to decorating the settlement, the Ostara festival also allows you to get cool tattoos and bird skins.

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